Fulani Invasion Of Christian Kaduna: El Rufai Mandates Officials To Change Narrative From Genocide to ‘Farmer/Herders Clash’

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Information available to 247ureports.com from sources within the government house in Kaduna State indicates the political leaders and district heads from Kajuru Local Government Area [LGA] are slated to release a press statement stating that the steady attacks and/or invasion by the Fulani militia on the Adara people of south Kaduna were farmer/herder clashes – and not genocide or Fulani invasion of the Adara communities.

The Governor of Kaduna State, Malam Nasiru El Rufai is reported to be under severe pressure by the international community and the presidency to halt what appears a steady stream of attacks by the Fulani militia into the Adara communities of Kajuru LGA in Kaduna.

Our source indicates the Governor who was peeved by the mounting pressure opted to summon all the political leaders including district heads from Kajuru LGA. The leaders included members from State Assembly, House of Representative, political appointees, and the special adviser of internal security. Nobody from Adara community was called up by the Governor.

The Governor mandated the group to put heads together and to halt the violence. The group were also told that the violence was not a targeted killings of an ethnic group but rather a clash between two groups.

Interestingly, the assembled group sat today [May 28, 2020] at the Government House as mandated without the people of Adara community being represented. The meeting concluded at minutes after 7pm.

A press release is expected soon.

Meanwhile over 50,000 persons from Adara communities have relocated away from their ancestral homes owing to attacks from Fulani militia. They remain refugees in their homeland.

Stay tuned to a comprehensive report      


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