APC Political Thugs Invade Bauchi State


From Sanusi Muhammad, Bauchi

Armed thugs allegedly on the sponsorship of opposition party All Progressives Congress (APC), have invaded the political space of Bauchi State for nearly two weeks running.

An investigation shows that the thugs first registered their presence in Akuyam, a sleepy village in Misau local government area during the gubernatorial campaign of APC flag bearer, Air Marshal Sadeeq Baba Abubakar resulting in the murder of an innocent Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) member.

Addressing journalists on the unfortunate situation that is escalating, Special Adviser (Media) to Bauchi State Governor, Comrade Multar Gidado, described the gruesome murder of the innocent souls in Akuyam, Duguri and other places within just two-weeks as barbaric, primitive and unthinkable, “the blood thirsty beasts on the entourage of APC gubernatorial candidate are busy on a murdering spree of innocent souls that hold contrary opinion to their hallucinations

“We are now living in fear in an invaded territory by those gunmen that drive so much pleasure in killings and maiming members of the PDP

“We are witnessing another brand of terrorism for holding an opposing view as a constitutional right and convinced with the stewardship scorecard of Governor Bala Muhammed

“APC is too desperate to occupy the yet to be vacant Bauchi State Government House. They have introduced terrorism against opposition parties as part of their campaign strategy to wrest power from an adorned a tested servant of the people

“Security agencies should hasten to do the needful by arresting the appalling situation before it snowballs into a catastrophe” he said

According to reports, apart from the gruesome murder of an innocent soul in Akuyam, another soul was murdered in Duguri and over 10 others injured as PDP supporters in Magama Gumau escaped the bullets of those murderers penultimate week when they visited Toro local government area guising as a campaign tour.

Meanwhile, Bauchi State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) spokesman, Yayanuwa Zainabari, has alleged that opposition APC has brought cholera to the doorsteps of the people through the donation of Covid-19 hoarded palliatives that were not distributed at the time of need but now repackaged and channeled into the campaign of Air Marshal Sadeeq through the influence of his wife, Sadiya Umar Farouk (Minister Ministry for Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Intervention).

“We are about to experience an outbreak of cholera from repackaged expired grains being distributed to the ignorant to woe their supporter to the APC drowning gubernatorial candidate that had earlier recruited hooligans for a hatchet job against the peace of Bauchi State

“Those beneficiaries of those expired grains should better send them back to senders that consuming the poisonous gifts”.

Part of the overheating strategy of the APC as alleged is torching the houses or properties of their members while claiming the opposite to attract undue sympathy and blackmail the ruling party in the state as sponsors of such deadly acts.

Gidado said: “It is to knowledge of all that APC has in its fold renowned thugs, hooligans and rogues that can do any dirty job for recognition and survival. We know them. If not, how can a government in power that enjoys the confidence and support of the majority tolerate or even sponsor unruly behaviors? That is impossible and absurd as Governor Bala Muhammed has no serious opposition for his re-election to disturb a sleep”.



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