Sleeping Delegate: The Last Hours Of Hamma Misau, At CONFAB – By Comrade Kassim Gamawa

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The Last Hours of Hamma Misau, retired Assistant Inspector General (AIG) of Police. His day began on a bright note from his home at Bauchi, having been nominated as a delegate, he was determined to participate actively and contribute his own part in Nation building. On the 24th of March, AIG(rtd) Hamma Misau set out from home and did a long and tortuous 10hr journey to Abuja to begin his own days in the Conference. On arrival, he was received immediately and ushered in to his own seat among other delegates. Unknown to other delegates and the general public, the man was worn out and was seriously weighed down during the session, hence he was forced by nature to sleep off. During the lunch, hours later, he slumped and was immediately rushed out by an ever ready ambulance from NEMA. The following day,Tuesday, he turned up well for the task at hand, and the day ended without events. Same for Wednesday.



On Thursday, 27th of March, that is yesterday, the man’s driver who was also resting in his own apartment at their hotel, Rita Lori, Garki, went to wake the man up for the day’s activities, but the man didn’t open the door on the knocks from his driver. The driver alerted the hotel management immediately and expressed his concern, but the hotel management urged him to relax and keep his cool, the man might be too tired and still fast asleep. The driver wasn’t that convinced but he had to give it some more time. After very few more hours, he went knocking on his oga’s door again, still no response, he panicked and notified the hotel management once again. They tried to knock on the man’s door as should be done. But the driver didn’t want any of that and rushed off to the Conference venue and notified the Secretariat who immediately swung to action and followed the driver to the hotel to ascertain the state of things.

On getting to the hotel, they joined in banging on the man’s door, without success, they had to break down the door only to find the man sprawled on his bed, foaming from the mouth, though still breathing. Being a retired high ranking officer of the Nigeria Police Force, the Conference Secretariat members present immediately alerted the Police, who in turn, within 10 minutes arrived the hotel with their sophisticated ambulance for onward carriage to the National Hospital. AIG Hamma Misau (rtd) didn’t make it to the National Hospital. May his soul rest in peace. Amen!



  1. I am very sorry to read this, because I was one of those who made jokes about the photograp above.

    Having expressed my sadness and sorrow, I must ask this question: on what basis was this man nominated to the conference? Age? Status? Knowledge of issues in discoures? Or just plain favoritism? Did anyone bother to ascertain the health of this late nominee, because if it is attributable only to the 10-hour trip to Abuja, then many of the SE delegates would be dropping like flies, because they do drive londer hours to Abuja.

    All the same, may his soul rest in peace.


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