Godswill Akpabio Fires a Commissioner and a Permanent Secretary: Is it Legal? – By Thompson Essien



The news in Akwa Ibom is that Godswill Akpabio has dismissed, with immediate effect, both the Commissioner and the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Women’s Affairs; the reason for the dismissal? Well, at least according to the news report, the two women did not include in the plan for Akpabio to release the white doves in celebration of whatever it is that he was celebrating.


However, inside sources say the real reason for their dismissal (though that of Mrs. Okpo is conveniently referred to as a retirement) is the interference of Akpabio’s wife in the political and administrative affairs of the State. Reliable sources have confirmed that Unoma Akpabio has been suspecting her husband of having a discreet love affair with at least one of the women. However, several sources I contacted have confirmed that though the two women in this case are personalities with exemplary and responsible characters, who would never stoop themselves to that kind of rubbish with Satan Akpabio, Unoma Akpabio has been pressuring her husband to get rid of them. The dove incident comes in as a good reason to fool the unsuspecting public.


It could be recalled that not too long ago, Unoma Akpabio tried, though unsuccessful, to heap that kind of jealous rubbish on the Akwa Ibom State Head of Service. According to a source, “Mrs. Unoma Akpabio is so insecure that her jealous attitude has turned into madness. And what many people don’t know is that her attitude is causing problems for Akwa Ibom State and its people. On the other hand, I don’t blame the woman, because Akpabio has been known to sleep around with some female members of his Cabinet. The wife knows this and that is why she has been fussy.”


It is not clear if the allegations leveled against Unoma Ekaete Akpabio are true. However, the topic of discourse now is that while Akpabio has all the legal rights to dismiss his Commissioner from the Cabinet, it is unclear if Akpabio has the legal right to arbitrarily force the retirement of a Permanent Secretary from the Service of the State. This is the area of which interested parties are checking for the possibility of challenging the forced retirement of Mrs. Okpo. It appears the drama is on the planning stage, waiting to unfold.




  1. This is the stupiest article i’ve ever read on internet. I pray that God should forgive you because foolish men like continue to paint this country black. Please go and fine a job an stop being an agent of destruction. The bible say “that a house that is divided against itself can never stan. Stop destroyin the future of your own children for u dont know who and what they will become. For the masure u give will be the masure and even worse that will come to you


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