Oil Subsidy: NNPC Group General Manager Resigns


Dr Levi Ajuonuma’s Resignation Letter

I have followed the subsidy debate/protest and must confess that we at NNPC have not helped in the fight against corruption. I can authoritatively say that the N1.3trillion is not the true figure but given as a result of the corrupt tendencies of the cabal. This astronomical increase in 2011 was purely political. Also, our local consumption figure as published is absolutely incorrect.

For the sake of my children and children’s children, we must investigate this fraud. From PPPRA, to NNPC, Independent Marketers, Port Authorities, retired Generals and Other top government officials. Although, the whole fraud existed before 2007, the reasonable take off should be 2007 to date.

Consequently, I have decided to resign my appointment as the Group General Manager, Corporate Affairs of NNPC.

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  1. Dr Levi Ajuonuma I really applaud you for this brevity I so much cried today watching the lamentations coming from my beloved brothers and sisters both at home and in diaspora the wickedness in the hearts of few Nigerians has led a lot of people into professional slavery living as refugees in countries that are not worthy to stand Nigeria if our Nation is properly managed. I live and study abroad but I pledge my loyalty to Nigeria come what-may this is the only possession we have on earth and we must protect Her, I am coming back to serve my people. It only takes the heart of a lion to take a decision to defend the innocent ones even if its the only legacy that would be written of me. WE ARE THE FUTURE OF TODAY NOT TOMORROW cause we might die waiting for tomorrow. WE CAN WE WILL WE MUST deliver the future. I so respect and celebrate you for this decision. You are a true son of the soil. God bless you Sir.

    • Then if u really have the heart to defend ur country then stage a protest with ur fellow naija students in ur host country against the incessant killing of the southern christians expecilly the igbos

  2. Dr. Levi Ajuonuma, I praise you for the bold step you have taken, this clearly shows that you are a patriotic Nigerian without any skeleton in your cupboard. I have never seen man like you in Nigeria that has the willpower to resign his appointment on such a plum job just for his name not to be tarnished, (I bu nwa afor) history will vindicate you. I will also add that if Jonathan cannot checkmate the activities of these cabals and their fraud,it will then be right for one to assert that he is a stooge and is not fit to be at the helm of affairs. To save his face, he should resign immediatey instead of suffering over 160 million Nigerians. Let those who are trained as social scientists come and manage this God given country of ours and let him go to the Zoo and manage wild animals, which is his area of specialisation. We have come of age.

    • King u better watch urself well before calling on the resignation of jonathan, i sujest we devote our time more on the issue of the safety of the igbos in nigeria cus failling to do so means that we are dancing untop of the grave and blood of innocent igbos killed everyday in nigeria. And these has always been the reason that any tribe in this nation dont even think twice before killing any igbo man. Why cant we discurse more of the issue of the continues killing of the igbos from 1945 cus i believe that prevention is bether than cure.

  3. I salute your courage Dr. Levi Ajuonuma for providing the Nigerian People with a substantial confirmation of our doubts even in this dark and confusing times. I remember always watching you on your sunday TV programme back in the days talking about our nation. Its in times like this Greatmen prove themselves,thank you for what you have revealed and the more you’re about to reveal….

  4. Dr. Levi Ajuonuma,your bold step shows that you are a true and good Nigerian for not taking and covering all these fraudulent act committed the people concern.I’m proud of your route(nwa afo Isi,nno nwanne,uhuala ‘ll be proud to welcome you back home).I believe in Mr. President,Ngozi,Sanusi,you and other team of experts who wants the betterment of our dear nation.Removal of fuel subsidies is never the problem we all know but the game in it by the cabal we all want to hear.Thanks for the revelation.God bless Nigeria!!!

  5. Why would anyone who really knows Levi Ajuonuma ever believe in such nonesense as his resignation from NNPC plume job? I have konwn him for years now, back from the days of his TV show in Lagos though which kept blowing the governments trumpet until he was rewarded with that job. But even if the purported resignation is true, why now? He should have done this long ago, or did he just dicover the massive fraud going on there? Well, let me not beg the matter because resignation will be the last option on Levi’s table.
    There is massive corruption everywhere, including the National Assembly. Some few years back, my cousin who was in House appropiration sub-committee discovered a massive fraud running into Billions in a budget just presented by the Obasanjo’s govt. Terrible things happen in Nigeria. I think we need a REVOLUTION!!!

  6. This is just the begining, the truth unpholding, it shall go round the entire Nation called Nigeria by Briton. I thank God for you Dr, for now, Nigeria was in prophecy and part of it is what’s going on now, those who stole or think to steal a public fund are all in trouble at this time, they shall vomitt it all, those who kills or the murderers among them, shall be killed.

  7. Corruptn has eaten deep in2 our system. Am average Nigeria’s corrupt n even d unfwendly economic situatn of d country dosnt also help mata. Let’s’ all start eradicatin corruptn right frm our household.it’s well!

  8. Junco news!!!!! It’s so not true abeg. Nigeria media go and do some serious work jor and not using forwarded blacberry messages as a medium of our source of info

  9. Dr Levi I salute ur courage and boldness 2 resign ur position in NNPC. You could have joined them in corruption like many other would do but you chose to distinguish yourself. It goes to show that you are a brave n a great man. Erradicating corruption is a gradual process n I support our presedent GEJ, NGOZI, SANUSI, n DEZEANI 4 their bold step in the right direction. We can not continue to do things in the same way and expect a different result. That is why we all as Nigerians must rise 4 a change “be a CHANGE AGENT” do things differently even in our various locality. God bless Nigeria.

  10. If I were the president, the place to start from is to massively sack the staff of NNPC, lease out the NNPC building since they could not curtail the so called cabal, maitain the refineries, then there is no basis of keeping them with their bogus salaries and allowances. Deregulation means we no longer need the present composition of NNPC. Let the transformation start from here!

  11. Away from the fuel subsidy removal; one billion naira for food for aso rock,ie, about 2.7million naira a day: what is Jonathan waiting for? Let him resign for having such a wasteful feeding habit.

  12. The greatest undoing for any leader in the 21st century is to underestimate the knowledge of the common man in the street. It is becoming apparent that our leaders fail to do their home work before bringing out unfriendly policies. we have been taken for granted for too long, and we are ready to unveil the ignorance and ineptitude of our so called best brains in our leadership positions.

    • Dr. L. Ajuonuma, posterity will remember you for good in the history of our great country Nigeria. Upholding the truth and tenent of honesty as a child of God you refused to compromise the truth not concidering regional affiliation as a Niger Deltan and looking beyound the reward of your fat potfolio in NNPC, you refused to betray God and took to saving the future of your children and their future generation. You will be rewarded by God almighty to serve Nigeria and humanity at a greater level. Your family value truth and Godliness and you have displayed it even in the large society.You are a model for the society and I will emulate you. Encourage your friend and brother Jonathan to have the fear of God rather being fearful of those who can kill the flesh but cannot kill the soul…the cabar.

  13. This story is not true but even if he did, he should be arrested too. Resigning now is even late. All of them should be probed. I dont praise such , he is part of the whole mess. call a spade a spade.If Nigerians had not reacted , I am sure you wouldnt have thought of your children, yeye!!!

  14. It takes A̶̲̥̅ man Τ̲̅ȍ β‎​ε̲̣̣̣̥ God fearing type b4 He can make Τ̲̅ђΐ̲̅s noble step though he’s deceive Aήϑ betray His nation but for whoeva dat confesses his/her sin shall be 4given. Ў☺ΰЯ̩̥̊ action shows dat we A̶̲̥̅rε̲̣̣̣̥ still havin some noble Aήϑ Ǧ☺☺ϑ folk at †ђξ top.
    If we have Τ̲̅ȍ reason wt wat we’ve got i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ †ђξ msg above ” †ђξ chain I̶̲̥̅̊S̤̥̈̊ A̶̲̥̅ bit wide not only i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ NNPC so also PPPRA,Marketers,port authority Aήϑ Ex-General. There should be A̶̲̥̅ channel whereby all †ђξ head of each impoortant department i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ Τ̲̅ђΐ̲̅s firms wiLl be questioned by A̶̲̥̅ sound prof. Maybe i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ psychology or whatever Aήϑ trace their records
    Regard †ђξ Ex Gs their name should be known Aήϑ level of their involvement i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ †ђξ oil sector. Before we take proper measure against them all

  15. Good action Levi, but you waited too long to take this action. Despite the picture of your honesty which you try to paint of yourself, you have already made the wrong impression in the mind of many Nigerians. Set your mind back to the simple statement you have been making about the existense of Kerosine, when the NNPC Mega Filling Station at Ikoyi where I work has none to dispense for the past six months. How do you eraze this lie from the mind of ordinary Nigerians. Please be courageous enough. don’t jump the fence by leaving Nigerian. surender yourself for proper investigation. Also tell us the ordinary Nigerians who ordered you to lie to us about Kerosine

  16. Dr Levi Ajuonuma,thanks for examplary action you have taken to create a just society and Nigeria of tomorrow. You made me proud and Nigeria needs more people like you.

  17. Levi your name will be ethced in the history of this great country as one of those who took the part of honour…God Bless Nigeria. Lamorde’s job has been made easy with this.

  18. @ chinedu, from all your comments here i understand and feel ur pain about the killing of igbos, because am one too. i have lost cousons, but lets face it no one wants a civil war. you can go ask people; ur grandparents and parent their experiences can not be rosey!!

  19. People ar u all seeing this are we on democracy or ar we on military rule cos me don’t understand ooooo GEJ what ar u thinking or u want to rule us like gaddaffi ruled his people why why is some richest fool saying that is right to increase fuel without thinking about the income of the poor civil servants and how would they feed when those in power are being feed by the so call govt do they buy fuel with their money do they buy food stuff with their own money do they pay hospital bill for them self with their so call family why the poor are dying from a small illness now he increase fuel now how do u want them to live that is so crude of him GEJ

  20. My brother neither do i need war nor does any igbo man needs war bv lets face the fact. How do we stop this killing once and for all. My advice we do it peacefully but we need to do it this time around if we shot up it will look as if we dont value the life of our people.

  21. Nigerians should start learning this act of leaving a good name behind in this world so that when they’re gone it will live after them. the holy book said good name is better than silver or gold and that is exactly what Dr. Livi Ajonuma has just done, strictly obedience to the word of God which is to walk away instead of being corrupt period.

  22. My dear Levi, dont u think dis is coming too late? U were one public figure i respected,even though i neva trusted u.
    I hope ur resignation letter is not accepted, jst wait till they come for you, u will be very useful for further investigations.ve a nice day!


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