A few days ago the remnants of the PDP in Nasarawa state undertook what can best be described as a final charade to nail the coffin of the party in the state led by its undertaker,Yunana Iliya, the last but historic chairman of the prospective extinct PDP faction.
The sinking ship tour would have been ignored by the bustling,ubiquitous and expanding APC but for mistruths,insinuations and misinformation bandied about during their sparsely attended ‘rallies’ in Keffi,Kokona and Akwanga.


It is instructive to note that all the rallies combined did not attract more than 500 people. For Yunana Iliya to shamelessly say that 4000 APC supporters have decamped to PDP in one LGA is the greatest tomfoolery of the century. Who in his right senses will believe this arrant lies at a time when just yesterday PDP witnessed the commencement of the process of abdication of its mortal hold on the Nigerian political landscape with the defection of its 5  Governors,legislators and their supporters to APC. In Nasarawa State, the founder,financier and rock of the party has already dumped the sinking ship destroyed by the ilks of Yunana Iliya who started it all in 2011. The first executive Governor of nasarawa state, Senator Abdullahi Adamu has taken the glorious path of dumping the house he built that was destroyed by Yunana Iliya and his co-undertakers.

Now that he has handed over the destructive button to the national organ of the PDP little wonder that the cannibalistic attitude has borne fruit; the nunc dimitis of PDP. For the avoidance of doubt no APC member in Nasarawa state has decamped to PDP rather it incontrovertible that thousands of PDP members are decamping daily to the APC because of its sterling performance in Nasarawa state and the promise it holds in upholding democratic ideals and saving Nigeria from its drift to the precipice by PDP.

We will not join issues with the relics of PDP in Nasarawa state because as they say,a drowning man hangs on to anything. The people of Nasarawa state,the media and onlookers are enjoined to ignore the rankings of these archival hirelings as they embody the relics of our best forgotten bad times in their hands.

We will not be distracted from our pursuit of establishing an enduring development agenda and virile democratic culture away from the impunity of the PDP

Arc Stanley J. M. Buba JP
APC Interim Management Committe
Nasarawa State