Abba Kyari: NCF condemns Media Trial


The Nigerian Consultative Forum (NCF), has condemned in a very strongest term the alleged trial of former boss of Police Rapid Response Squad (RRS), Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Abba Kyari on mere media crucification.

The Police Officer was allegedly indicted by a United States of America ( USA) Court in connection with Huspuppi financial crime, which demanded for his extradition to be tried in US.

Did Nigeria has extradiction treaty with US over such matters?

The Nigerian Government through the Police Force Headquarters set up a committee to look into the allegation.

The Committee has since submitted it’s report without any strong evidence.

But the forum in a statement made available to newsmen FCT Abuja, the Nigerian capital said it was unfair the way Nigerians threw caution to the dog in the trial and conviction of Kyari in both social media and mainstream media.

In the statement signed by the group’s National Secretary Udemadu Chika Udemadu, they querried the jurisdiction of the American Court to demand the extradition of Kyari, a citizen of another country.

He also querried the treaty that allowed a Nigerian citizen to be extradited and tried in America, while an American citizen cannot be tried in another country’s Court including Nigeria.

The group said: Nigeria should not be intimidated by these strong nations.

The treaty should be reviewed if at all it existed.

Nigerian citizens should not be handed over to American authority on any allegation, when their own citizens cannot be repatriated by Nigerian authorities.

The Federal Government should protect its citizens especially those who are being prosecuted on a political reasons”.

They warned that the Federal Government should not throw away the bath water with the child, noting that in crucifying Abba Kyari, his avowed determination to eradicate high profile crime in the county should be taken into consideration.

The group said the Police Officer has professionally burst high profile armed robberry, kidnapping for ransom among other criminal cases such as Wadume case in Taraba State, Evans in Lagos and many other high profile criminal activities including the Kwara State Bank robbery.

Calling for the trials of Abba Kyari in Nigeria, the group asked the Nigerian authorities to discreetly look at the report of the Investigation Committee.

Without prejudice to the report of the Committee, NCF said, the report of the panel should be unbiased, instead of trying to pander to the whims and caprices of US Government.

” If found guilty let him be tried in accordance with the law, but if not he should be set free” said the group.
26th August 202.



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