Breaking News: Ongoing Attacks In Ebonyi State


Information reaching from sources in Ebonyi State indicate that peace maybe have not been attained since the efforts by the State Governor of Ebonyi State last month.

Ongoing attacks in a community in Effium named Igbudoke, Ebonyi State have been reported by sources on the ground. The attack is reported to have come a community in Enwemiri at back of Effium market slaughter – which is predominately Uffomites. The attackers are said to be Uffomites.

The youths in tandem with the vigilante are presently engaging the attackers as of this writing. The youths caught an early wind of the unfolding attack and were able to prepare themselves with cutlasses and locally made guns.

Yesterday, the military stationed near Effium had begun a compound to compound search in communities and villages in Ugoeze. In particular, the military “broke into some houses and destroyed some things in the process of looking for weapons“.

Our source continued, “I was told that they made away with some money from the man’s house“. The military were working with information supplied by an informant – by name Ejem – an Uffiomite.

The soldiers stationed at Effium Urban has since been noticed of the unfolding attack.

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