“How 144,000 Virgins Fan Our Spiritual Leader While Asleep” -Yet Another Phantom Report


Press Release

Ordinarily, the recent false publication on pages 10 and 11 of the Saturday Vanguard Newspaper of 11th February, 2011, alleging that 144,000 Virgins fan the Founder and Leader of  Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu while asleep, among other ruses, would have been treated with the levity that it deserves.

But considering the gravity of the allegations and in order to put the records straight for posterity and for those who genuinely care to know the truth, we are inclined to respond as appropriate.

We are amazed that at this age and time, a news medium could publish such a damming story without making efforts to either seek the truth of the matter or at least, balance their report.

In today’s digital environment, it is common knowledge that with the aid of Information Communication Technology, it doesn’t take rocket science to track any information from an Organisation, not to talk of one as Universal as Brotherhood of the Cross and Star.

While we await legal counsel on how to extract necessary legal remedy from the Nigerian newspaper, we are inclined to register our disgust with the shameful attitude and “pull them- down- syndrome’’ of some news media.  It is unfortunate that the Vanguard allowed itself to be ridiculed with such a false and blasphemous report from Ishola Balogun, a religious bigot, who is unable to separate his fanatism from professional practice.

No doubt, this latest sponsored attack on the Leader of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is recklessness taken too far.

The question is, why are we so interested in disparaging innocent people and Organisations without any reasonable proof of wrong doing?

We implore the Nigerian Mass Media practitioners to embrace the ethics of the noble profession of Journalism and operate within the precincts of accuracy, objectivity, patriotism and national development.

For avoidance of doubt, the role of the 144,000 Virgins in Brotherhood of the Cross is in clear conformity with the provisions of the Holy Bible, as recorded in Revelation 14:1-5.

The Virgins are “those who follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth, neither are they defiled and from their mouth are found no guile…”

If one may ask, is it that Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, whose membership includes all the movers and shakers of this world is so poor that it cannot afford the comfort of an air Conditioner or at least a fan for the Leader, if required?

Again, the World Headquarters of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is at 34 Ambo Street, Calabar and not Ambrose Street, as quoted by the lazy reporter. If Lozina and her hobby spent 14 years in Brotherhood as claimed, how come they do not know where the BCS WHQS is located? The story is not only malicious, but a mere propaganda and royal falsehood, aimed at scoring a cheap point and popularity.

The individuals mentioned in the publication, Lovina Amangala Iburere and Enoch Iburere were psychiatric patients who were delivered of insanity in a healing home in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star.

About a decade ago, in her usual illusion, she granted an interview to the ‘News Magazine’, claiming that she was seeing lizards and other strange things; a development that suggests distorted mental state.

Now that she has returned to the devil for spiritual help to perform miracles, it is obvious that her psychiatric problem may have returned. We recommend that she urgently visits a psychiatric Hospital for treatment before she gets to her former nude status.

More importantly, Lovina, who operates a ‘business center’, which she calls the Truth Ministry and co-founder of Christ World Charity Ministry, and her so called husband, Enoch Iburene are well known for their deceit and penchant for evil practices.

The strong presence of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star in Lagos State is their greatest threat, as all their hidden satanic temples, acts, false prophesies and miracles are presently being exposed.

In 2003, out of fear that the Kingdom will expose all her immoral and satanic practices that earned her expulsion, she ran to the ‘News Magazine’, paid a reporter and granted a false interview.

The effort to blackmail is simply the ranting of ants engaged in an unending scramble for relevance. Now that her shrine has fallen, hunger and poverty are gradually laying eggs in their home. But can this save her household?

Now, following the ongoing Media Evangelical programme of the Fold in Lagos, coupled with the unshakeable presence of the Holy Spirit in Lagos, her hidden ‘shrine’, which she has been covering with the so-called Pentecostal Church is shaking, hence her resort to blackmail.

Unless she confesses with her business partner, which she parades as her husband, they will never have peace, as no one can deceive God.

For those interested in knowing the truth, Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is a Divine Spiritual School of Practical Christianity established by God Himself. It has one Universal Leader, Master, Teacher and Sustainer, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu. His First Begotten Son, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu is the Chairman, Head of administration and Sole signatory of the Kingdom.
Its teachings are centered on love, and love conquers all things. Agents of darkness are fighting with every available arsenal to pull it down. Unfortunately for them, it is a Kingdom that has come to dwell forever, as darkness can never overcome light.

For the gullible Journalist who can do anything for peanuts, we urge him to subject himself to professional training, to enable him understand and abide by the ethics of the profession.

Walter Duru
Media Consultant



  1. When people get frustrated in life, they begin to seek for cheap popularity. I have read that useless Vanguard publication, it is so senseless. I never knew that Vanguard could degenerate to that level of Junk. Henceforth, i will no longer read the Vanguard, until the Editorial team of the Weekend Edition is changed. I am not a Brotherhood member, but i have looked at the report objectively and i can confidently say that it is share blackmail because there is no substance in the matter.
    There is freedom of religion in this Country and we must learn to respect it. Lovina and the husband obviously are bischieviously looking for cheap popularity and the untrained journalist of the Vanguard was a willing tool. No wonder people do not respect Nigerian Journalists. It is a shame

  2. The Vanguard News Papers should discipline their reporters to investigative journalism rather than publish things they know nothing about in a National Tabloid.

  3. I frown seriously at d lack of objectivity n truth in d article which vanguard cheaply acepted 2 publish. It is a thing of shame dat at dz 21st century ple lyk lovina n her so caled husband stil exists n intend 2 gain popularity thru cheap blackmail. Hmmmm remember dat any1 wu blaspheme against d Holy Spirit can neva b 4given!

  4. No matter what they do, Brotherhood of the Cross and Star will reign forever. BCS is the KINGDOM OF GOD and it is unshakable. Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is where God dwells and we are proud to praise and adore Him everyday and night.

  5. Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is not local and not hidden. Worldwide the work done by the Holy Spirit propels the teaching found here. I am fortunate to share the love and great virtues of the teachings and all embraced the truth. I do not read this newspaper and other wonderful testimonies shared by many citizens of different countries are sufficient for me. Nigeria and Africa are blessed to witness wonders performed by The Sole Spiritual Olumba Olumba Obu and HIS Christ Olumba Olumba Obu. Fan and Air conditions are useless things and disrespectful gestures to the Holy Spirit.

  6. Ordinarily, one should not waste precious time to join issues with lunatics like these but it is a nice thing you have done to put records straight for those who may care to know. It is no more history that those who want to start church “business” preach only Olumba to have momentary large followership. Even if the stupid reporter in Vanguard that cannot write a correct paragraph publishes such stories daily, the foundation of BCS will not be shaken. For me, the lunatic couples should be commended for evangelizing BCS as this kind of stories is what has brought several members to the fold only to discover that BCS is the Kingdom of love, peace and righteousness.

  7. the truth cant be hidden,i read the publication all i can see is frustration on lovina and the husband,well only God will jugde.

  8. All the blackmail against our Heavenly Father -LEADER OLUMBA O
    LUMBA OBU did not start today, therefore, children of God do not panic. Brotherhood of the cross and Star in founded by God, that is why it shall stand and reign for ever. Amen


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