Certain Bauchi State permanent secretaries, directors should be sacked


From Sanusi Muhammad

The recent compulsory retirement of Adamu Gokaru as Bauchi State Head of Civil Service by governor Bala Muhammed, has been described as a step in the right direction for the restoration of diligence, confidence and neutrality in the civil service.

In a press release made available to this medium in Abuja by a pressure group operating under the aegis of The Other Alternative, leader of the group, Ladan Abdullahi Esq, stated that despite repeated warnings and outcry from the Peoples Democratic Party during the electioneering campaigns to civil servants against involvement in partisan politics, majority of Bauchi state permanent secretaries and directors in the various ministries, departments and agencies were more partisan than the politicians in a bid to maintain the status quo for business as usual to continue to flourish against the progress of the state.

Ladan said: “We have documentary evidence to prove our allegations against several serving permanent secretaries and directors who were involved in partisan politics against the civil service rules and regulations

“Some permanent secretaries and directors compromised their positions for sharp corrupt practices while others busied themselves in diverting public funds to their private use against the rules of engagement.

“How can a permanent secretary in his right sense claim that in just four years, the past administration through RUWASSA had provided over 1000 boreholes to different communities while locations of the boreholes could be stated for probity? How can a permanent secretary in his normal sense confidently without shame tell the world that over N1billion was expended on burial mahogany and lion cloth for Bauchi central cemetery alone? Look at the mess in the General Service of the Office of the Head of the Civil Service. The State Inland Revenue is in a mess while corruption thrives in most of the ministries, departments and agencies through the support of the political permanent secretaries and directors.

“Governor Bala Muhammed as a seasoned federal civil servant, knows how best to sanitize the already polluted system for the restoration of lost glory, confidence in the service and optimum result as an illustrious son of the soil. A certain permanent secretary who is still occupying the office was in-charge of distributing APC campaign materials that include branded rice, cooking oil, motor-cycles etc in the Government House while some were in their localities distributing incentives to the electorates as some negotiated for votes for the APC in the elections against the rules”.

The Other Alternative added that for the Sen. Bala Muhammed administration to stabilize and perform effectively, certain permanent secretaries and their directors should be ‘kindly’ sacked to be able to have enough time to participate in active politics than remaining in the civil service without a sincere purpose other than betrayal of trust and confidence.

“Most of the contents of the ministerial briefing to the governor by the respective permanent secretaries and their directors were tissues of lies as most of them are in constant touch with their favored party, APC”.



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