2023: Ahmed Datti Hit By Scandalous Accusations At Home State

Ahmed Datti

From Citizen Reporter, Kaduna

Last Tuesday, at the top-notch Hotel 17, Kaduna, angry big wigs of the Labour Party (LP) from the North West converged at night over major issues bothering on two very important members of the LP from Kaduna State. They are, Ahmed Yusuf Datti, the running mate to Peter Obi, 2023 Presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) and the Chief of Staff to Ahmed Datti, Alh Audi Mohammed, who is also the Deputy Director General (DDG) North, of the Peter/Dati 2023 President Campaign Council (PCC). Audi was once Chief of Staff to late Governor Patrick Yakowa of Kaduna State.

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Prior to the meeting, many supporters of the LP in the Middle Belt had noticed that the Zaria born Datti, and former House of Reps member for Zaria Sabon Gari Federal Constituency of Kaduna state, had been displaying what they term as shocking arrogance and supremacist tendency towards both members and candidates of the LP into various offices especially to those of Christian extraction. For example, Datti who is looked upon as the leader of the party in the north, is said to be very selective in choosing members of the LP in the area that he meets with and that they are usually his kinsmen who hold little or no political clout.  Observers of the LP in Kaduna State say that even in Zaria city, there is no sign that Datti Ahmed, who looms larger than life at the national level, is contesting any elections at all.

He has this attitude of looking down on us here when he comes around the few times he does,” Saidu Sani, a member of the LP in Wusasa ward of Zaria LGA to 247ureports.com.

He only surrounds himself with his relations who are pretending to be members of the Labour Party but we know where their votes will go to,” he said.

When he shared party vehicles to the party in the North West and the Middle Belt, he excluded the Christian Senatorial Zones of Gombe State, Kebbi, Southern Kaduna, Niger State, Southern Borno and other areas.

Those who are close to Datti and are worried about his unhidden bias against Christians, are won’t to grumble that should his attitude to that critical support block (non-Hausa/Fulani) of Peter Obi in the North be made public, his political image would be battered.

But Datti seemed unfazed about that, and instead kept escalating the matter.

It has been revealed that at several fora, Datti laments that he considers it is a matter of huge personal sacrifice that a person of his social standing and Islamic upbringing could come “so low” to accept to be deputy to “nyamiri” (a Hausa derogatory word for Igbo). And he is particularly livid, according to worried sources from his camp, that Hon Jonathan Asake, (the immediate) past President of the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union – SOKAPU) is the gubernatorial candidate of the LP in Kaduna State.

I cannot be ruled at the National level by a non-Muslim and come back home and be ruled by another one,” he has been quoted as saying.

To buttress this sentiment, Datti has made several attempts to get Asake’s candidature replaced all but in vain.

And true to it, even if Datti, denies these accusations, evidences on ground show that all his actions points towards frustrating the victory of the LP in Kaduna State: Datti has never visited Southern Kaduna which is the strong hold of the LP in Kaduna State and holds 12 of the 23 LGAs of Kaduna State. There is no single poster or billboard of the LP in Kaduna State that can be credited to Datti Ahmed. Even in Zaria, there is no LP office which Datti opened. All the LP offices in the state were private efforts of members.

More curious is the fact that Datti has never condemned what has been termed as the genocide in Southern Kaduna and is not known to have offered one single assistance to the thousands of displaced persons. Despite the huge sums said to be released to him to ensure the victory of the LP in Kaduna State, his place of birth, members of the LP in Kaduna State would swear by anything that Datti is not known to have spent a Kobo on the party in the state.

And it was mainly for his refusal to release monies believed to have been appropriated to him by the National Headquarters of the LP that inspired last Tuesday meeting.

At the meeting where all the gubernatorial candidates of the LP from the 7 North West states including candidates of the Senate and the Chairmen of the LP and members of the Obi/Datti PCC.

Turn after turn those who spoke warned that Datti was a huge danger to the campaign, especially in the North West by his proud aristocratic pose to those he should defer to in other to get votes.

But, of particular concern was the N3 billion said to be released to him for the LP campaigns in the North West last week, which is believed to be kept by Audi Mohammed, his Chief of Staff.

Datti and Audi had been mute about the money, which may be among others, especially funds from the Diaspora.

The meeting was divided when a motion was moved that a vote-of-no-confidence be passed on him and made public.

Those who argued that such a vote would affect the morale of supporters across the country and that it could create tension between Peter Obi and Datti who seem to enjoy a very robust and cordial relationship, and so far, opinion polls shows Peter Obi to be in a comfortable lead, had their way.

It was such kinds of points that were raised that saved the situation. However, Datti was given before the end of this week (16th January, 2023) to account for the money or unsuitable actions against him will be taken.

But, Audi Mohammed did not get that lucky. The meeting passed a Vote of No Confidence on Audi. The HQ of the LP has been communicated.

The implication of that action is not known. But it is clear that Datti and Audi are now placed under hot seats. And the game just seems to be starting.

247ureports.com reached out to the Labor party in Kaduna State through the publicity secretary – Mr. Idris. He denied the allegation. He said, “I don’t believe that. Labour Party is for all irrespective of tribe, region or religion. Our focus now is on winning the 2023 general elections. Let us avoid distraction please. Thank you”. The national chairman of the party, Barrister Julius Abure, was reached but he did not respond.



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