Buhari, Osinbajo, Security Chiefs Meet In Aso Rock

Buhari Pledges Support For Development Of Niger Delta; Signs University Of Petroleum Resources Bill

President Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday met behind closed doors with the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo and security chiefs at the State House, Abuja.

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Buhari had returned to the country on Saturday after over 100 days medical vacation in the United Kingdom.

Osinbajo, while speaking to State House correspondents on the President’s return,  said “As you can see from the many Nigerians who lined up on the road to receive the President as he came back, many Nigerians are happy that the President is hail and hearty and that he has come back.”

“It was a natural reaction, most people heard of his arrival only a few hours before then, but as you can see, the response was so spontaneous. So, I think that people were so exited and very happy,” he said.

On the message to Nigerians, the Vice President said “Oh, the message to Nigerians is that, the recovery and recuperation of the President is in some sense symbolic of the recovery of Nigeria.

“Nigeria is going to recover. We are on the path of strong economic recovery and this is an excellent sign that the country is on the right side.

“There is great hope, there is great excitement and we are going to make it as a nation,” he stated

Governir Nyeson Wike of Rivers state said he was in the Villa to rejoice with the President.

He said “We are happy, that he is alive and that is why l am here today to rejoice with the family. We should not play politics with everything.

“We are here talking about health and irrespective of the party l belongs to, you can see that l am here today to rejoice with the family. That it what it is supposed to be.

“Don’t play politics with health issues, don’t do that. So, irrespective of what is going on out there, one is happy to be here,” he said

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state said “Today you can see the faces of Nigerians right from the airport. We now have the Captain on ground, the citizens should also continue to pray for him.

“We are now ready to take off fully and we believe that everything is now alright and that is why people are so happy today. As I said, we will continue to pray for our president and the country generally,” he added.

Source: http://thenationonlineng.net/buhari-osinbajo-security-chiefs-meet-aso-rock/


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