2023: Register as APGA member now or remain in your party – Ehiemere, Abia Party chairman


The All Progressive Grand Alliance, (APGA) Abia State, has urged those who may defect to the party to contest in the 2023 elections to do so now or remain in their respective parties.

Addressing party members in Aba, State Chairman of APGA, Rev. Augustine Ehiemere, explained that APGA is being careful having learnt bitter lessons from some politicians who joined the party during the primaries to contest the 2015 and 2019 elections.

He charged eminent persons and men of goodwill who mean well for Abia State to see APGA as the best alternative to rescue the state from what he described as bad governance by the Peoples Democratic Party and assured that APGA would follow due process to elect candidates in 2023.

Ehiemere further warned that APGA would stop any aspirant who would promote his political structure at the detriment of the party.

He said; “I want technocrats and men of goodwill who mean well for Abia State to appreciate the fact that APGA is the best alternative to liberate the state from the hands of a government that thrives on godfatherism. Due process must be followed because those who tried to impose candidates have all exited out of APGA. It is either you join APGA now or stay where you are.

“For those who jumped into APGA at late hour to contest, we have seen how it went and where it landed APGA. Ahead of the 2023 polls, we are being careful because we learnt bitter lessons from those who joined to contest election. This is why we say, join APGA now or remain where you are; remain in your party. It is a good thing that the National Chairman of APGA, Dr. Ike Oye, has resolved to be thorough and follow due process according to the constitution of APGA.

“We are sensitizing and mobilizing our members for the task ahead for the year 2021. For those who said we are afraid; we are not. We were not interested in the last LGA election in the State because we knew it was going to be selective, just like an appointment. And that’s what happened, there was nothing like election. There was no need wasting our resources. Only few of our members in Ugwunagbor, Isuikwuato and Bende LGAs contested at the Ward level. People were scared knowing that the usual problem of writing results by the ruling party. There was no credible election; our candidates weren’t prepared to waste their hard earned resources.”

Describing Aba federal constituency as the strong hold of APGA in Abia state, Ehiemere stated that APGA would continue to emerge victorious in the constituency as the party has been repositioned to maintain the lead.

“We are ready for 2023; Aba federal constituency is the headquarters of APGA. We keep on oiling our party for the big battle ahead. It is not going to be business as usual. Nobody will be allowed to steal our victory this time. The leadership narrative in Abia must change; look at what APGA is doing in Anambra. It has to be replicated in Abia when we take government in 2023. Abia must move forward, and the leadership narrative must change.

“Abia people should turn to APGA, let them take example from our performance in Anambra, the only state APGA is controlling. It is a dream we expect to happen in Abia.”

In their remarks, Minority Leader, Abia State House of the Abia State House of Assembly, Chief Abraham Oba and Mr. Ikechukwu Nwankwo, who represented the Member representing Aba North/Aba South federal constituency, Hon. Ossy Prestige, described APGA as a movement, insisting that APGA is ready to take over Abia state in 2023.

“According to Nwankwo; “We are going to surpass the feat we achieved in 2015 where APGA got 11 Assembly seats out of 24. We also won the seat of Aba South/Aba North federal constituency in the House of Reps. There are strong indications that we are set to surpass the feat of 2015. We are certainly going to protect our votes, there will be no chance to steal APGA votes. APGA faithful should remain steadfast; victory is at hand come 2023.”



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