Nkem Owoh, P-Square, Ill Bliss, SlowDogg, other celebrities thrill largest Igbo gathering at Onitsha Hero Lager Beer Nwanne Connect

L - R: Marketing Director, International Breweries Plc., Tolu Adedeji; member of P-Square and Hero Brand Ambassador, RudeBoy; Brand Manager, Hero Lager, Dubem Orji and winner of 2021 Big Brother Naija, White Money at the Hero Nwanne Connect Largest Gathering of Brothers which held in Onitsha, Anambra state.


It was a Scintillating dusk-to-dawn jolly moment for a multitude of fun seekers from Igbo land and beyond who gathered in their large numbers in what could be described as the largest gathering of Igbo brothers in the commercial city of Onitsha, Anambra state as they enjoyed hit songs and comedies from top Nigerian celebrities.
Hero Lager is a product from the stables of International Breweries, a proud member of the world’s biggest brewer with more than 400 beer brands.

Although there was heavy security presence in and around Justice Chuba Ikpeazu mini-stadium, Onitsha, venue of the event tagged: ‘Nwanne Connect‘, the audience themselves were simply carried away by the performances of the music artists and comedians who mounted the stage one after the other with their different hit tracks to the extent that the audience could not remember about insecurity situation of the country, till dawn.

The event which marked the 10th year anniversary of the existence of Hero Lager Beer in Nigeria, was hosted by the management Hero lager beer, in recognition of Igbo people, their culture, and the celebration of brotherhood.
Among the top celebrities that thrilled the audience from 7 p.m. till 5 a.m. were a popular Nollywood star, Nkem Owoh (Osuofia), P-Square brothers, Ill Bliss, Zoro, HarrySong, SlowDogg, Mr Raw, White Money and others.

Hero Lager, popularly called “O’Mpa”, is a cultural brand mostly preferred by Easterners and those who appreciate quality beer. Hero Lager brand is known for celebrating the Igbo culture, promoting brotherhood, kinship, hard work and culture.According to RudeBoy, a brand ambassador of the brand, “This is the first time we are having anything like Nwanne Connect. We thank Our South East consumers for sticking with Hero Lager because it is our own and we should be proud of it”.

Remember Igba Boi (apprenticeship) and what Hero Lager has done to empower these boys in business who are doing great today. These attributes were also echoed by rapper, Zoro, Nkem Owoh, White Money, and Mr Raw who all spoke to the press with glowing commendation for Hero Lager.

Speaking at the event, Marketing Director, International Breweries Plc, Tolulope Adedeji, said, “Igbo people anywhere in the world, always call one another, Nwanne, which means you are my brother and you can count on me as a brother. We are here to celebrate 10 years of Hero Lager being a core part of the lives of people in the South East of Nigeria”.

“At this point, the Marketing Director stated, we need unity in the country and Igbo land. So, when we say Nwanne let’s connect, it’s for a good course of being heroes in what we do and being united as brothers. We thank our consumers in the South East for their continuous support.”

Nwanne Connect is riding on the heels of a successful Ahagi Efula! May Your Name Never Be Forgotten campaign which was organized last year by Hero Lager.Also Speaking about the Nwanne Connect campaign, Brand Manager, Dubem Orji, said, “What we do is evaluate consumer sentiments, understand what the consumer needs and wants from the brand. What the consumer tells us they want we listen to and comply with because Hero Lager is a people’s brand.

“Nwanne Connect is just answering the call of what the consumer desires and demands from the Hero Lager brand. We try to be consumer-centric as possible which means the event will continue for as long as the consumer says it should.”

The Onitsha Stadium beamed with a large crowd of music and fun-seekers who were treated to earth-quaking music performances by P-Square, Ill Bliss, Zoro, Mr Raw, HarrySong, SlowDogg, White Money, andveteran actor Nkem Owoh, among other leading talents.

Nwanne Connect is the first time Ndigbo would bring together accomplished Igbo men and women from home and abroad to celebrate their being Igbos and be proud of who they are.



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