Imo Deputy Governor, Aku Obidinma (Abdul) And The DSS – By Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha


It was my brother and personal friend, Comrade Kenneth Uwadi who drew
my attention to the arrest of one Aku Obidinma popularly called
‘’Abdul’’ and prides himself as the National Coordinator of Imo Bilie
Initiative (IBIN), by Operatives of the Department of State Security
In the course of finding out the bone of contention, I stumbled on a
piece written by another brother and friend of mine, Comrade Okechukwu
Nwanguma, the Coordinator of Network on Police Reforms in Nigeria –
However, it was Comrade Precious Nwadike, Publisher of Imo Community
Watchdog newspaper who called to inform me that Aku Obidinma (Abdul)
had been remanded at the Owerri Federal Prisons till January 17, 2017
when he would make another appearance at the magistrate court located
in Nworieubi in Mbaitoli Local Government Area. Further enquiry showed
that Aku Obidinma was given stringent bail conditions.
It was at this point that I resolved to wade into the matter, as a
veteran of many battles. Aku Obidinma was remanded in prison custody
on Thursday the 24th of November 2016, so on Friday the following day,
I visited the Owerri Federal Prisons to see some people and at the
same, to see him.
When Prison officials brought Aku to me at the office of the Chief
Warder, he was happy and delighted that at least a “GENERAL” came to
see him. I asked him several questions of which he responded to. But
he complained bitterly of the hard bail conditions given to him by the
magistrate. I equally asked him to confirm if he truly accused the
Deputy Governor of Imo State, Prince Eze Madumere in his publication
on Facebook, of being a murderer and other sundry crimes. Aku
responded by telling me that his Facebook Account was hacked, and that
those publications against the Deputy Governor were not made by him.
At this point, I felt disappointed that Aku Obidinma could not stand
firm. It was at this point that I knew that he did not have serious
evidence against the Deputy Governor. It was at this point that I knew
that he is just an ASPIRANT.
O yes, he is an aspiring critic, an aspiring crusader and an
aspiring Human Rights Activist who does not have the liver and
strength to withstand the heat. He does not have  the muscle and
will-Power to fight on. Nevertheless, I assured him that I would get
across to the Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere to hear his own
side of the story, and of course getting the number two citizen to use
his position and influence to relax the stringent bail conditions, so
that he can enjoy his freedom once again. Aku was happy with my
decision and action plan.
Before I left the Prisons, I instructed my boys and friends who are
inmates to protect and make AKU feel at home. Outside the Prison
complex, I put a call to His Excellency the Deputy Governor and he
quickly picked. We had discussions on the issue and agreed I would
come to his house the following day being Saturday the 26th of
November 2016. On Saturday morning during clean-up hours, I was at his
residence. His Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Uche Onwuchekwa was already
waiting for me, and I was ushered into the inner chamber (room).
Shortly after, His Excellency the Deputy Governor walked in and we had
fruitful discussions. He confirmed that Aku Obidinme (Abdul) was his
aide before he was dropped.  He told me a lot of things in confidence.
At this point, let me inform the reading public that it will be
unethical for me to reveal what a high profile political leader told
me in confidence.
Nevertheless, I was able to confirm that Prince Eze Madumere never
instructed DSS to arrest, detain and arraign Aku Obidinma in Court.
The Deputy Governor explained that he only dragged the publisher of
Nigerian HORN Newspaper, Chief Bright Chimezie Njoku to Court over a
publication written and signed by Aku Obidinma which was against his
person. But he later withdrew the matter from the Court when Pastor
(Mrs) Henrietta Jacobs and her husband of New Wave Assembly Church
Ikenegbu Layout Owerri intervened by settling the issues between him
and Nigerian Horn Newspaper publisher, Bright Chimezie.
However, it appeared that the withdrawal of the case from court
(perhaps) emboldened Aku Obidinma to launch a continued attack on
Prime Eze Madumere. For this reason, the DSS reportedly invited Aku
Obidinma and cautioned him. Let me also inform the reading public that
I made further enquiries at the DSS office and was able to confirm
that the whole problem came to a boiling point when AKU Obidinma
attended a radio programme in the state capital (Owerri) on Monday the
21st of November 2016, wherein he reportedly lambasted the Deputy
Governor of the State.
Perhaps acting out of over-zealousness, the men of the DSS decided to
lay ambush on Aku Obidinma. After the radio programme Aku was dropped
off by his colleagues who accompanied him to the radio station.
Shortly after, DSS operatives swooped on him and abducted him using
five keke Napep tricycles as a decoy.
This is the point I am now angry. Why must DSS officials abduct a
citizen of this country on the road and in a Gestapo style? This goes
to show that some high profile crimes like kidnapping are perhaps
carried out by DSS operatives. They are indeed criminals operating as
security agents. They shamelessly abducted (kidnapped) Aku Obidinma,
seized his phones, and kept him incommunicado for three days. This is
an unpardonable crime. This is an assault on human right. The DSS
operatives are shameless, stupid, useless and infact untrained. Why
must they treat a citizen like an animal?
Aku Obidinma attended a radio programme in Owerri but the shameless
DSS operatives abducted and kept him incommunicado for three days
before arraigning him in a magistrate court located in another local
government Area. This shows that DSS operatives in Imo State are
untrained, hopeless, senseless and unprofessional. Not long ago,
precisely on the 13th of May 2016, I wrote and published an article
see attached). In the said article, I gave the DSS serious punches. It
appears they have not learnt their lessons.
Let me therefore appeal to His Excellency Prince Eze Madumere to
brush or wave aside whatever that might have transpired between him
and his former aide, Aku Obidinma, and step out as a leader and father
to rescue his boy from the clutches of DSS insanity, unconstitutional
and undemocratic assault to his right. He should step out to save his
boy from the High handed stringent bail conditions given to him by the
Magistrate in Nwaorieubi who has reportedly established himself as a
judicial hatchet officer.
His Excellency Prince Eze Madumere is a man of peace. Few days ago,
he rescued a man who was being lynched by an angry mob. He can do it
again. He should step forward to rescue Aku Obidinma. As a leader with
the National Honour, MFR, he should see Aku Obidinma (Abdul) as his
own son and constituent, and as such do the needful which is to bring
him out from prison.
Let me at this juncture caution those writing rubbish and nonsense on
facebook and other social media platforms, to tread cautiously as for
as this matter is concerned. These inflammable writers have not taken
time to visit Aku Obidinma (Abdul) at the Owerri Federal Prisons;
neither have they visited Prince Eze Madumere to hear him out.
I am therefore most humbly directing all and sundry to rest his or her
pen. Refusing to do so will only aggravate the condition, fate and
trouble of Aku Obidinma (Abdul).
I am a veteran of many battles. I am a “GENERAL”. I am the only
Socio-political Crusader in Imo State who spare-headed the removal of
a sitting Governor. I am the only Socio-political crusader who exposed
fraud and corruption in high places involving my former boss. I am the
only activist in Imo State who removed and transferred a serving
Commissioner of Police. I am the only activist in Imo State who saw to
the retirement of an Assistant Inspector General of Police. I am the
only Socio-political crusader in Imo State who almost dethroned a
traditional Ruler. I am the only activist in Imo State who has
proffered solutions to the myriad of problems facing the state. I am
the only critic who has openly fought for the masses and the less
privileged in the society in Imo State, damning the consequences. I am
the only person in Imo State whose blood was spilled in the office of
the Governor. Finally, I am the only Political Appointee in the
history of Imo State Government who meritoriously served this state by
returning unspent funds running into millions of naira to the State
Government. Therefore when I speak, I should be listened to.
His Excellency Prince Eze Madumere should be given the privilege to
rescue Aku Obidinma. Nobody, I repeat nobody will effectively
reconcile an OGA and his aide.  We were not there when they were
together. The matter is deeper than what most people think.
I rest my pen.

Hon. Citizen (Dr.) Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha FCAI MKDA
Former Senior Special Assistant on Media
Former Senior Special Assistant on Special Duties
Imo State House of Assembly
Owerri – Imo State, Nigeria.



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