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My attention has been drawn to the above subject headline as was

published by THE NATION NEWSPAPER edition of Friday, August 18 2017,

front page.

In the said publication, the Federal Government has urged a Federal

High Court in Abuja to revoke the bail it granted the leader of the

Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Citizen Nnamdi Kanu and send him

back to prison.

The Federal Government through one Mallam Magaji Labaran of the

Federal Ministry of Justice urged the Court to dismiss an application

by Nnamdi Kanu seeking a review of the bail conditions. According to

the Federal Government, Nnamdi Kanu breached his bail conditions in

the following areas

(1)     He should not be seen in a crowd of not more than ten persons.

(2)     He should not grant interviews, hold or attend any rallies

(3)     That he should file in court medical updates of his health status

every month.


According to Federal Government, rather than observing all the

conditions of his bail, Nnamdi Kanu flouted all conditions given by

the court and reportedly incited his group IPOB to disrupt, disallow

and boycott elections in South East states starting with Anambra State

Gubernatorial election scheduled for November 18 2017, if the Federal

Government failed to hold referendum for the realization of the state

of Biafra.

Ordinarily, I would have ignored the said publication in THE NATION

newspaper. But as a patriotic Nigerian, diehard Igbo man who wants the

best for my tribe, and who truly wants this country (Nigeria) to move

forward, I have decided to openly join this particular issue with the

Federal Government. In the first place, Citizen Nnamdi Kanu was

wrongly and criminally arrested by the Department of State Security

(DSS) in the last quarter of 2015. He was wrongly and criminally

detained by the same DSS. When he was eventually charged to court, he

was granted bail on more than two occasions. Yet, the Federal

Government through the DSS breached and indeed flouted the several

bails granted Citizen Nnamdi Kanu. Not only did the Federal Government

disrespect and flout the court bail granted Citizen Nnamdi Kanu,

President Mohammadu Buhari (himself) openly stepped into the matter

and exposed his interest by informing the whole world that Nnamdi Kanu

would never be released as directed by the court. What an affront to

the courts of the land?

It was at this point that many Nigerians, especially Igbo (Biafrans)

came out to openly demand for the release of their son, Nnamdi Kanu

and four others, who were mischievously charged with treason by the

grandstanding Federal Government. Particularly, I Citizen Ikenna

Samuelson Iwuoha did a well circulated article entitled, “CITIZEN


Many Political, Business and Religious Leaders openly demanded for

the release of Citizen Nnamdi Kanu. State Governors in the South East

also made appeal for his unconditional release. Graciously and to the

glory of Almighty God, Citizen Nnamdi Kanu was released in April 2017

but with Unconstitutional, Demonic, Satanic, Jezebelic and Evilcratic

bail conditions. Initially, he rejected the bail conditions but Igbo

leaders rallied round and ensured the conditions were fulfilled in

record time. Thereafter, Nnamdi Kanu breathed air of freedom.

As a freeman, Nnamdi Kanu was shocked to see that those things that

made him to agitate for Biafra were never addressed by the Federal

Government throughout the period he was in prison. Today

marginalization of the Igbo has reached its peak. Today uncircumcised

Northern Youths have openly threatened the Igbo and their properties.

Yet, the Federal Government has shamelessly refused to arrest these

hopeless and misguided northern youths. Heavily Armed Northern Youths

reportedly disguising as Fulani Headsmen have killed many Igbo farmers

in their own communities. Yet, the Federal Government has shamelessly

refused to arrest the situation. In Nigeria today, an Igbo Professor

and former University Vice Chancellor is the Junior Minister of

Education, reporting to a man who does not write or speak well as the

substantive Minister of Education.

In Nigeria today, the South east has remained the only zone with the

least number of states in the country.

Despite the fact that the South east is an oil producing region,

there is no single Igboman in the nine member board of the Nigerian

National Petroleum Company, NNPC. The North does not produce oil, yet

they mischievously have six members in the NNPC board out of the nine

members. No Igboman is in the Security Council. No Igboman is in the

Council of States. No Igboman leads any Security Agency (Police, Army,

Navy, Air force, EFCC, ICPC, Customs, Immigration, and Civil Defense)

in this country. The only high profile Executive Position that was

reportedly zoned to the South East, Secretary to the Government of

Federation (SGF), was mischievously given to a Northerner, who has

turned out to be a very corrupt, dirty, shameless, hopeless and

heartless man. Although they later reluctantly removed him, he was

replaced with another northerner but in Acting Capacity.

At the legislative arm of government, the only high profile position

an Igbo man is occupying, the Deputy Senate President, is reportedly

under threat.

Our sons and daughters who are doing well in business are daily being

humiliated by the Federal Government. Few weeks ago, our son Dr.

Ifeanyi Ubah was mischievously arrested and detained by the same

shameless DSS headed by an uncircumcised northerner.

In short, it is no longer a Secret that the Southeast is marginalized

in this country. President Buhari has vehemently refused to visit the

South East since he took over leadership in May 2015. There are very

few good federal roads in the South East. No Federal Presence. The

mischievous actions of the Federal Government against the people of

South East of Nigeria gave rise to the crusade and activities of IPOB

led by Citizen Nnamdi Kanu. If the Federal Government starts treating

the people of South East with respect, dignity and as first class

citizens, Nnamdi Kanu will become irrelevant.

Recruitment into the Federal Civil Service is always skewed to favour

less qualified Northerners. Just few days ago, the military retired

many soldiers who are from the South east and South-South. 80% of oil

blocks in this country have been reportedly given to Northerners

thereby denying Southerners their right to own oil blocks.

Many Igbo sons and daughters are languishing in detention and Prison

custody on trump up charges. 80% of goods imported into the country

are done by the Igbo, but because a northerner is the head of the

Customs Service, most of these goods are seized, all in the bid to

frustrate Igbo traders.

In the South East, almost every road junction is a police checking

point, where compromised Police Officers stop to harass, intimidate

and exploit Igbo road users of their hard earned monies. Yet, the so

called Federal Government has refused to do anything about it.

Many Igbo sons and daughters have been extra judicially murdered by

the Police, DSS, EFCC, Customs, and ICPC etc. I have done many

articles on the Extra-judicial killings of Igbo by these shameless and

hopeless security agencies.

Since the past few weeks and days, many leaders have been calling for

the restructuring of the country, so that there would be better life

for all Nigerians. But the Federal Government reportedly ganged up

with Northern Senators and others to frustrate this golden opportunity

for the nation. This is because restructuring the country would

benefit the South east, hence they frustrated it.

At the political leadership level, President Buhari has been away for

over 100 days. And in his place, the Vice President Prof. Yemi

Osinbajo has been acting. But not satisfied with the development, a

known musician in the country Mr. Charly Boy Oputa (an Igbo) teamed up

with like minds to ask questions on the Presidents whereabouts. They

demanded for Buhari’s return to work or resignation. The Federal

Government reacted by first instructing the Police to attack Charly

Boy’s group. Not satisfied, they sent thugs and Northern hoodlums to

inflict physical harm on Charly Boy and his group. Yet the same

Federal government provided security, funds and access to Presidential

Villa for some discredited Youths Groups who hurriedly came together

to carry placards in favour and support of Buhari.

To show practically how Federal Government hate the South east and

its people, an Igbo Serving Senator (Senator Samdaddy Anyanwu)

presented a bill for the establishment of South East Development

Commission (SEDC), which will see to the infrastructural development

of the zone. But the Federal Government reportedly ganged up with

Northern Senators to frustrate the move.

With all these developments in the country, does the Federal

Government expect Nnamdi Kanu (as a Freeman) to keep quiet? The answer

is capital NO.

Now, how can a normal court ask a Citizen in a democratic environment

not to be seen with more than ten persons? This is sheer madness and

insensitivity to human feelings.

On the issue of Anambra Governorship election scheduled to take place

on the 18th of November 2017, the Federal Government has also

mischievously accused Nnamdi Kanu of inciting his group, IPOB to

disrupt, disallow and boycott the election. This allegation is not

true. Rather, Nnamdi Kanu has only called on Anambra People to boycott

the election if there was no referendum in the South east. This is not

a crime. It is not an offence in any way. Afterall, many leaders in

Nigeria have also declared that there would be no elections in 2019,

if there was no restructuring, and nothing has happened to them. There

is no significant difference between Referendum and Restructuring. So

why must Citizen Nnamdi Kanu’s own be different?

On the issue of Nnamdi Kanu flouting his bail conditions, I must say

that the Federal Government should come to equity with clean hands. In

the first place, the Federal Government was the first to flout the

court order in respect to the release of Nnamdi Kanu. The DSS held on

to Nnamdi Kanu and refused to release him, even when courts of the

land severally ordered for his release. Also, President Buhari openly

said he would not release Nnamdi Kanu, thereby disregarding various

Court Orders.

Conversely, if anybody should be arrested, in my opinion, President

Buhari and the Director General of DSS should be arrested and remanded

in prison custody for disregarding Court Orders to free Nnamdi Kanu.

Q.E.D. Once this is done, then Nnamdi Kanu can be re-arrested. No

problem. A kettle should not call a pot black. The point I am making

is that there is no point heating the polity with the useless and

senseless threat to re arrest Nnamdi Kanu, revoke his bail and send

him back to Prison, over an offence he never committed in the first

place. Nnamdi Kanu is our son and we stand by him. It is true that

some of his actions are not right but President Mohammadu Buhari is

far worse. He is the President of Nigeria who has openly told the

whole world the he passionately hates the South East; by his actions,

by his deeds, by his body language and by his utterances. He

reportedly vowed never to visit the South east during his 4 years

reign as President, and has lived up to it. The South east is the only

zone Buhari has not visited. He openly told the world that his people

(North) would receive 97% attention while the South east would get the

remaining 5% attention; if at all. Till today, he has lived to it.

This current threat to Citizen Nnamdi Kanu’s freedom will not stand.

Dialogue, Bargaining and Good Leadership remain the best approach to

resolving whatever issue the Federal Government feel it has with

Citizen Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB.

On the issue of Hate Speech which the Federal Government has now said

will be treated as an act of terrorism, the question is; what is Hate

Speech? Hate Speech is when a sitting President threatens a section of

his country with 5% attention while giving his own zone 97% attention


Hate speech is when Youth Organizations from the Presidents’ zone

threatens lives and properties of people of another zone, and even

issuing eviction notice. Hate Speech is when a President openly

declares that he would not obey court orders to release an innocent

man. I think the northern youths who threatened the Igbo with the

deadline to leave the North before October 2017 should be arrested and

treated as terrorists. President Buhari who as President of Nigeria

said that 97% attention would go to those who supported his aspiration

while 5% would go to those who did not support him, should be arrested

and charged with treason. Infact, marginalization of the South east

should be seen as an act of treason or terrorism and those responsible

for this act should be arrested.

Citizen Nnamdi Kanu’s next appearance in court is in September 2017.

He will appear in Court if he is healthy enough to do so. If he is not

healthy enough, his lawyers will inform the court. Nobody is afraid

and the Igbo are not cowards.

In conclusion, let me state it clearly that the fact I am supporting

the APC led Government in my State Imo should not mean that I cannot

call the APC led Federal Government to order when it goofs or start

behaving stupidly and foolishly. People should be reasonable and

sensible. The Acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo should be clearly

told that a shameless Cabal is reportedly trying to use his “Acting

Presidency” to re-arrest Nnamdi Kanu before President Buhari returns

to the country. This is to give the impression that Buhari is unaware

of Nnamdi Kanu’s re-arrest and remand in Prison.

The Bible in the book of Ephesians Chapter 6 Verse 12 says “For we

(the Igbo) are not wrestling against flesh and blood, but against

principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of

this world (country, Nigeria), against spiritual wickedness in high


One thing is certain; our Almighty and everlasting God will surely

destroy the works of the devil and his agents in this country, In

Jesus Mighty Name I pray. Amen.


We are watching and waiting.


I rest my pen




Hon. Citizen Dr. Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha FCAI, MKDA.



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