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Peter Obi Appreciates Nigerian Diaspora Support, Affirms Corruption and Poor Leadership as Root Causes of Nigeria’s Socio-Political Economic Woes



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West Orange, New Jersey, April 17, 2024: In a fervent display of solidarity and support, members of the Nigerian Diaspora under the auspices of “Naija We Can” group gathered recently, in New Jersey, to host a working brunch event with Mr. Peter Obi, the esteemed Labour Party 2023 Presidential candidate. The occasion, part of Obi’s “Appreciation Visit” to the United States, saw palpable excitement and unwavering pledges of support for the Nigerian politician.

Atty Nexus Sea, a renowned litigation and trial partner at a prestigious New York law firm, stands at the forefront of Naija We Can, a movement he founded to catalyze positive change in Nigeria. With an unwavering commitment to justice and progress, Sea warmly welcomes Mr. Peter Obi, whose visionary leadership aligns seamlessly with the ethos of Naija We Can. Obi’s forward-thinking vision has sparked a renewed sense of hope and determination among a new generation of Nigerians, igniting a fervent passion for building a brighter future for Nigeria. As the Nigerian Diaspora and Obi join forces, their collaboration symbolizes a powerful alliance dedicated to heralding a better Nigeria, one rooted in integrity, inclusivity, and prosperity for all

In his remarks Mr. Peter Obi, said he was on a course to visit all the cities he was at before the 2023 Presidential campaigns, to say Thank You for all the support he got from the Diaspora Nigerians. He vowed not to relent in his advocacy for better quality of life for every Nigerian, especially the neglected Nigeria’s underclass. He argued that corruption and poor leadership are the primary culprits behind Nigeria’s ongoing socio-political and economic challenges. Mr. Obi asserted that the entrenched culture of corruption and the lack of visionary leadership have severely impeded the nation’s progress and prosperity.

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Drawing upon his extensive experience in both the public and private sectors, Mr. Obi emphasized his capacity and credentials to address these pressing issues and steer Nigeria towards a brighter future. He outlined a comprehensive strategy aimed at tackling corruption, promoting good governance, and fostering inclusive economic growth. Mr. Obi underscored the importance of effective leadership in driving meaningful change and urged fellow Nigerians to rally behind a shared vision of progress and development.

Furthermore, Mr. Obi reached out to the Nigerian diaspora, urging them not to lose hope in their homeland. He emphasized that despite the challenges, Nigeria remains the only country they have, and their engagement and contribution are vital for the nation’s advancement. Encouraging diasporans to actively participate in efforts to effect positive change, Mr. Obi reaffirmed his commitment to creating an enabling environment conducive to their involvement in Nigeria’s development.

Professor Eddie Oparaoji, Chairman of the Labour Party USA, returned the favors thanking Mr Obi with a stirring address, highlighting Mr. Obi’s remarkable resilience and steadfast commitment to the principles of democracy. Oparaoji commended Obi’s unwavering dedication to challenging corruption and electoral injustice, citing him as a true beacon of hope in Nigerian politics.
Professor Oparaoji said, “it is with great pride and admiration that we gather here today to commend the remarkable resilience and unwavering commitment of Mr. Peter Obi, a true beacon of hope in the landscape of Nigerian politics.”

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Oparaoji continued, praising Obi’s role as the former Labour Party Presidential candidate and inspirational leader of the Obedient Movement. He emphasized Obi’s courage in the face of adversity, noting his valiant efforts to challenge a flawed political system and his relentless pursuit of justice.

“In the aftermath of an election marred by fraud and deceit,” Oparaoji declared, “Mr. Obi’s refusal to be silenced has transformed him into a formidable voice of opposition, a champion of the people, and a symbol of resistance against tyranny.”

The Chairman of the Labour Party USA went on to highlight Obi’s role in galvanizing a nation and inspiring countless individuals to join the fight for a fairer, more just society. He urged members of the Nigerian diaspora to stand in solidarity with Obi, recognizing his invaluable contributions to the advancement of their homeland.

“As members of the Nigerian diaspora,” Oparaoji proclaimed, “let us honor Mr. Obi’s indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment to the pursuit of truth and justice. Let us pledge our unwavering support as he continues to lead the charge for positive change in Nigeria.”

The working brunch event served as a powerful testament to the growing support for Mr. Peter Obi both within Nigeria and among the Nigerian diaspora community in the United States. As Obi’s “Appreciation Visit” continues, it is evident that his message of hope and resilience resonates deeply with those who seek a brighter future for Nigeria

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