Evander Holyfield’s reps say Mike Tyson rejected $25 million fight offer

Evander Holyfield's reps say Mike Tyson rejected $25 million fight offer

Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield have been in negotiations to fight each other for the third time, but it looks like that fight might not happen after all.

According to Holyfield’s representatives, Tyson rejected a $25 million guaranteed offer to fight Holyfield on Memorial Day.

“We thought this was a done deal but it quickly fell apart when Tyson’s people declined all offers,” Holyfield’s manager, Kris Lawrence, said in a statement via NYFights.com. “We were negotiating in good faith all along and it appears we just ended up wasting our time.”

The statement makes it pretty clear that Holyfield’s reps place all the blame on Tyson and his camp for the unsuccessful negotiations.

The parties have been in intense negotiations for several months and Team Holyfield sincerely believed a deal was imminent, especially after the Hard Rock threw its support behind the project, and there were multiple other offers conveyed to Team Tyson. However, Team Tyson’s demands recently became untenable, and not what Mike Tyson had originally agreed on in direct conversations with Holyfield.

Drama between Tyson and Triller

This report from Holyfield’s camp may be a direct result of drama between Tyson and PPV service Triller. Tyson worked with Triller for his exhibition fight against Roy Jones Jr. in 2020, and they reportedly have the rights to one more Tyson fight.

If they do have the rights to market another Tyson fight, Tyson is definitely not interested. He posted a statement on Instagram Thursday declaring that he has no deal with Triller and has no plans to associate with them in the future.https://www.instagram.com/p/CMn91NGhr3g/embed/captioned?cr=1&v=12

It seems that Triller disagrees. On Sunday, Triller seemingly responded to Tyson’s claims. Michael Woods of RingTV.com reported that Triller sent a letter to several broadcast platforms that asserts their right to market another Tyson fight.

From NYFights.com:

Triller’s legal team has sent out alerts to various cable and satellite companies, platforms and broadcast corporations, informing them that Triller asserts they have the right to accept or pass on being the main producer/promoter/marketer for the next Tyson fight. And, if that isn’t hashed out, that contractual reality isn’t adhered to, then any Tyson fight that might be planned for May 29, or whenever, would not be kosher.

According to Woods, the news that Triller is insisting that it owns the rights to the next Tyson fight is brand new, and was only learned by negotiators in the last few days.

Neither Tyson nor his reps have publicly commented about his reported rejection of the $25 million fight offer with Holyfield.



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