CPC Rate Sokoto Governor Low


Congress for Progressive Change
(CPC) Sokoto State


Sequel to the meeting held by the Sokoto State Congress for progressive Change CPC Executive Committee, on Saturday, 12th May, 2012 the following resolutions were made;
The recent political brouhaha that brought His Excellency Alh. (Dr) Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko into power for the third time after passing through the various judicial imbroglio, is the most unfortunate and unexpected political suicide that happened in the seat of the caliphate. In spite of the various campaign promises of the Sokoto State Governor under the platform of the People Democratic Party to eradicate poverty in the State and empower the youth through various failed policies and programmes Sokoto State had been rated as the most poorest State in the Country as announced by the NIS. It is very unfortunate to see the proliferation of beggars, unemployed youths and other vagabonds following the convoy of His Excellency, with the full expectation that the governor may spread some crumbs of money for them to pick, as he usually does.

Surprisingly many citizens of the state could hardly have one meal in a day while others are living below the poverty level. The state has been reduced to a multitude of beggars, praise singers, looters and people that live from hands to mouth every day.

The resolution also noted that the payment of undergraduate students’ registration fees – without including those on post-graduate studies is unfortunate. This attitude by the governor is capable of frustrating the students from the poor family that cannot afford to sponsor their registration in various institutions, thereby causing the backwardness of higher education in Sokoto State.
May we also use this opportunity to invite his Excellency to go round and see how some of the public schools are misused and mismanaged because of lack of not only qualified teachers but also lack of infrastructural amenities. The custodians of education and other political office holders in the state have abandoned these public schools and took their children to some private schools in the state, leaving the public schools in deteriorating conditions. Is that the dividend of democracy promised by the governor of the People Democratic Party in the State? We therefore implore the elders in the State, business communities and other political stakeholders in the state to contribute towards the upliftment of education in the State by supporting our younger generations to rise up educationally, morally and economically in order to face the challenges of the modern world.

However, this forum will not forget to mention the unacceptable conditions of the masses in the state as a result of scarcity of water. One will be surprise to see different people in most of the nooks and crannies of the state, especially Mabera area, Gidan Igwai, Marina, Rijiyar Doruwa and others moving with empty Jeri cans searching for where they can get water for their domestic activities. The Sokoto State Water board has been disappointing because of its inability to supply enough water in the state despite the huge-amount of money that was claimed to have been given to them by the State government. The most disheartening thing is that the lives of multitude of people in the state are made to depend on the water fetched by the labourers from Niger Republic. Most of these people get their water from contaminated places, wells and deserted reservoirs and sell same to the innocent and desperate people in the state. And this is seriously injurious to our health and other domestic activities.

In conclusion, the state executive governor has also failed in his promise to give an adequate power supply in the state. A huge amount of money was said to have been allocated for the establishment of an independent Power Project in the state, but surprisingly the work is no where to be found and the said amount of money had not been accounted for. This led to the collapse of some of the businesses that have a direct bearing with electricity supply in the state, which eventually led to the economic backwardness and poverty in the state, as no economy can thrive on generators.

In addition to all the above worrisome situations in the Seat of the Caliphate, the political injustice and judicial cheating dome against the election counselors of CPC at Dinawa ward in Wurno local government and one from Jaredi ward in Shagari areas of the state is still fresh in our minds.

The PDP stalwarts as usual had discriminately deprived the elected counselors of CPC of their political mandate and success at the poll in favour of their party loyalists (counselors) who failed woefully to win the election in their wards. We leave everything for God to judge.

The party also do solemnly appreciate the efforts of or gubernatorial candidate of CPC 2012, Sokoto State Election (Engr. Abubakar Aliyu Yabo) for his personal donation of campaign vehicles for the party progress in the state.

Finally, we also call on our 2011 presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari to save Nigeria and Nigerians by coming out to contest in 2015. Victory shall go over way by the grace of God.
While urging the General to ignore all misguided and diversionary comments against his insistence on credible, transparent and rigging free elections in the country, we hereby send him our good wishes and remain his loyal supporters.

Alh. Anas Dan Nayaba
CPC Sokoto State.



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