Governor Rochas Okorocha Is Not The Problem Of Imo PDP


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Governor Rochas Okorocha Is Not The Problem Of Imo PDP, And The Imo PDP Left Nothing At The Government House Owerri, As To Come Back In 2015 To Take It.


For sometime now, two chieftains of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the State, Chief Elvis Agukwe and Chief Jerry Chukwueke, a governorship aspirant on the platform of the party, have been rampaging on the pages of newspapers talking about how Governor Rochas Okorocha would not come back as governor in 2015. They have also threatened how they would ensure that Governor Okorocha does not come back to the Douglas House in 2015.


It should also be noted that, it appears that the duo of Chief Agukwe and Chief Chukwueke have been commissioned by their party not to talk about any other thing except Rochas, and the Douglas House. Chief Chukwueke talks about it as if, his victory at the PDP primary and the governorship election in the state proper would depend on how many times he talks about Governor Okorocha on the pages of newspapers.


But the truth of the matter is that election, whether primary or the main election is not won on the pages of newspapers. Again, it is also reasonable to inform the likes of Agukwe and Chukwueke that it is no longer fashionable to be talking negative things about Rochas Okorocha, because the more the person talks negatively about him, the more, Imo people hate the person.


It is correct to allude that, the problem of Imo PDP is not governor Okorocha, but the people of the State who are yet to reconcile with the party for making them, “April fool”, the more you look, the less you see for 12 years. So, the Chieftains of Imo PDP should find a way of reconciling with Imo people instead of wasting their energy casting aspersions on a performing governor like Okorocha.


It has also become necessary to inform Chief Agukwe and Chief Chukwueke that their party, PDP, in Imo State did not forget anything in the Government House Owerri or Douglas House Owerri in 2011 that would warrant their coming back in 2015. The party ruled the State for 12 years, the APC would also rule for 12 years, and after which, Imo people would look at the score-cards of the two parties for their respective 12 years and know which of the two parties, they would say, it has done very well, let it continue. The decision is that of Imo people and not that of Rochas or Imo PDP.


It is equally important to remind those insinuating that the Federal Government or the presidency would come here to force somebody on Imo people as governor in 2015 to drop such unpopular idea because it will not work. Imo people will not allow that to happen in the State.


Any party in the State that cannot secure victory through the ballot papers and ballot boxes should not field candidate because Imo governorship election in 2015 will take place and a winner must emerge through that process. This is the truth of the matter. A reasonable word should be enough for the wise.



Sam Onwuemeodo

Senior Special Assistant

To Governor on Media


  1. I want to associate myself with the views expressed by this author. Imo state and indeed Imo people must not be fooled. The test of the pudding is in the eating.His excellency Governor Rochas Okorocha has done enough in less than three years for the people of Imo State that the people themselves can see and touch than the 12 years of PDP rule in the State.Action speaks louder than the the voice. Ben Ndukwe,Dallas Tx.


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