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The Campaign for Democracy, founded by Dr Beko Ransom Kuti and others, the aim which is for the purpose of ensuring democracy in Nigeria. The Democracy that we are having today is through the efforts of CD and other civil societies groups that stood against military rule in the struggle for democracy, many leadership were sent to jail by the military administration, they really laid their lives for this course. Today, how is the organization fairing, in terms of carrying out the purpose of establishing the organization’s aims and objectives.

Under the leadership of Dr Josephine Odumakin who is the national president of the organization. In the next few months, Dr Joe will be completing her second tenure as the president of the organization and that will be making her six years in office.

With Dr Odumakin as the national president of the CD, now the question is what are her achievements having stayed in the office for six years? Looking around it will not take any body a second to understand that CD is more of a grave yard, for six years that Dr Odumakin held leadership of the organization, there have been no progress of any kind. and if any body have a different opinion against this let such be raised with the profile of achievements but rather what have been seen in the administration of  Dr Odumakin is using CD to build her own private NGO “WOMEN ARISE”

How can one believe that for six years that Dr Odumakin has been the president of CD, the organization had no permanent office of its own, rather the national secretariate of the organization is housed in a shared borrowed office apartment. And from the arrangement, the CD has only one room office use by the National secretariat in the apartment. But the private NGO of the CD president, WOMEN ARISE is housed in a three bedroom flat apartment. Along Adebowale Road, before Sabo bus-stop at Yakoyo Grammer school bus-stop Ojodu area of Ikeja.LGA of Lagos State. Entering the office of the women arise, you don’t need to be told that this is how an office is suppose to be.

Everything that is needed for the purpose of progressing the work is on ground from human to material resources. Today the women Arise is far more organized and equipped than the CD, Why? Someone may ask. During the 2011 election, the CD did not monitor the election but the women arise did. The CD that paid a high price to see to the achievement of Democracy did not monitor election which was its baby and yet another organization that was not part of the struggle came to monitor the election. Worst of it all some members of the CD who are praise singers to the national president worked for the women arise and monitor the election. Is this not clear selfishness and an attempt to kill CD and raise Women Arise?

For the six Years that Dr Odumakin has the leadership of the CD, the only period that meeting were held was only when she called for the election that brought her into second term in 2010 as held in lagos. After that nothing else, the only place one hears the National president’s voice on CD is when she grants interview to the media house (newspapers) But you see activities of the of the Women Arise everywhere, they have workshops, seminars, rallies etc. both independently and collaboration Programmes, yet no such things in the CD. Why one may ask? But when there are meetings, protest, rallies that have to do with collaboration with other civil societies, you will see CD been represented by the National president only.

Inside the reception hall of the Women Arise office, a picture board on the wall at a corner of the office Tells it all, on the board where different posture pictures of the CD National President with governors, senators etc pictured in different occasions. It may be agreed that the pictures were taken on the platform of the Women Arise, but it can also be said that the success of Women Arise is on the image of the CD. If we are fighting those we see as not doing the right thing, and yet goes back to eat with them. what kind of an image is one exhibiting, not to talk of one who occupies the number one sit of an 0rganisation as the CD. Will Dr Beko Ransom Kuti have time to be attending such meetings and cocktail parties with the same people he regards as oppressors? Not the Beko that the whole world knows. But why have the whole thing come to be? The leadership of Dr Joe Odumakin should explain this to the world.

How many times since Dr Joe Odumakin’s six years of being the president of CD that the National Executive Council (NEC) or and any meeting of the CD had being held.

As said on the picture board, you see the CD president with state governors, politicians in postures. This are the same people who have liquidated our nation and improvised the people yet one who occupies the position of the number one person of a great organization as CD is in a posture with them that had dealt with the citizens of this country.

On the issue of Women Arise monitoring election to the detriment of CD, was full exhibited during the burial of comrade Chidi Nwosu the late chairman of south east CD. The national president of the CD, Dr Odumakin openly distributed a registration form among the members of CD present at the burial. One of those who collected the form to monitor the election on behalf of Women Arise was Uzor A. Uzor of the Anambra CD, is this not clear evidence that CD is an endangered spices in the hands of the national president? During the meeting in Abuja, Uzor A. Uzor confirmed that he runs the CD, HRFJ founded by late chidi Nwosu and also  women Arise founded by Dr Joe Odumakin in one office.

This alone should send a signal to one that there is more than what one is seeing as it is the more you look the less you see. Can one imagine that one has been the chairman of CD in a state for more than two years yet such a person is not a registered member of CD.? Such a person has no membership number, identification card issued to him not to talk of it got lost, yet such one occupy’s the state leadership of the CD under the leadership of Dr Joe Odumakin.

Under the leadership of Dr Joe Odumakin, a programme was held in collaboration between CD and African Child Policy forum, a children advocators organization based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This programme was organized by the president and national secretary of CD, no other member of the national executive of the CD knows about the meeting.

Infact, the National Deputy President of CD did not know about the programme between the CD and African child Policy Forum, from inception to the holding of the programme. He was invited as a guest, the National Deputy President of the CD was a guest in a programme in which he is supposed to be part and parcel of, if not chair the committee that saw to the organizing of the programme. The national Treasurer of the CD told some CD members from different states of the nation that he only came to know about the programme through telephone calls as was done to others. He told the gathering that it was while he was in the air craft heading to Abuja that he asked another CD member in the same air craft how is the programme been arranged. These two examples also affect the other national executive members excluding the president and the national secretary. Can one imagine that the meal to the delegates on arrival on 23rd night of April was smuggled into the hotel which the delegates were housed? The same thing happened on the 24th night, infact on the 23rdwhich was the arrival date for the delegates. When the early arrival of the delegates gathered in one of the rooms for a how do you do chat, the national secretary announced that the dinner for the delegates will be shared in the rooms.  The chairman of CD Abia state Comrade David Kalu raised an eye brow on the food been shared in rooms. And this was in the presence of the National President Dr Odumakin. But the national secretary said that the cost of a meal in the hotel is N4000 and that will be too high. But that is not the truth because a meal in that hotel will go for N1500.00 depending on what one wants. Then another thing is the Moral wrong of smuggling the food into the hotel. Then the national secretary told the gathering that the hotel will not allow the bringing of food into the hotel premises, and for that reason, the food is being smuggled in. even after comrade Ifeanyi Odili from Ondo state in support of the eye brow of Comrade David Kalu indicated that he has used hotels times without numbers and that there is no where that he wants to bring food in a hotel and being stopped.

Even after the support of Ifeanyi on the eye brow of David Kalu, yet the national secretary had his way. And every one went to his room, and the meal was shared. Now the question is how can an organization as CD be a law breaker, an organization which accuse the politician of wrong doing now becomes the breakers of the law.

The hotel management stated that there will be no external foods into the premises, yet the CD which supposes to be a Law abiding organization is now a law braker? This is under the leadership of Dr Joe Odumakin, these delegates whose food where smuggled into the hotel are delegates who in their various homes can afford a better meal than what is served. It is an insult on the delegates that they are treated in such manner, because that is an evidence that the president, the national secretary and who ever that is involved in the maltreatment of delegates have no regards for the delegates.

Not only that, the question is (1) Does CD owns an account? (2) Who are the signatories to the account? Who and who are the members of the committee that organized the programme in collaboration between CD and African Child policy Forum? Since the national Treasurer was not part of the committee that decided for the programme, then the question is who collected and kept the money from the African Child Policy Forum who are the sponsors of the programme.

How much was brought by the African Child Policy Forum? And who collected the money? Is it the CD or an individual? Before I go on with this write up I want to first and foremost indicate that whatever am doing, am doing it under the protection of the constitution of the CD. In article 4 of the CD constitution under the RIGHT of MEMBERS. Sub-section.3 states that “within the structure of the organization, criticize constructively, any policy, programmes of the CD” also under DUTIES OF A MEMBER, section 5, sub-section1 stated “understand and defend the aims, objectives, policy, programmes and interest of CD at all times, which he or she should fearlessly and continuously explain to the people”


During the Abuja meeting the CD President told the gathering that because in the minutes of the south east CD meeting held during which her period of office was mentioned, the president before the gathering told them that Abia chairman doesn’t know the organization’s constitution. Secondly, during a conversation with comrade Ifeanyi Odili on the letter for clarification sent to the national president, comrade Odili told the Abia chairman that he have no right to ask for the clarification, he said that if the Abia chairman knew that only the national convention of the CD has the right to ask the national president to an account on the activities of the CD. But for the attention of who ever it may concern, that section 4 subsection 3 and section 5 subsection 1 empowers every CD member not even as a leader. For the national president to talk about the CD constitution, lets us see some of her activities in the CD. And see how far she had abide by the CD constitution.

The national president who came to the burial of Chidi Nwosu on her platform as the CD national President distributed Women Arise 2011 election monitoring forms to CD members mostly those from south east since they are majority. The Abia CD chairman refused to collect the form, but rather asked the president WHY CD will not be monitoring the 2011 general election and women Arise will be doing such? She told him that the CD had no money but the Women Arise is doing it on voluntary basis. Which the Abia chairman told her that CD can equally do the same. Behold in 2011 “Women Arise monitored the election and CD did not Can one imagine such? The present democracy that everybody is enjoying is the handwork of CD, there is nobody in Nigeria that cannot attest to such. Then the same Democracy that CD suffered for is what CD can not monitor its growth. Can this not be said of a woman who gave birth and was denied of opportunity to nurture her baby for growth! And that was what the CD national President did. With this, the national president have sabortaged the section 2 subsection 4 on AIMS AND OBJECTIVES of the CD constitution that states “To educate the broad masses of the people to appreciate the power of the vote and its wise use in defense of their interest. If any one asks, Did CD had any education election for the 2011 election? The answer is No, because if CD had carried out its primary objective which is educating the people on the election, then the zeal to monitor the election will be there. The CD president also violated the section 3 “Membership”, which stated “membership of the organization shall be to all Nigerians 18years of age and above (irrespective of their place of origin or residence or ideological outlook) who are committed  to the realization  of CD’s objectives, who have Pledged to loyally support it materially and otherwise and who are prepared in a disciplined manner to commit his or her energies, skills and intellect to the formulation and implementation of its policies and programmes”

With this part of the constitution, it is clear that in 2011 election, the national president of the CD did not give her loyal, material support to the CD on the 2011 election as the CD national president. Neither did she commit her energies, skills and intergrity into the major aim of CD which is building strong democratic institutions for Nigerians. By this, the national president even violated her membership right not to talk of her position as a national president.

In section 5 DUTIES OF MEMBERS, the subsection1 of the CD constitution states that “understanding and defending the aims, objectives, polices, programmes and interest of CD members at all times, which he or she should fearlessly and continuously explain to the people” with the CD not monitoring the 2011 election, have the president understood and defended the aims, objectives, policies, programmes and interest of CD at all times? Rather what have happened is using the image of CD to build the Women Arise which is unconstitutional to the CD.

In section 7: FUNCTIONS OF OFFICIALS, sub-section1 (a) states “The president Shall be the political and administrative head of the organization” one of the administrative responsibility is to see that the national Executive council NEC of CD meets at least every 6 months, but for nearly six years that the national president had been in office, how many NEC meetings had been held under the administration of the president? It will be good if the minutes of such meetings are made public.

The CD president administration for six years now have denied members their privileges, which is the right as provided in subsection 4:5 under rights of members. ”Attend workshops on democratic governance, training of mass mobilization strategies and conferences on understanding the Nigerian constitution” how many workshops on democratic governance or having a training section for mass mobilization strategies and conference on the understanding of the Nigerian constitution was organized by the presidents administration for nearly six years in office? Yet her private organization is holding workshops, rallies, conferences etc, while CD is doing nothing. Does that show that the president knows the constitution? The only workshop of the president’s administration is the one between CD and African child policy forum and there is a lot of unstrenght forwardness in the programme administrative arrangement. Example of such is the national secretariat asking members to raise children agencies name as to enable them attend the workshop. Why the children agencies name, is it not a deceit to the African Child Policy Forum? As they will be made to believe that delegates to the workshops comes from different parts of the country, who are into children welfare programme when actually the delegates where members of the CD leadership from different parts of Nigeria. One wonders why the raising of the fake names, why is it that CD delegates were not invited as CD members. Since section 2.9.2 stated “promote and defend the right of children and the disabled” can one say that the issue of name faking goes out of the guilty of the CD having failed in their responsibilities towards the children and the disabled?

(2) with this deceit of faking names, have the national president not gone contrary to the section 5 subsection 4 which stated that “Be disciplined, honest and loyal in submitting to the majority decision and carry out resolutions of the organs and structure of the organization at all levels” where is the discipline and honesty in this name faking? With this, has the national president kept the constitution? Were is her “Disciplined and Honest” as demanded by the constitution?

The dinners of 23rd and 24th nights were all smuggled into the hotel, without the permission of the hotel management. Even when the hotel management warned against bringing external food into the hotel, yet the president’s administration smuggled in the food. With this can one be right to say that the national president have breached section 7 of the CD constitution on her duty as the political and administrative head of the CD, (1) leading CD into deception against the African child policy forum (2) Being a law breaker as against the law of the Parkview hotel, not to bring external food into the hotel. Everybody knows it that CD is and preaches law abiding, but the national president and Secretary of the CD to have disobeyed the order enacted by the hotel is something else. Was there no budget for the food of the delegates when the budget of the programme was made? The food served to the delegates on 23rd and 24thnights of the workshop packed in a white plastic take away container can not go for more than N300 per one. How much was actually budgeted for the food?.

The section 7.5 THE NATIONAL TREASURER, “Together with the president and General Secretary being joint signatories to the organization’s account, provided that the president with the Treasurer or General secretary or any combination officers or persons is approved by the national executive council shall be competent to sign a cheque or make withdrawals for the purpose approved by the National Executive Council”

Can one believe that for nearly six years that the present administration have been in power, the CD have no account. Evidence to prove this was when the CD membership fees were to remitted to the national secretariat and an account number that was given by the national secretariat was a private account number instead of the CD account. The account number details is as follows Account Name: Gbadamosi Anuoluwapo S. Account Number: 140001012951 Bank: Oceanic Bank. This detail was sent on 05/07/2011 at 1:53 pm. Now the question is how do one monitor the organizations money paid into a private account?. And is this not a violation of CD’s constitution which indicates in the quoted section 7.5 (b) that there should be an account and that three signatories should be withdrawing money from the organizations account. Now why is it that the organization fund is now being paid into private account? This also arose the question, on whose account the money for the workshop in Abuja was paid into. Who knows how many CD funds that have been paid into private account. Since the election of the national treasurer has there been any money received and banked on behalf of the CD? Let the evidence of such be made public. Does that mean that for nearly six years of this present administration in the office that the CD has not made any money? What happened to the registration fees that members pay, as the CD Abia State and other states in the south east have one time or the other paid membership fees, and possible members from other parts of the country, what happened to all these funds?

If the organization has not raised any money for nearly six years now, then what is the duty of the finanacial secretary? Section 7.6 article (c) states that the financial secretary “shall in conjunction with any finance committee as may be set up by the national convention or national executive council work out and execute plans for fund raising” why is it that there is no plans to raise fund for the organization?

How can one understand it that for over two years that one is the chairman of CD in Imo state such person is not a registered member of the organization, but enjoys all benefits of the organization. The Imo State chairman of CD, for over two years now as chairman of CD in the state is not a registered member of the CD. When in section 4.1 states that “To a membership card upon admission, and to attend meetings or cell and of any other structure or organ to which he is invited to participate as delegate or invitee”

For over two years the Imo chairman has been there without membership card, unless it was given to him over night and backdated. If one goes on to keep analyzing issue in the CD, it will take a longer time.

But the truth remains that the present leadership of the CD is a failure and had draw the hand of the clock in the organization backward.

Recently Abia chairman got a mail from the Anambra state chairman of the campaign for Democracy sending him querry on the incident that took place at Park view Hotel Abuja. And this was after Abia chairman had sent a letter to the National President requesting for some clarifications  on the issue that have to do with the African Child Policy Forum/co- partnership.

Now the question is who and who sat down and took the decision to give the query? Can the minutes of the meetings that was held to give the query be provided, who are those  that attended the meeting, what venues was used and what are the content of the meeting agenda?. Why is it that it was after Abia chairman sent the letter to the national president that the query  came?

Then in refusing to answer the query, the Anambra chairman, sent a letter on indefinite suspension. The letter quoted section 5 sub-section 4of the CD constitution. It’s a surprise that Anambra state chairman over look subsection 1 of the section 5 I  which states as follows that a member should “understand and defend the objectives, policy, programees and interest of the CD at all times which he or she should fearlessly continuously explain to the people” even without being on the leadership of the CD, duty as a member is specified by the constitution. The Anambra chairman did not take into account section 4, subsection 3 of the CD constitution which empowers the Abia chairman to criticize any policies, programme of officials of the CD at different levels. The Abia chairman is criticizing the smuggling of food into the hotel as was done in Abuja, the acceptance of one being a chairman of CD in state without being a registered member of the CD. The issue of the Anambra chairman writing on the CD southeast and telling all kinds of lies which there are evidence to tender. The placing of CD funds in a private account, and many others.

In signing both the query and suspension letters, the Anambra chairman use the title of the southeast vice chairman. Can Anambra chairman produce any document of the CD national convention that address him as the Anambra chairman not to talk of vice chairman for southeast?.

Another funny thing in the query was the issue of suspending the Abia Chairman from office, the Anambra chairman was under knowledge on the CD constitution, when he failed to understand that only the southeast convention have the right to suspend the Abia Chairman.

And to show that the query and suspension decision are his own, in the last paragraph of the suspension letter, he stated that the “issue will be further discussed at the up coming south east region convention that will be held in June 2012”. This is an indication that the south east convention is yet to meet and discuss the issue, so who and who decide the query and suspension?

Another interesting thing in the constitution of CD section 10 subsection2 stated that “any member or officer to be so disciplined shall be given notice of not less than two weeks “ as an indication that the National President, General secretary, the Anambra state chairman and their cohort are in a hast to remove Abia chairman from office. Letter for the query was sent on May 4th and on the 18th, the indefinite suspension was given and between the 4th and 18thof May is a period of 11 working days and not 14 days (two weeks as indicated in the constitution) Every one knows it that Saturday and Sunday are not counted as working days, as it is regarded as days when offices are closed. So, one can see that they don’t know what the constitution is saying, but power drunk is the problem.

Who and who decided that the CD Southeast convention be held in Anambra state?, at the Abuja meeting it was even agreed by the president and his cohorts that the convention be held in Enugu. So when was it changed to   Anambra?, even if the Abia Chairman had refused to take part in the convention. Noting  stops the convention holding in Enugu, why now moving it to Anambra?.If there is no hiding agenda in the whole thing and another thing is the Anambra Chairman who also a contestant to decide the venue of the convention, as he indicated in the suspension letter.

The national president, the national secretary have made CD a grave yard. The ideology of those who founded the organization is no more what is being manifested today.

Many a times, the national president have been saying that she has spent a lot of her private money on behalf of the CD, now the question is; In what areas did she spend the money? For nearly six years in office, as had being indicated before that her administration had never organized any workshop, training  or conference except this ones sponsored by the African Child policy Forum, which on its own is a deceit against the African Child Policy Forum and a breach of the CD constitution.

Let the national president articulate the amount she had spend for the organization and what she spend it for and make such public.

The CD president have a third term agenda, and that is why she is doing all things possible to see that she plants her supporters mostly in the southeast to return her for the third term, but if one may ask, what she could not achieve in six years will she be able to achieve it in three years. If not for personal interest why must she want to come back to office again after six years of two terms. The CD president, the General secretary have noting to offer in the CD in times of leadership administration.

Another thing is that right now the President, the General Secretary are planning for a southeast convention. Both the national president and the general secretary have mapped out a strategic plan to see that the Abia state chairman does not contest the election during the southeast convention. One of such strategy is the idea of query and suspension. In neglect to the existing structure on ground, the president appointed one who has not been in the CD as chairmen for Enugu and Ebonyi states and is backing the Anambra state chairman who she wanted to become the southeast chairman of the CD.

The president is bent on rigging the election, because as would be known that by the process through which the chairmen were chosen, it is the first step of the rigging process. But one may be bound to ask, what sin did Abia state chairman commit to get such fight from the CD National President and the general secretary? The only sin he can say to have committed was that in his discussion with the president and the general secretary, he had disagreed with both of them time without number on the manner which CD is being run and which is not to the interest of the organization. His argument is based on the constitution of the CD.

In one of his mails to the national president, the Abia chairman told the president that CD is being used to enrich Women Arise and that Beko Ransome Kuti will be crying wherever he is, seeing how the national president leadership has destroyed CD.

The meeting that was held in room 204 of the Parkview hotel Abuja on the 24thNight and that meeting was pre-arranged, the purpose for the meeting was purely to intimidate the Abia state chairman. But on seeing that the Abia chairman can not be intimidated, the national secretary wanted to turn the whole thing into violence by hitting him on the shoulder thereby to drag him to fight. But thank God for the spirit of calmness that the Abia state chairman exhibited. While all these were going on the national president was just sitting down and watching with a smile. Which is an evidence that the meeting was a pre arranged by the president and that is short of a good leadership.

The Abia state Chairman, having taken into consideration things that took place inside Parkview hotel Abuja that 24thnight, infact, the confusion was so high that night that the hotel management attention was drawn to room 204 by other guests in the hotel.  Based on all these the Abia state chairman have written to the national president, copies sent to members of the CD leadership, that can be reached. Informing the national president that he refused to accept whatever decision at the meeting, that night, from the appointment of Ebonyi, Enugu chairmen as that is a plot to skimmed the Abia Chairman   out of the contest, that he do not accept the Anambra chairman leadership in the south east, someone who will just get out from his bed and make a pronouncement on behalf of the south southeast CD. Without reference to the constitution or other CD leadership in the Zone, someone who will want to use CD southeast zone for personal interest.

The Anambra chairman of CD was once the CLO Anambra state vice chairman. How did he faired while he was in the CLO, can one go to the CLO Anambra state and find out how the Anambra chairman, who the CD national president is projecting for the southeast zone chairmanship performed as vice chairman of the CLO in Anambra state.

Some thing funny happened at the meeting at Abuja, the Anambra state CD chairman brought out pix of the CD office in onitsha with plastic chairs, tables etc. The chairman told the gathering that he bought all these for the CD, but that is not true, because the periods that the Abia state chairman visited the Anambra chairman during his case with the market association; he saw those plastic chairs in a one room shop on the ground floor of the two storey block in which the Anambra chairman lives.

He opened the office when he had disagreement with the CLO in Anambra, and he left and started his own organization. It was when he started his organization that he rented the shop and bought those things. But at the Abuja meeting, he presented it as if he just bought them newly, this is the kind of person they wanted us to have in the southeast. When I wrote on the issue that have to do with the judgement on the Al-mustapha’s case, the national president accused me of violating the constitution even quoting section 7.1 article (a) “The president shall be the political and the administrative head of the organization”

Recently, the Anambra chairman held a kangaroo rally in onitsha, and spoke on many national issues and one is yet to see or hear the president caution the Anambra state chairman. Part of the requests made in the letter to the national president for some clarification are as follows:


  1. Who and who approves the partnership with the African child policy forum, was there a meeting held by the NEC of the organization and can I have the copy of the minutes of the meeting..
  2. What was the point of reference for the partnership, between CD and the Africa Child policy forum?
  3. What has CD to benefit for partnership with the Africa Child policy forum
  4. How much fund was sent by the African child policy forum?
  5. Does the CD own an account and who are the signatories to the accont?
  6. How was this money paid by the Africa child policy forum, is it through an individual account or through the CD account
  7. I believe that before the Africa Child policy forum; send in the money that a budget was drawn. Who and who drafted the budgets. Was a committee set up?
  8. How much was budgeted for the food as you noticed that the dinner that was served on the 23rd and 24thnight of April being the day of our arrival and programme night were smuggled into the hotel, and as you know such is a wrong ethics. I remember that when the national secretary came to announce the meal, he asked everybody to go to his room. That the meal will be served in the rooms, someone like me raised eye brows on such. His explanation was that the cost of the food is high in the hotel, that is not true because the food in that hotel can go for N1500.00, it al depends of what one wants.
  9. Why is it that the National President was invited as a guest to the programme, in a programme which he is suppose to be parts and parcel.
  10. I had someone made  a comment that the National Treasurer  only got invitation to the programme as others and that it was while he was inside the plane coming from from Abuja that he asked someone on how  the programme is been organized. Now, if the national treasurer was not part of the people that sat for the decision to held the meeting, then who collected and kept money brought by the Africa Child polcy forum.
  11. During the invitation conversation I had with the National secretary, he mentioned you and him sat down to decide on the programme and that it was decided that members should raise name of children organization as to enable them to attend the workshop in Abuja. As it will afford members the opportunity to hold a CD meeting at the same time. It is morally wrong for you and the secretary to have taken such decision knowing that such is a fraud against the Africa Child Policy Forum. On  that the CD members are not involved with children and the issue of child adoption not to talk of intercountry have never been discussed by the CD in any meeting. But what happened was that you and the Secretary see the Africa Child policy forum platform a good a good one to fight me back.
  12. Who appointed the woman who cooked the food, and of what cost did she served the food?
  13. Don’t you think that the manner in which 23rd and 24thnight dinners was served to the leadership of the CD from different states of the federation is an evidence that the national leadership have no regard for the CD memebers. These are men who have their families and can afford a better meal in their houses, yet have their meal smuggled to them as if it is an exhibit.
  14. In the morning of 24th April which was the day of the programme, I raised the issue on  the manner of the delegate invitation to the south east, Someone told the people that were present when I raised the objection over the list of delegates that attended the programme that was made without your consent, is that true?

Up till the time of writing this, the president is yet to reply.  This is more than three weeks the letter have been sent.

The prayer is that God who gave the founding fathers of CD the idea of initiating it will come to the rescue of the organization. As the leadership of the organization is like a sheep without a shepherd.

It will not be a surprise if by tomorrow the Abia chairman is removed or suspended or even expelled me from the organization, but the truth remains that the leadership of the CD is a leadership that is not on the right track…

Comrade David Kalu


Campaign for Democracy

Abia state.



  1. It is quite unfortunate that a pro-democracy and human rights organization like CD which has been in the fore front in the struggle for socio-economic development, political emancipation and cultural advancement of this country could still condone a ook and a bastard like david kalu, a self acclaimed and self imposed chairman of the organisation in Abia State. l am of the opinion that this animal in human flesh that parades himself in Abia state with sole intention to slander the good images and reputations of the leadership of the Nigeria foremost human rights and pro-democracy group, Campaign for Democracy, should be reported to security agents and prosecuted for defamation of character. However, david kalu should explain to his co- travellers how he emerged as the chairman of CD in Abia state, he should also explain what happened to the membership registration fees he collected from intended members in Abia state. His flagrant disrespect to the constitution of the organisation, misconduct, insubordination and corrupt practices of course, led to his expulsion from the organisation at the just concluded southeast zone of the organisation. It is out of mere exaggeration however to say that, this ingrate is mentally sick. Without been too modest, Dr Joe Okei Odumakin is a woman of honour with integrity, she has paid unquantifiable price to ensure that Nigeria and her citizens enjoy self government. l am short of words therefore, to see a commissioned agent, a bastard in person of david kalu who does not have any identity to race his voice against this highly respected woman.

  2. The ranting of an empty come and raid which is known as Comrade ordinarily one would have ignored the worthless piece written by an expelled former member of CD.

    1. Since yourself appointment as the “former Chairman of Abia CD” did you ever conduct any election”

    2. Did you not go about collecting money from innocent citizens under the pretence of wanting to organize a conference in Abia “Shameless idle hand?

    3. The leadership of our icon, Dr. Joe Okei-odumakin had organized conferences Northwest, North east, Middle Belt, South West, South-South and South East but because you are a pathological liar with no integrity, NO ONE SHOULD EVER BELIEVE YOU.

    4. You made empty boast that you will destroy CD on the internet and the leader but those who are better informed cannot be hoodwinked through your lies. (What have you contributed to the struggle, you anarchist.

    5. CD has a secretariat but because you are an agent, your paid masters planted you to destabilize the organization but you were just self seeking & self appointed come and raid. CD IS NOT WHERE MONEY IN SHARED BUT SACRIFICE OF TRUE LEADERS LIKE OUR CONSISTENT PRESIDENT & HER TEAM. NO AMOUNT OF BLACKMAIL WILL STICK.

    6. Novice, four times CD had made attempt to register with the CAC but not be registered because we were told to change our name that, NEC insisted CD must retain it’s name. Empty head find out from INEC organizations not registered with CAC can never be registered with INEC to monitor elections.

    7. I have participated in Women Arise (WA)(was established march 2003) with the late Dr Beko Ransome – Kuti as a member of the Board) check his funeral oration. all those insinuations made are false let me give the general public a few examples of some of the activites of WA

    (a). When a senator Yerima married a 12 year old, WA (Women Arise) staged a protest to the National Assembly & the State House of Assembly

    (b). When a 2 year old was raped by a 40 year old WA staged a protest.

    (c). When Fumilayo Abudu was shot dead by the police WA stage series of protest etc. so taking issues out of context cannot help a frustrated & sinking come & raid like u.

    8. You published a worthless “Paper” called bendel newspaper can you tell the public your means of livelihood or how many copies of your “Paper” sell. The paper that can not be used as tissue.

    9. Were you a member of NEC, NAC, secretariat working committee before your expulsion you were just operating at the fringe of CD. You know nothing about the organizaton.

    10. Our respectable Imo State Chairman, the real Comrade Emeka Ogbonaya is a registered member of CD, david are you the one that register members? The money you collected from membership registration using it to run you useless paper, go and refund. Stop dropping names, making sweeping statements, The National Treasurer, and all the other names mentioned have disowned you. Please the general public are advised to ignore this expelled member of our great organization Dr. Joe has paid her dues, Kudos to her vibrant leadership all the organs of CD, NAC, NEC, regional officers have absolute confidence in her leadership. David you have been expelled by the highest organ (Convention). Stop being an internet nuisance. You are a disgArace to human race & an embarrassment to your race.

  3. Let us all ignor this fool called David kalu. Dr. joe Okei-odumakin, you are our heroine, your track record & Integrity speak for you. Please ride on as for the miserable David, no amount of propaganda from you paid agent can deter us from honouring this great woman.

  4. Come and raid David Kalu is a disgruntled element in the CD, the late Chidi Nwosu brought him into the CD in order to rehabilitate him and get him thinking in the right direction. Late Chidi’s thought was that if David Kalu joined the CD and becomes a member he would work with progressives and understand the philosophy of the struggle but unfortunately, he joined and when he was still been watched closely as whether to accept his full membership or not he started displaying his greedy.

    David Kalu believed that CD is an organisation he could use to be spinning money from corrupt politicians when this attempt was restricted by the national secretariat, everybody in the NEC became his enemy most especially the honourable National President.
    David Kalu I learnt openly boasted in Abuja that he was going to destroy the CD just because everyone present at the CD meeting held after the workshop to resolve some issues from the south east CD condemned his unruly behaviour.

    On the issue of Women Arise (WA), David needs to be educated that there are huge differences between the aims, objectives and activities of WA to that of the CD. As stated in his write-up he clearly stated the objectives of CD and from that we can see clearly that the activities of the CD is not the same with that of WA so how will it be possible for Dr. Joe, the National President of CD to use CD to build Women Arise.

    Women Arise is registered organisation and it advocates on women issues – women’s human rights, women economic empowerment and women political participation so how will the activity of WA affect that of the CD.

    Late Dr. Beko Ransome-Kuti that David write so glowingly about in his life time as Chairman of CD after he returned from detention by Abacha established Centre for Constitutional Governance (CCG) while he was still the CD chairman so what is wrong in Dr. Joe running Women Arise.

    This David should just go and find something to do if he is so less busy and jobless.

    • Initially, i had thought it was not worthwhile to respond to that character called David Kalu because I only see him as a rebel without a course. He is probably pursuing a clandestine agenda through his campaign of calumny against the organisation and its leadership without any clearly identifiable justification.

      I have read his so-called article and comments which have no coordination and absolutely bereft of facts. The articles are in fact a reflection of an author without a stable mind, which is a vindication of my view that David Kalu is a psychiatric case.

      Genuine comrades in CD are working 24 hours to put things right in the country and here is a confused comrade just emanating from the cesspool of scums seeking relevance. We should not assist him to advertise himself because he is not relevant to our course.

      Dr. Joe is a decent and incorruptible leader who was everywhere when the likes of David Kalu were nowhere. He will not be there when we get there because we are in two different worlds.

      WE should allow him to continue to hallucinate in delusion of grandeur while he remains suspended from the organisation.

      Dr. Joe is leading us aright even as she remains a source of fear to bad rulers.

      Campaign for Democracy remains Nigeria’s foremost NGO fighting for the socio-political and economic rights of Nigerians. Only a fool or a crook like David Kalu would want to discredit such a group and its vibrant leadership

  5. Ordinarily, it would not have been necessary to respond to David Kalu’s campaign of calumny against the leadership of Campaign for Democracy, knowing fully well that the character is not only a psychiatric case but also a confused comrade hallucinating in delusion of grandeur.

    But relying on the Yoruba proverb which says that if you grudgingly leave your cloth for a mad man, he will mess it up; it has therefore become imperative to cut him to size and permanently curb his excesses.

    Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin and the organizations she leads today need no advertisement, and whoever berates her unduly is either a fool or a crook. Having paid her dues in the protracted struggle to enthrone good governance in the past few decades, Joe symbolizes positive change and forthrightness. She has, without flagging, used the platforms of CD and Women Arise to engage in decent campaigns against socio-political and economic injustices. Many times she has been brutally repressed, especially during the military regimes of the 90s, and all the times she has proved to be incorruptible even in highly tempting circumstances. Similarly, Campaign for Democracy has remained firm and honourable in its conducts.

    Over time Dr. Joe has fought and won battles. She has defeated formidable enemies of the people within and outside the establishment, and so needs not bother about rats like David Kalu and his ilks. Campaign for Democracy is bigger than any individual, particularly a confused soul like David Kalu.

    I have seen and heard David Kalu talk on one or two occasions and i have not stopped thinking of suggesting to the organisation a review of CD’s recruitment method in order to prevent lunatics and nincompoops like David Kalu from joining.

    A self-acclaimed publisher who, in his comments and articles, keeps distorting the semantic configuration of the English language is one person that can distort facts to further his bad-intentioned interests. I have no doubts in my mind that David Kalu is nothing but a disgusting character coming from the cesspool of scums that would want decent people to know that he, too, is also alive. He should dissipate more of his energy on his failed publication and remain a suspended CD member that he is presently.

  6. Campaign for Democracy (CD) is only a grave yard for you and you can go six feet below. Let me tell you that since Dr. Joe involvement in CD since 1991 and up till her 6 years in office only a jeunjeun, blocked head like you will not the record she has made but Nigerians know, she remains our best.

    Which organization have you ever built in your miserable life. Dr Joe has built CD, Women in Nigeria, Committee for the Defence of Human Rights, Institute of Human Rights and Democratic Studies, Centre for Participatory Democracy, Save Nigeria Group, Women Arise e.t.c. she has mentored so many of us and I am a proud product of her.
    Activism is not her full time job, she lectures in private Universities, she is a researcher, international consultant e.t.c.

    You paid state agent assisting government of Abia by supporting the disengagement of non indigenes, collecting money for conference in 2010 that you never carried out – thief!!!

    Empty head, are you a NEC member that you will know how many times NEC meeting has been called?

    A scavenger like you, which penny of your have you contributed to the organization, rather you stole the membership form money, used CD to enrich your tissue paper publication called bendelanalyst, you think everyone is like that that has no means of livelihood.

    You are using your foul mouth to mention Chidi Nwosu, keep shut. Did you not desecrate him in death. You bit the finger that fed you with the way your madness made you treat our late leader Chidi Nwosu.

    All your blackmail about Africa Child Policy Forum cannot stick, those who are in CD have all the information but you state agent operating at the fringe of Cd will always remain “tabula raza” as blank as a slate.
    You impostor all the names you mentioned are people of integrity your own name leaves a sour taste in their tongues, STOP DROPPING NAMES!!

    You call yourself a chairman fool – you were just appointed, have you gone through election all your miserable life. David your head must be examined. You are frustrated, miserable and in need of help.
    Our slogan CD.. Action. CD is growing from strength to strength, Nigerians can attest to it only a mad man like you David will see things upside down.

    Yes, David what does it matter if the chairman of CD, South East, Uzor A Uzor runs three organisations in one office, is it the edifice you need or the output, Comrade Uzor remains an organiser of men and women while David remains a destroyer. Decent people should not waste their time reading irritants like David, the Convention 12 years ago took a decision that only elected members of CD should be given CD account and this should only be given upon request to elected members of our organization but that others can be given that of our administrative officer, Anu (David if you are not operating at the fringe of CD you would have known that Anu is the administrative officer of CD)So since you David was not elected but appointed before your expulsion, how will you have had the opportunity of having CD account, tricksters like you David could swindle the organization. Not a penny did David pay into the administrative officer’s account the print out is at the secretariat.

    All the CD members in Abia have sad tales to tell about the former appointed chairman’s conduct, the imbecile is not mentally and emotionally stable, always depressed.

    Congratulations to our organization for yanking off this monster that has insatiable appetite for money who is particularly known as “how much is my own share of the dollar” Go and work to eke a living.


  7. Ordinarily, it would not have been worthwhile to respond to David Kalu’s articles and comments as they are mere campaigns of calumny by a confused comrade who, at a close look, reminisces a psychiatric case seeking attention.

    But like the Yoruba adage that says if you leave your cloth for a lunatic, he will mess it up; it has become imperative to respond to him in order to curb his excesses and cut him to size.

    David Kauu is nothing but a character emerging from the cesspool of scums who desire some deliverance from debilitating hallucination and delusion of grandeur. A look at his so-called articles gives the impression of a person who embarrassingly distorts the semantic configuration of the English language even while claiming to be a publisher.

    Campaign for Democracy is Nigeria’s foremost NGO today courtesy of its vibrant leadership. Joe is selfless and certainly incorruptible. She would spend her time and money in pursuit of her course as she has done in the past few decades. Part of her goal is to rid this society of mediocre like David Kalu who daily seek relevance when they deserve to be perpetual students learning to be responsible citizens. Joe Okei-Odumakin and CD need neither advertisement nor publicity. They are household names whose stature cannot be diminished by millions of of David Kalu


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