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Open Letter To Mr President: [It Is Time To Don The Toga Of The C-in-C]



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Dear Mr President,


Writing to you is the only way I can assuage the feelings of anger I have had to put up with since receiving news of the death of Enenche Akogwu of Channels TV, who sadly has become a statistic in the head count of victims of the Boko Haram insurgency. Much as I commiserate with you and all other Nigerians on the unfortunate incident that occured in Kano yesterday, I would also like to state unequivocally, that I will not attempt to absolve you of “blame” in the seeming reluctance on your part to thoroughly deal with ENEMIES OF STATE and especially the PERCIEVED ENEMIES WITHIN. Sir, you have a responsibility to the Nigerian people in the wake of the state of insecurity in the Country. You are our Chief Security Officer and for good or bad, the buck ends with you. I want to remind you of the oath you took back in May, to amongst other things protect us from every conceivable threat to our Nation’s security albeit external or internal. Sir, excuses or defence even by someone like me that supports you, will no longer be acceptable. Excuses would not bring closure to the grief of the many families whose loved ones were victims of these beasts in the past few months.


I recall shortly after you became President in 2010 following the demise of your predecessor, you requested that you should not be addressed by the C-in-C tag but rather just simple Mr President would suffice. Today I urge you to don the toga of the COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF and assume the stance that comes with it. By reason of that title and position, the Service Chiefs are in the spirit of espirit de corp under obligation to be at your flank and I refuse to believe that the BH can muster the Manpower or Arsenal to match that of the combined Nigerian Armed Forces and Intelligence Services if it comes to that.  However it seems that what they may be lacking in hardware and personnel they have a quantum of  in “WILL”.  And sadly it’s a WILL that unites them to follow through on an agenda of the annihilation of the Nigerian State under your watch.

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Sir, I wouldn’t want to believe that you haven’t noticed what seems to have become a worrisome trend, or perhaps for lack of a better term, an emerging pattern in the “ways and means” these acts of terror occur. I can’t help but wonder if it isn’t an “Insider” collaborating with an “outsider”. No longer can I vouch for the integrity of our intelligence service- yes, call me a conspiracy theorist- but I am quite sure their ranks have been compromised and there are “MOLES” in the crevices of the ROCK. With the benefit of hindsight, I now wonder why the first major BH suspect who would have proven a useful asset in nipping this “Wahala” in the bud was so hurriedly executed and extra judiciously for that matter?; Imagine, the ‘’Madalla Bomb Mastermind” was supposedly arrested in the company of no less a government official in a State government owned guest house for that matter (what effrontery), did it come as any surprise then when he “escaped?; How and from where did the news that he had been rearrested emanate from?, and how come barely 18 hours after, the police was offering a 50 Million Naira bounty for information leading to his arrest?; how come the blasts of yesterday occurred within the timeline window when you were on the verge of chopping some ‘BIG’ heads if the ‘Abaji Escapee’ wasn’t apprehended?, most importantly, have you wondered why there were no bomb blasts during the fuel subsidy removal face off? Is it that the master minds felt that the unfolding events back then where themselves capable of leading to an IMPLOSION and the end of your administration? The questions in my mind are endless.


The issues are all so muddled up that with hindsight, I have now concluded that your victory at the Polls last May is akin to what Dr Adebimpe Onifade referred to as an “invitation to anarchy” in his article (see the link below); that was published on May 27 2003, just two days shy  of the beginning of OBJ’s second term. Reading it kind of put things in  perspective for me and I think you should find time to read it too  http://nigeriaworld.com/feature/publication/onifade/052703.html  I mean, considering the various threats and counter threats of how the Country will become ungovernable if you succeed; I would have thought that you would have embarked on a thorough house cleaning once things began to mount up at the beginning. I want to remind you of a Yoruba adage that says “the witch cries at night and the child dies in the morning”. Like many other Nigerians, I am growing weary and troubled.

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Suffice it to say Sir; much as I am sure you are on top of the situation, we would be better served if the majority don’t see you as playing  “Possum” any longer.  I therefore urge you to confront this issue with the expediency and thoroughness it deserves that we , the people will see the results we so desperately need. At this point it doesn’t matter whose ox is gored, all I know is that this is the time for you like I earlier mentioned to don the toga of the COMMANDER –IN- CHIEF, this is the time for you to step up to the plate. When it comes to the safety and peace of mind of all Nigerians, no act against this people in my opinion will be “illegal” as far as it guarantees our safety; we have the US situation Room incident as an antecedent. It’s time to pull out all the stops.


This is a defining moment that will determine the content of the chronicles of your administration for posterity. Whatever steps you take from hereon will determine whether Nigeria as we know it SINKs or FLOATs under your watch.

Remain assured of the sincerity of my highest regards.

God Bless You,

God Bless Us All.

God Bless Nigeria.


Ohunene Scott-Ananaba

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