Mr. President, Where is our 1st Lady?

1st Lady of Nigeria, Dame Patience Jonathan

It has gradually turned into another AsoRock theatrical show of cover ups. Nigerians have come to see it replayed before.

Following the news break of the hospitalization of the 1st Lady in Germany, the Presidency was quick to deny the news break. In its official statement it stated that the 1st Lady was healthy and resting in Germany. They promised she will soon come home. This was two weeks ago.

And the Presidency has maintained a cold silence since.

The seeming implications of the cold silence have informed observers uneasy. In their take, it resembles the cold silence of Yar’Adua end days.

Many of them have become uncomfortable with the disappearance of the 1st Lady. Some have turned weary and have questioned her whereabouts while many others have claimed 1st Lady’s whereabouts as a private family affair of the President.

Some believe the 1st Lady to be a public property. To them, the 1st Lady belongs to the People. The manner the office of the 1st Lady increasingly [over the years] feeds off of the treasury of the Nation earns the office, a public office.

And so the whereabouts of the 1st Lady becomes a potent enquiry upon the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan.

If the 1st  Lady is well and resting in Germany, why has the healthy 1st Lady not made her customary appearances such as the United Nations General Assembly in New York?

And if the 1st Lady is ill, why lie? Could there be something sinister?

It will be of great embarrassment to the Presidency should a blatant public lie of this magnitude be exposed.

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  1. The First Lady is a very important public figure. She is the foremost Nigerian woman and therefore represents the finest values of womanhood. She stands for compassion, care, love and faithfulness. I think these qualities have been elaborately exhibited Dame Patience. It’s time for Nigerians to give back to her. She is not super human neither is she God, who only can not fall sick.
    I think her handlers can do better than keeping her condition as a secret. She needs people’s prayers as well and beside, Nigerians are not wicked people. If you are in their good books, they will show you sympathy and compassion whenever you are otherwise challenged.
    I pray she is well

  2. We should not make something out of nothing. If a public figure as the fist lady is not seen in public for a while, something is wrong. There is nothing secret about Victoria, but my prayers will always go for her to get better to continue to be by the side of our “oga”. If “oga” start getting cold in the night, ha, ha, ha – “oga” may seek to warm body somewhere.


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