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As 2019 approaches and fully convinced of his inability to fulfill his 2015 campaign promises and afraid of the level of acceptability and political expertise of the Dogara Group in Bauchi state, Governor Muhammed Abubakar has thrown pride and pomposity to the garbage and stooped so low cup-in-hand beginning credible persons hitherto rated as PDP stalwarts to accept to pick appointments in his drowning administration to at least give a direction to the administration to save him from early defeat in 2019 and a disgraceful exit.

247ureports can authoritatively state that before the appointment of Muhammed Nadada Umar as Secretary to the State Government on Thursday, July 20, 2017 was finally approved, other credible persons, were contacted for the same position of Secretary to the State Government which they rejected on principles to save their reputation from bastardization by riff-raffs that dictate the direction of the administration.

One of such persons who on condition of anonymity, revealed that a close confident of the governor made several visits to his office and residence in Abuja to convince him to accept to serve as the SSG but refused to succumb to the pressure for fear of tarnishing his image before the people.

According to him, the administration is already drowning and no expert can save it as the governor has refused to come to terms with the reality. His score card is poor and has not performed to expectation despite the availability of funds. Opposition is growing stronger and has pushed the administration to the defensive instead of the offensive. It is a sad development as the state suffers neglect and underdevelopment. Most of the state’s respected politicians have deserted the administration for one fear or the other.

“No credible person can serve in such an administration because the governor is already a drowning politician leading a deceitful administration that has lost the love of the people. There is nothing to convince one to participate in such an administration. Those that left have told us humiliating and horrifying stories of how they were frustrated out by a hired cabal that remote control the administration and the governor while indigenes are threatened in their state

“The governor has more interest in his personal development than the development of the state and the people as revealed by those who resigned. He is more concern to his personal welfare and those of his family members at public expense than the welfare of the people. If not, how can he justify the waste of over N1billion on his travels alone and the people are still fed with lies that Americans and other foreign investors are coming to establish investments in the state?

“Who is that foolish foreign investor that will invest in an area considered unsafe? The North-east is seen by foreigners and some domestic investors as the stronghold of terrorists that has to be deserted for a while but here is a governor saying Americans are coming to invest in Bauchi state just to justify his senseless foreign trips”.

In a related development, it was learnt from the grapevine that the present SSA (Media) to the governor, one comrade Sabo Muhammed may form the list of new commissioners along with some PDP defectors while a new Special Adviser (Media), believed to have the required media connection and expertise may be brought on board from one of the media houses in Abuja to play magic and launder the battered image of the governor and his clueless administration that has not impacted positively on the lives of the people.

A security officer attached to Bauchi Government House on request of anonymity confirmed to this medium that the governor is confused and now out not only to destroy APC for lack of confidence in the loyalty of its most members but is making frantic efforts to appoint PDP members into his administration against 2019 re-election, saying that, “PDP is already a party in coma as we all know. It has lost its credibility in Bauchi state since 2014 and those that the governor wants to appoint lack any political value to help him out. They are the persons that destroyed PDP through greed, pretence and blackmail and now on their way to destroy what remains of APC for their selfish interest.

“The governor has so easily forgotten that some of his hired aides have been very insulting and abusive of the PDP particular to Yuguda and those that served his administration. Are those aides no more influential that PDP members are wooed to accept to come on board an APC administration or have they repented from mischief and blackmail of others?”

A renown political activist and onetime Director of Publicity Nadada Campaign Organization in 2007, Abdurrahaman Sade said, “Most of those APC members that wanted to serve in the M.A Abubakar administration were warned earlier but ignored the warning signals thinking it was going to be a bed of roses. We sounded warnings but they ignored and are now victims of their own foolishness and made sacrificial lambs. They were used and dumped and have nearly destroyed their political future. They were trained and guided in the system to deceive the people with fictitious achievements before rendered jobless, disconnected from their former political associates and irrelevant and inconsequential. But if they are internally convinced that they can work for the interest of Bauchi state with sincerity, then, The Dogara Group can be approached to accept, rehabilitate and work out a brighter future for them in the interest of the state. They were victims of mischief, deceit and falsehood. Let them not lose hope as there is option B at their disposal”.



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