2019: 6 Ex-Govs, 6 Senators, Others To Join SDP 

Senator Ahmed Yerima

Social Democratic Party (SDP) said six former governors, being led by the former governor of Zamfara state Senator Ahmed Yerima, four serving senators and two other former senators among prominent politicians have indicated interest to join the party very soon.

The party also revealed that several other prominent Nigerians from Gombe, Borno, Plaetue, Nasarawa and Benue are talking with the SDP leadership.

While reading the reports of activities that took place in the last eleven months to the members of the party’s National Executive Council (NEC) meeting, yesterday in Abuja, the SDP deputy national chairman Isiaqu Abdulhamned, said both the former governors and senators were enthusiastic to join the party ahead of 2019 general elections.

According to him, “there are so many good things happening to the party and with this momentum and people approaching us I don’t think we even need the PDP, that is the truth.”

On the proposed decamping, the deputy chairman said: “These six governors are led by the former governor of Zamfara state Senator Ahmed Yerima. In fact, they met with our leader yesterday and the meeting will continue today and they are quite enthusiastic to join us.

“But there is one accident of history that happened before we met them, these former governors met within themselves and agreed on four conditions for chosen a party to work with. One, they agreed within themselves that they were not going to form a new political party. Two, they said they were looking for a party that has a national credible leader, and we have one.

“Another condition they gave is that they wanted a political party that has done it national convention which will last more than 2019. As they finished the meeting, we were there the second day and they were shock when we told them about SDP because all the conditions fit exactly into the SDP.

“When we asked them why they were interested in a party that has already done its convention, they said if they join any party that has not done it convention with their resources the party will be divided because people will be looking to be national chairman, secretary and all that like it is happening in PDP.

“Secondly, six senators from the North-east only while four of them are serving members, two are out of office, have also been talking to us from Borno, we have had four meetings with them and they are very much prepared to work with us.

“From Plaetue state, high power delegation came here, former chairman of PDP in the state Dr. Aruna and a serving House of Representative member was also here and we are talking to us.

“From Gombe state, a former House of Representative member Hon. Aruna Duku, have approached us. He said he has bought one Siana car, 11 bicycles and paid three years office rent in the central area in Gombe state for the party. All he needed is for our national leader to be in Gombe while he will handover all these things.”

Also speaking, the SDP national chairman Chief Olu Falae, said it took SDP years of experience to get to where it is today, adding that the party has not merged with the PDP because it has lost credibility.

“I am happy that a lot of people are interested in our party. Someone sent a text message to me pleading passionately that the nation was putting it hope on this party and that we should for goodness sake not allow discredited people to sour our image and so on,  and I replied and said that you are speaking to the converted.”

While responding to reports that SDP will merge with PDP, Chief Falae said: “Please we read in the Newspapers that the SDP has merged with one party or it has been absorbed with another party, please just don’t believe it because you don’t have a leadership that can be bought or that can be absorbed. It is because of the credibility they see in us that they wabt to come, that is what they don’t have.

“When the PDP delegation came to me they said that they were going to confesse their political sins that when they were in power they abused the power, first of all within their party they killed the internal democracy, people will chose a candudate but the party will hand pick, trying to play God and they eventually did themselves very serious arm and did Nigeria a lot of arm as well.”

The national publicity secretary Alfa Mohammad also confirmed that “just yesterday about ten political groups and prominent individuals made attempt to meet with SDP national chairman to show their interest in our party.



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