“Okorocha Lied. He Did Not Meet Igbos in Kano” – Ohaneze Kano


The leadership of Ohaneze Kano State Chapter has denied media reports of Governor Rochas Okorocha’s visit of Ndigbos in Kano metropolis recently. The report is “false and insensitive to the plight of Ndigbo” said the Ohaneze Chairman.

According to the Champion Newspapers of Saturday publication of a news article written by Mohammed Kabiru, the governor of Imo State arrived the city of Kano and held meetings with Igbos in Kano including “his people living at Sabon Gari” where he discovered that no Igbos were killed in the black friday attack.

But the leader of Kano Chapter of Ohaneze, Chief Idika refutes the Governor’s claims as lies. “He did not enter Sabon Gari to see anybody.” The governor’s private jet landed at the Kano airport on Friday Afternoon. He exited the plane and walked into the VIP lounge where his grassroots political organization [Ohazulume Kano Chapter] had assembled – including government delegation sent by Governor Kwankwaso. The end of the brief conference saw donations from Gov Okorocha – N200, 000 to the group, and N200,000 to the women’s wing of the group – along with other donations. The Governor was then escorted by government delegation to the Kano State Government House where he met briefly with Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso – before returning to is private jet at the airport.

“He came for his own political business. He did not come to see Ndigbo. He did not set foot in the community” said the visibly annoyed Ohaneze leader who had earlier rung an alarm, and made the appeal to South East governors to rescue the 3million Ndigbo living in Kano State.

“We have evidence of 55 dead Igbos – their names and their corpses” said Chief Idika who he claims lost their live on black friday. Chief Idika indicated also that 25 Igbo were seriously injured in the attack.

The Kano State Chapter Ohaneze is expected to make a press statement soon.



  1. Well, with traitors like this who needs an enemy?
    Igbos/Biafra, must wake up to know who their real enemies are… this is one of them, the fools that think they can serve the interest of their people’s tormentors to elevate their miserable, useless life.
    It is not surprising, they are unrepentant fools, but their days are numbered, because Israelites will leave Egypt, with or without them!
    Good that the Igbo leader in Kano is bold enough to challenge such an idiot!

  2. I read the guy is the product of Ibo woman and a Northern Nigerian soldier stationed in the Aba after the civil war. Any truth to that?


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