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Boko Haram as Pet Project of Emirs and Northern Elite: We Need U.S Drones Now – By John Mgbe



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The  Boko Haram  pandemic which  has  generated  intense agony, anguish and bloodletting  since  President Jonathan’s victory in the  2011 Presidential election appears to be  a  pet project  of Emirs  and  the Northern elders. We have  kept  sealed lips on the  rampaging Boko  Haram  menace  in the  hope  that they  would  see reason  to   withdraw  from  the  carnage  and tribulation  which its  activities   have  unleashed  on the  hapless and  helpless  citizens  of this  much  maligned  country. Long before  the  ongoing  Boko Haram menace, there  were  other  kindred  groups  such  as b Maitasine, the ELZakzaki group and several  others. Perhaps, what  makes  Boko Haram  group  spectacular is that  there  are  empirical and  cogent    facts  to  lend credence to the  fact  that  the group  is a pet project  of  Northern elders and the Emirs.

It is  pertinent  to  state  that   the ongoing Boko Haram menace  is  a  fallout  of the Fatwa which  was  made by the Sultan of Sokoto   at  the  meeting  of  the  Northern Traditional Rulers(Emirs) in Kaduna in July, 2007. Perhaps,  the  verbatim report  of the  Daily  Champion  newspaper  of July 5, 2007 page 6 on the  Sultan’s  Fatwa is preferable  in order  to  put  the  issue in correct  perspective. Hear  the  Daily Champion: ”The Sultan  of Sokoto and President General of the Jama’atu Nasril Islam(JNI) Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar  the 3rd had  during a meeting  of Northern Emirs at Arewa House in Kaduna  last  Monday expressed concern over  the  increasing  missionary activities in the  country and  urged  the JNI to  take steps  to  counter the  development”.So, it  is  correct  to  infer  that  the  dare devin  bombings, abductions  and  related  acts   peaking at a  meeting of Northern Traditional Rulers(Emirs) at Arewa House ,Kaduna State  the  Sultan of Sokoto   Alhaji SA’AD Abubakar the 3rd  said that  the  upsurge of Christian Evangelism in the North is worrisome adding that such  spread  of Christian faith makes  it urgent  that the  message  of Islam should  be  proclaimed  loud  and  clear. The  leader  of  Nigerian  Muslims and Sultan  of Sokoto, Alhaji SA’AD Abubakar the 3rd vowed to counter  the  overpowering evangelism of the Christian  religion in Nigeria(The  Leader newspaper of JULY 15,2007 PAGE 1 and The Daily Champion newspaper of JULY 5,2007, PAGES 1&6)So, the  ongoing  nefarious  activities  of  the Boko Haram  is an effort  to  carry  out  the  directives  of  their  leader, the Sultan of Sokoto and  the  elite  of the North as  enunciated  in the  aforementioned Arewa House  meeting.

The  ongoing series  of  indiscriminate  bombings culminating in mass deaths is  a  deliberate  plot  to  spread a  contagion of fear and panic around the President  and  to  restrict  his  movement  within Aso Rock. In this way,  they  hope  to  defuse  the  firepower and  intensity of the President’s courtesy  visits  to several  parts  of the  country  in readiness for  the 2014/2015 electioneering which  is due to kick off presently. A content analysis of the reports on the recent spate of bombings shows  that  the bombings were  set off in order to  stop or  frustrate  a  presidential  visit  to  some   critical  events. On the  eve  of  the  president’s  visit   to  honour the  Olubadan of Ibadan on his 100th birthday anniversary, the Boko Haram hoodlums  set  off a  bomb in Abuja  which  culminated  in mass deaths of  innocent  citizens.On account  of this, they  succeeded  in  frustrating  the  president’s plan to  grace  the birthday  party with  his presence. Her is  a  need to recall that  during the 99th birthday anniversary last year, President Jonathan had  promised  to personally  be  in the  100th birthday  anniversary. This  is  why the  Boko Haram bloodhounds  and vampires preempted  the  visit  by  unleashing  bombs in highly  populated  areas  with the concomitant  fatalities. As a result  of this  tragedy, the President  was  not  in the  100th  birthday anniversary of the Olu of Ibadan. However, he  still  made  the  visit  the  next day.

You  may  also  recall that  during  the  President’s  visit  to  Katsina  State recently, the Boko Haram deviants  unleashed  bombings on the  eve  of  that  visit and  this  culminated  into  mass fatalities. The  intention was  to  force  the  President  to  abort  the  Katsina  visit. The President  shocked  them when he went ahead  to  visit Katsina State where  he was  very warmly  received  by  the  government   and  people of the State. With the  exception of the  All Progressives Congress (APC) states  of Bornu, Yobe and Adamawa  where  bombing and  mass killings  have  become  a  routine, most  of  the  bombings  in other  states  were  unleashed  on the  eve  or  very  close  to  the  president’s  planned  visit  to  some  states  or  events. So, it  is  safe  to  conclude  that   by spreading a  contagion of  fear  around the  president, they’ll succeed  to  make  him a  lame duck president  in an election year when there  is so  much  to  be done. Should the  president  proceed  on such  visits , in spite, of the  bombings and deaths, they  will embark on a propaganda  that  he is  insensitive  and  uncaring.So, the  reason for the  upsurge  in bombings  by the Boko Haram  is  to  render  the  president  politically impotent so  that  he  loses  the  firepower  to  execute  his  electioneering project.

A keen  study  of  the  so-called abduction of the Chibok   female students  in Borno  State shows it is a gambit by  the  APC demagogues  and  henchmen  to slow  down  the  pace  of  presidential  maneuvers ahead  of  the 2014 election campaigns. The  intention is  to   make  it  impossible  for  the  President  to  maximize  his  opportunities  in making  critical  visitations  and flag stops in the  build-up to election 2015.It rankles  that  in a Muslim State, over 70% of the  so-called  abducted  girls  are  Christians. How could this be justified? The  only  explanation is  that  the   Chibok saga  is  a  war against  Christians  by  other  means. So far, we are told that about ten of the  girls  escaped from the  abductors. If you do  a  de facto  analysis  of  the   girls  who  were said to  have  escaped, you’ll find out that  they are  likely to  be   children of the  big Alhajis who  were  kidnapped  in error. I am now calling  on the sponsors  of the Boko Haram to  release the  Christian  girls  they  are   holding hostage  or  the  wreath of God  will descend on them, after all, nobody  can  fight  God’s  battle.

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When the South Korean President  resigned  because  of a  road  mishap  in which  there were  casualties, the National Publicity Secretary  of Arewa, sorry,  All Progressives  Congress and pathological  lier, Mallam (LIER) LAI Mohammed,  swiftly  called  on President Jonathan  to  toe  the example of the  South Korean Premier and  resign. This  confirms  that  the  only  reason for  all the  carnage  and  bloodletting  is  to  force  President Jonathan to  abdicate  the  Presidency and  nothing more. Of course  you  recall that  in 2011,MallamAdamu Ciroma  had  warned that  they would  make  the  country  ungovernable  should  President Goodluck Ebele  Jonathan(GEJ) win. Of course, BUHARI ,the  man the  columnists  of The Daily Sun newspaper  lionize   and  call him such  pet names as : Buhari Hurricane, Buhari Tornado, Buhari, the Best Foot of the North, had  said  in a  public function in 2013 that  in 2015, the  dogs  and  baboons  would stew  in their  source, should  he  lose the  2015 election. A short while ago, he threatened that if he was not given the APC presidential ticket, he would quit the APC.

Please Goggle and read my viewpoint entitled “Why Buhari should quit politics now: His many sins.” You can also visit www.247ureports.com and read online.

When you  juxtapose  all the  facts  together ,you  come  to  the  inescapable  conclusion  that  the  issue  at  stake  is  that  the  Northern emirs  and elite  do  not want the South to rule Nigeria. Recall how they secretly dragged  Nigeria  into the Organization of Islamic Countries(OIC)  in 1986without  the  courtesy  of  informing the then Chief of General Staff(CGS) and second in Command, Navy Commodore Ebitu Ukiwe. Shortly after that  misadventure, on Monday, October 6th,1986, they   sacked  Okoh Ebitu Ukiwe  from the  military because  of the so-called “Abuja Incident”. The real reason for the sack is because he is an Igbo . Also recall that Major-General Muhammadu Buhari, appointed a fellow Northern Muslim, GENERAL Tunde Idiagbon as  his  second  in command. In the  entire Nigerian Army, he  could  not  see one Christian General  to  pair with. Does  this  not  send  a  message  about  what  lurks  in the  mind  of  these people?”Fortunately for the North, they  have  succeeded  in brainwashing  some eminent  personalities in the South  into  forgetting their  roots. These politicians belong  to  the  group  I describe  as “Caliphate/Sultanate Politicians”. They remember they  are Igbo, Ijaw or Yoruba during elections. Once  they are  voted  into  power, they  owe their  loyalty to  the  Kaduna/Sokoto  Mafia  and  not  to  their  ethnic origins. That is why you shed tears when people like Professor Tam David West and Governor Rotimi Amaechi are used to undermine President Jonathan 2015 presidential project. In the  case  of Professor Tam David West, he  tells whoever  listens  that  President Jonathan was in the secondary school when  he was  already a Professor; and  so what? What has the age  of Methuselah got  to do with  the wisdom  of Solomon? In any case, it is God that gives power; it  is  not  by might, lest  anyone  should  boast. The  hostility of  Professor  Tam David to his kinsman, GEJ, rankles when you  recall that  he(Prof WEST) has since  forgotten  his  travails  in the  Mafia Group  when he was  Minister  of Petroleum. He was prosecuted  and  jailed by the Northern Mafia  on the  grounds  that  he  had  the  effrontery to  drink tea with the Whites and even  had the  bravado to   accept  a  gold watch  from them. They  accused  him of a trumped-up  charge  of  enriching a foreign Oil Conglomerate, Stinnes Oil Ltd. It’s a  long story  for  another day. In the  case  of Governor Rotimi Amaechi, he  is  a victim of advanced amnesia ,otherwise,  he would  not  have  lost  sight  of  the  travails  of Isaac Adaka Boro and Chief Ken Sarowiwa;  both were  his kinsmen who were  killed  by  the hegemonic power mongers  in the  North who  see  themselves  as  ‘born to rule Nigeria”. In the fullness of time, he, Amaechi,  will take  his  turn to  drink the  same  hemlock. It’s  for  the  like  of Governor Rotimi Amaechi  and Professor Tam David West  that  the  great poet, George Santayana,  lamented that “Those  who  do  not  remember  history, will repeat  the  same  mistakes”.

Those who    blame   President Jonathan on the  upsurge  of  the Boko Haram  menace  are  misguided and  gullible  people who  cannot think on their  own. They swallow hook, line and sinker the propaganda of the pro-Buhari boys in the Press (e.g. The Nation and The Daily Sun). The  crux of the  matter  is  that  the North has since  vowed   not to  be  ruled  by  the South-whether  the  Southerner  is  a Muslim is  immaterial. This  is  why the Military President, General Ibrahim Babangida(retd) annulled  the  most  free and  fairest  election  of June 12th, 1993 when Chief Abiola, a  Southern Muslim, won the poll. If the candidate of the National Republican Convention (NRC) , Alhaji TOFA, a Northern Muslim , had won that poll, IBB would  not  have   annulled  the  election. In order to  buttress this  point, Alhaji Sani Kontagora, a Muslim irredentist  caused a stir  in a press chat  with  the  editors  of TELL Magazine when in answer to a question,  he screamed:”Southerners can’t Rule Us….”. The full interview was published in the TELL Magazine of July 8, 1996 Page 9.

In the same vein, in an interview with The African Guardian of August 8th, 1994 Page 13, Umaru Dikko screamed:”WE ARE READY FOR WAR”. So, the Muslims of the North had long prepared for this Boko Haram War. It’s their option B should a Southerner become President of Nigeria. They  planned  to  start it in the administration  of Chief Obasanjo, hence  they first   introduced Sharia Government in Zamfara State in 1999- a clear  violation of  the  Constitution. However, being a man endowed with immense native wisdom, President Obasanjo simply ignored them. There  was a limit  to  what  they  could  do  under  Obasanjo’s  watch because  he  was  too rugged  and  deadly for  childish pranks. Just  two  months  after  Chief Obasanjo  left office  and a Muslim, Musa Yar’Adua, became  President, the Sultan of Sokoto  had the  courage  to mobilize  the Muslims  to  stop Christian Evangelism in the North when he  addressed  Northern Emirs and Elders as  discussed above. Also recall that  although the Constitution classifies  Nigeria  as  a  secular  State, Nigeria  was  smuggled into  the Organization of Islamic Countries(OIC) in 1986.

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On the strength of the points canvassed above, it is my recommendation that President  Jonathan  should  call in the  United  States  to  deploy  their  drones  in the  troubled APC States  of the North East .A Drone  is an  unmanned aerial  vehicle(UAV).It is an aircraft without  a human pilot aboard. Its flight is controlled either autonomously by onboard computers or by the remote control   of a pilot on the ground or in another vehicle. A drone  is  a  very  highly  sensitive  military  craft  that  has  the  capability  of  detecting  its  targets   accurately and  thereafter  release   bombs  and  missiles  to  destroy  such  targets with  computerized accuracy. Once  the  U.S drones  take  over  the  air  space  of Nigeria, the  Boko Haram group and their sponsors will surrender  or  be  blown to smithereens. With its  state  of  the  art intelligence  and  surveillance  capabilities, the U.S drones  will detect  the  place/s where the  Chibok Girls are  kept  and  the  U.S Seals  who  killed Osama bin Laden can finish the task in a jiffy. We need the U.S drones now!

President Jonathan should impose  full emergency rule  in the three states while  the  other three states  should  be  under  scrupulous  surveillance in  order  to  ensure  that  the  terrorists  do  not  flee to  those other  States  when  the  U.S Drones  commence  its  fusillade  of  sorties  on the  hideout  of  the  criminals. The  idea  of  exchanging  Boko Haram Prisoners of War(POW)  to  the release  of  the  Chibok Girls  is  not an option. Nobody  will accord  them  that  honour  because  they and  their  godfathers  are  cowards  and  little  minds. If they were  really rugged, they would have    captured   some Nigerian  soldiers in return, not harmless Chibok  girls. In that case,  we  can even exchange one Nigerian soldier to 100  Boko Haram The  Israeli MOSSAD  must  be  moved  in to  work  with  the  U.S Seals  and Marines in order  to  smoke  the  terrorists  out  from  their  comfort zones.

There  is a need  for  the  various  ethnic Militia  Groups  in the  South of Nigeria to  decide  if  it is  proper  for   the South   to  continue  to  cohabit  with  a  specimen of humankind  who  are  so  mean and  parasitic  that  they can abduct  little  girls  in their  sleep  and take them to the  jungle. Must  we  live  together  with  a group  of people who  are  so unconscionable  to  bomb motor parks in broad daylight? they go to Churches and  massacre those  who  have  gone  to commune with  the Supreme Deity.; they  sneak into  male secondary  schools  under  cover  of  darkness and  massacre  the  male  students and  whisk the  females  away. For how long will the tree of Nigerian unity be watered by the blood of Christians? Is the Christian Concept of Protestant Ethics not incompatible and incongruous with the Muslim concept of Fatalism? Are the two concepts not mutually exclusive? There  is  something  intrinsically  absurd  in a  situation where  the  leader  of Muslims  in Nigeria  and  the Emirs  are  not  able  to   rein in the  impunity and  anarchy  of  a  section of their  subjects. In the  same way non-performing politicians  can be  recalled, I deem it wise  that those  Emirs /EZES/OBAs  who   have  lost  relevance  among their  subjects  should  be  dethroned  or  suspended in order  to  inject  sanity in the  system. We need the U.S Drones/Israeli MOSSAD now.


In conclusion, those  who  still doubt  that  the BOKO Haram is  a  pet project  of  the  Emirs and Northern Elders should  listen to the  late  Sheikh Gumi, a revered Islamic  scholar before  he  died. Hear Sheik Gumi: “Christianity does not mean anything. On Sundays, you only go to listen to songs. Christianity is a religion for young people who cannot reason. If we want  Nigeria  to  be a  good  country, we have to follow  one  faith (Islam).I don’t  think we  can accept a Christian to  be  our  leader unless we  are  forced. The  only  alternative  of  having a Christian as  a leader is  for  the  country to  be  split” (Newswatch,September 28,1992:54).Although Sheik Gumi has  since  passed on, his  doctrine  that ”A  Christian  cannot  rule  Nigeria” is  still ubiquitous  and  pervasive  among the  Emirs  and  Northern Emirs. This is the genesis of the Boko Haram menace. It was  the  Northern Premier and Sardauna  of Sokoto, Sir Ahmadu Bello KBE, who  once  told the Great Zik : “Let us  understand  our  differences first” in reply to  DR Nnamdi Azikiwe’s  plea  that  “We should forget  our  differences”. So, the  political  leaders of the South as well as  the  various militia  groups  therein must  understand  the  genesis  of the  Boko Haram menace  in order to  have  an option B. The  global  community  is  anxiously  waiting on the  South of Nigeria  to  articulate  what  they  really want  the  World  to  do  now.. It was Victor Hugo who once said: “There is something greater than all the armies in the world and that is an idea whose time has come”. This is our chance.


John Mgbe


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