Appointment of Alh. Dr. Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu as PENCOM Chairman is wrong – By John Akevi



If the administration of President Goodluck Ebelle Jonathan is truly
committed in fighting corruption which is an endemic disease that has
eaten up every facet of Nigerian society,crippled our economy,reduced
our citizens to poverty and deprived our nation of any sustainable
development,then the recent appointment of former Bauchi State
governor Dr. Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu as the chairman of the
corruption-ridden Nigeria Pension Commission (PENCOM),is a must
puzzling appointment indeed.
There is no point going over the antecedent of Dr. Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu
nor is expedient to began to recount his achievements as the former
governor of Bauchi State.
But the truth of the matter is,when the administration of Dr. Mal. Isa
Yuguda took over the leadership position of Bauchi State in May
29,2007,the new government realized that there was not much money left
in the kitty of the
State government as compared to the claims of achievements Mu’azu said
he left on ground. Immediately the new government of Dr. Mal. Isa
Yuguda instituted a full Judicial Commission of Inquiry headed by
Justice Bitrus Sanga,to bring to light what happen under the
stewardship of Dr. Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu between 1999 to 2007. The
commission was an ampu opportunity given to the former governor as
required by the constitution of the land to defend himself and his
government,instead of availing him self for the golden opportunity,the
former governor rather opt to go on self exile and remained in Dubai
for over three years.
And what report did the commission came up with?
After a thorough investigation,Justice Bitrus Sanga commission of
inquiry found out that the former governor Dr. Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu
misappropriated the sum of over N20.8 billion within 8 years as the
chief executive of the
State. For this findings against Mu,azu,the commission indicted and
banned the former governor for a period of 10 years from holding a
public office.
Now the pertinent question therefore is: why is President Jonathan is
so penchant for surrounding him self with fame corrupt individuals in
his government?
Let me refresh our collective  memory. In Lafia the Nasarawa State
capital at the flag off of his campaign toured. President Goodluck
Ebelle Jonathan,promise Nigerians that “if elected in office,his
administration will not sweep any crime under carpet no matter how big
or small”. He said further that “there will be no scared cows”. For a
President who made such declaration publicly to have in his team a man
who is accused of defrauding his state,is merely mouthing
anti-corruption war just to please gullible Nigerians. It is really
ridiculous that despite the avalanche of well placed and notable sons
and daughters of Bauchi State,it is Dr. Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu the only
one that Mr President found worthy to head an agency that has become
notorious in recent time for corruption that stinks the agency to high
heavens. The implication of the appointment of Dr. Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu
is that,the President is saying,the work done by the Judicial
commission of inquiry and its pronouncement on former governor of
Bauchi State is invalid. My verdict is that,the former governor of
Bauchi State Dr. Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu (Walin Bauchi),is the right man
for the job and he is in the right place to water the tree of
corruption planted President Goodluck Ebelle Azikiwe
Jonathan. Truth is constant.
I rest my pen for now!


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