Qatar Energy And Industry Minister: If We Have To Use Force, We Will Take Action Against The UAE

Qatari Minister of Energy and Industry Mohammed Al-Sada

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Qatari Minister of Energy and Industry Mohammed Al-Sada said if it is needed we cut off the gas pipeline to the UAE as a leverage against the country. Recently, the UAE asked for gas supply from Russia while we all know putting this project into practice makes the UAE to kneel down in front of Iran.

“We were able to manage the current crisis since its beginning because solidarity of the Gulf states is important to us, and the UAE will never be able to take action against Qatar,” the minister added.

Mohammad Al-Sada continued: “From the very beginning of the Arab crisis, they turned their newspapers into a battlefield against Qatar, while the countries in question secretly urged us not to turn the energy debate into a challenge. Sheikh Tamim kindly accepted the demands of the princes whose power still remains in the veil of ambiguity.

He said Qatar Dolphin gas pipeline to UAE is a mean to penalize the UAE and we will transmit their gas to Oman for supplying their needs. “Qatar has been always subjected to the systematic and indirect invasion by its neighboring Arab country who now imposed sanctions against it. However, at the time being, we are struggling to implement the first action against one of these countries who seeks to blackmail and distort the image of Qatar,” the minister said at the end.



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