Oh My Goodluck


I am no Goliath

I am no Lion

I am no David

I am no Lamb either.

I am just a barefoot

poor boy from the creeks….

Thrown up by luck

to be everything I never dreamt to be.

Why are you expecting

so much from me?

It is too great an expectation……..

I never promised you anything

I am not a promise and fail politician.

I only said:      Goodluck to you

                        Goodluck to me

                        Goodluck to everybody

                        Goodluck to Nigeria.

You greedy ones! You envied my Goodluck!

And you thrust me up to this giddy height….

and you gobbled up all my Goodluck.

Boko Haram stole some of it

Bombs tore through some of it

Single tenure stole some of it

Fuel subsidy is threatening the remainder

Oh my Goodluck where are you…..

in the stomach of these greedy ones….metabolising

Let me have some fresh air

The air all about is foul and filthy.




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