MOSOP Coordinators Disown KAGOTE’s Interim Committee


The Kingdom Coordinators Forum of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People, MOSOP, wishes to make its position clear on the Interim Committee set up by KAGOTE to steer division and rivalry in MOSOP.

The MOSOP Kingdom Coordinators hold that Hon Emmanuel Deeyaa of a faction of KAGOTE lacks every power whatsoever to inaugurate a committee for MOSOP.

The MOSOP Kingdom Coordinators note that KAGOTE is neither an organ of MOSOP nor is it a decision making entity of MOSOP and therefore cannot take a decision that can be binding on MOSOP.

MOSOP Kingdom Coordinators further hold that MOSOP is and remain a separate organization from KAGOTE and governed by its own constitution and organs principally, its Steering Committee, Executive Committee and Congress. KAGOTE, not being a decision making organ of MOSOP is clearly not empowered under the MOSOP Constitution to constitute a committee fat its will or MOSOP.

MOSOP Kingdom Coordinators strongly condemn the conspiratory actions by a faction of KAGOTE against its leadership which led to the abduction, detention and torture of its president, Prince Fegalo Nsuke on January 2, 2020 just to achieve a fraudulent announcement of a KAGOTE committee to oversee the affairs of MOSOP.

MOSOP Kingdom Coordinators further state that an elected executive of MOSOP led by Prince Fegalo Nsuke (a prince of the dynasty of Gbene Baa, the eleventh son of GbereSaakoo) remains the only valid and legitimate executive of MOSOP recognized by the kingdom Coordinators of MOSOP.

MOSOP Kingdom Coordinators therefore completely reject the so-called Interim Management Committee established by KAGOTE as it is a useless and futile exercise and of no effect whatsoever as far as MOSOP is concerned.

MOSOP Coordinators reiterate it’s loyalty and commitment to the leadership of MOSOP headed by Prince Fegalo Nsuke and will so remain committed.


Snr Apostle Celestine B Viura (Coordinator, Gokana and Chairman, MOSOP Kingdom Coordinators Forum)
Comr. Silvanus Adamgbo (Coordinator, Bori National Territory)
Chief Damgbor Dee-Ue
Coordinator, Babbe Kingdom
Elder Kenneth Neekue
Coordinator, Nyokhana Kingdom
Chief Samuel YiradeeCoordinator, Kenkhana kingdom
Chief Ignatius Nzian Coordinator, Tai Kingdom
Comr. Patrick SebanCoordinator, Ban Ogoi Kingdom
Comr. Wale NchimaonwiCoordinator, Eleme Kingdom
Dated February 1, 2020



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