Dora Akunyili Reacts To Tribunal: “It Is Not Over Until It Is Over”


1.  Today, the petition I filed challenging the declaration of Dr. Chris Ngige of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) as winner of the April 2011 Senatorial Election for Anambra Central was thrown out on technicality by the National Assembly Election Tribunal sitting in Awka, the Anambra State capital.


2.  The tribunal based its decision on last week’s Supreme Court ruling that any case not decided within 180 days of the filing of the petition has lapsed.


3.  Aware that the election was rigged in his favour, Dr. Ngige did everything humanly possible to ensure that my petition would not be heard. His legal team employed delay tactics, using one crafty argument after another to frustrate the hearing of my case. Five times we went on appeal and five times we won, sometimes with fines against Dr. Ngige.


4.  Hearing into my case finally started following the Appeal Court’s order that my petition must be heard on merit and not thrown out on technical grounds against the spirit of the 2010 Electoral Act. My witnesses and I had finished our submissions and Dr. Ngige was to start his defense today. He must be relieved that the Supreme Court ruling on 180 days came to his rescue because he is aware that he did not win the election. If he won the election, why was he desperate to ensure that my petition should not be heard?


5.  I have reviewed the striking out of my case with my legal team and we took a decision to file an appeal against the ruling of the tribunal at the court of appeal. This issue had been raised and determined by the tribunal and court of appeal which is the final court with respect to this matter. There was no appeal to Supreme Court by my opponent and the very judgment relied on by the tribunal is clear that a subsisting decision of the court is binding on all the parties. In effect, the decision of the court of appeal on the issue is final and binding and cannot be revisited under any guise.


6.  We still believe very strongly that in the end, God of justice will give us justice.



Thanks and God bless you all.


Prof. Dora Akunyili, OFR

Former Minister of Information & Communications

APGA Senatorial Candidate for Anambra Central

Awka, February 21, 2012


  1. He or she who fights and run away lives to fight another day. Dora you fought a good fight its time to look forward. This thing is not a do or die affairs. For caring out loud, this is not your father’s property.

  2. why this woman no fit rest and leave dr ngige and anambra people alone??is it by force??all the people wey she fuck no fit helep am abi??she is jobless now so she has time to go court every day instead of satisfying husband.??the time when her family pray against her,na that time this katakata time time her political career finish oo..she no fit survive am.when i see dis woman speak on TV i remember de ashawo woman wey bite my ear for suleja..yes oo..she cannot be an honorable senator because she has no honor left.peter obi should stop wasting anambra peoples money..i don talk my own..

  3. Dora’ll remain a senatorial candidate while Ngige ‘ll remain a senator. Let her continue appealing until all d money she and Peter obi steal from govt finish. Nonsense

  4. Every Nigerian is entitled to go to court in as much as it is legal I do not subscribe to people using fowl language or trying to stop someone from exercising his or her fundamental hman right.

  5. It will be interesting to see if the Court of Appeal will give a different interpretation to the provision of section 285(6) of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The interpretation of that section by the Supreme Court is binding on all courts in Nigeria.
    Madam, you better be preparing for the next election and forget about this one, unless of course you have enough money to trow away. Any judge of the Court of Appeal who dares to go against the clear judgment of the Supreme Court over this matter must be ready to immediately wave good bye to the bench as it will be obvious that he was motivated by something order than the law!

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