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The rise and fall of Chief Nwobu Alor from Diaspora perspective



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The All Progressives Grand Alliance members in Diaspora are disheartened to read Chief Nwobu Alor’s malicious moves to tarnish the good image of the National Chairman of All Progressives Grand Alliance Chief (Sir) Victor Umeh.
Chief Nwobu Alor is a native of Agulu, Anambra State and also the special adviser to Governor Peter Obi on markets and motor parks. He rose to fame when he won the election in 1979 for a seat in the old Anambra state house of Assembly. He is 86 years old with no family of his own. His activities concerning the leadership of APGA in Anambra State and the role he is allowed to play in modern politics is intriguing considering his caliber. His mission to unseat the APGA National Chairman Chief (Sir) Victor Umeh is nothing but mere mockery of democracy because his role is just like a ship on a dry land.
There are so many reasons why Chief Sir Victor Umeh will not join issues with Nwobu Alor in any aspect of his leadership. Nwobu Alor is a man of weak character, he has no drive, no determination, no self respect, no will power and he does not appear to know what he wants. He does not know God and has a disorganized vision that can only drive away followers of any organization. For him to exhibit these traits and still have the impetus to call for the resignation of a National Chairman is a mockery on democracy.  The Diaspora community will not sit and watch him destroy APGA; instead we will campaign for his isolation to an old people’s home.
Second reason why APGA members should delink themselves from the propaganda of Chief Nwobu Alor is because his vision lacks energy and enthusiasm and he sees new initiatives of the National Chairman as a burden that he can’t handle. He lacks clear vision and direction and that is why at the age of 86 years he still accepted motor parks and markets appointment. Majority of devoted APGA members now view his decision as not in the best interest of their party. A vote of no confidence will be passed on Chief Nwobu Alor across Europe, Asia and America in the next coming days. A greedy man has no shame.
No sensible human being will want to associate with a man of his age with no family of his own. There are more to Chief Nwobu Alor than the eyes can see. A person that cannot manage a motor park is planning to install someone to manage a National party. I am amazed by that kind of mentality. The major factor affecting our African politics is that we don’t know when to call a spade a spade in politics. I advise Chief Nwobu Alor to desist from his evil plot to unseat the APGA National Chairman because he will not succeed. He should be aware that in modern politics, leadership is all about the relationship between leaders and followers and Chief Victor Umeh has got the charisma to move APGA forward.
Chief (Sir) Victor Umeh does not command excellence but he builds it. He is able to build excellence because he is a man of honorable character. He is an effective, ethical leader and has conveyed a strong vision for the progress of his party APGA. APGA is very successful today because of his vision and the trust that he has installed in APGA. Let me remind Nwobu Alor that Chief (Sir) Victor Umeh built this trust in APGA by displaying a good sense of character composed of beliefs, values, skills and traits.
In reference to Nwobu Alor’s article calling Chief Umeh to resign on the grounds of corruption and incompetence,  that made us to come to a conclusion that he should be sent back to old people’s home because he appears to be developing clear signs of dementia. Is Chief Sir Victor Umeh incompetent when he fought and successfully made sure that APGA won in Imo State?  Under his current leadership, The All Progressives Grand Alliance won five seats in the Federal House of Representatives, sixteen seats in the Anambra State house of Assembly. In Imo State, APGA won twelve seats in the Imo State house of Assembly, two seats in the Federal House of Representatives, one Senatorial seat and the Governorship Election.  At his age, Nwobu Alor is ineffective, unethical, unable to adapt to new ideas and changes within the party.  He is aided and abetted by followers who are unwilling to produce a desired change to our society
The major difference between Chief Victor Umeh and Chief Nwobu Alor is that Chief Umeh is a Christian whereas the later is an atheist. We want to use this avenue to advise the APGA community to delink themselves from the propaganda of an atheist. We can recall that, Nwobu Alor is the same man that was accused of being behind the latest onslaught against MASSOB members in February 2011. This same individual will now turn back to restructure APGA. What a laugh?
Chief (Sir) Victor Umeh has done very well in steering APGA to the level we are today. Nwobu Alor will recall Chief Umeh’s role when he was the Campaign Manager for Governor Peter Obi when Chief Chekwas Okorie wanted to sell Peter Obi’s mandate to Ex Governor Chris Ngige. For him to plot against the National Chairman has proved that he has a questionable character and he has failed in his plot.
My message to the National Chairman of APGA and his National Working Committee is not to be distracted by Nwobu Alor and his activities should be viewed as a sinking ship. It is better to listen to individuals that have a good legacy for the Igbo race and not a man that is unethical. Diaspora is looking forward to seeing another tremendous victory by All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) come 2014 and 2015 general Elections.
APGA in Diaspora wants to thank the National Chairman Chief (Sir) Victor Umeh for the way his magnificent leadership is engaging people and marshalling their energy behind the party’s values, vision and direction. We are solidly behind your leadership. The enhanced communication displayed by your leadership has not only made you an effective leader but has boosted the party’s success as well.
To be continued………
Kenechukwu Ajuluchukwu
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