2019: Atiku Meets Northern Leaders, Elders Prefer Shekarau



Information available to 247ureports.com obtained from sources within the Atiku administrative block indicate that the presidential bid of the former vice president of Nigeria, Alhaji Abubakar Atiku has kicked into top gear as he has turned his consultation efforts to the north to reach the northern elites and the political heavy weights – both north west and north east. This is as many within the circle of northern elders impress on him that Ibrahim Shekarau’s candidacy may be preferable for the north.

Atiku is believed to have begun a quiet campaign for the 2019 presidential race amidst what is popularly believed to be a failing administration of the current occupant of the Presidential seat, General Muhammadu Buhari.

In recent times, Atiku has aligned with political opponents of the President and also friends to the President in his unique manner of making popular appearances both in the south west and the south east. Atiku had reached behind closed door understandings with the embattled leader of the All Progressive Congress [APC], Alhaji Bola Tinubu and his group concerning the anticipated political line-up of 2019 exercise. Atiku, as 247ureports.com gathered, has already sealed mutual understandings with many political chieftains from the south east – persons like Prof Chukwuma Soludo, Senator Chris Ngige, Orji Uzor Kalu, Chief Peter Obi, Senator Obi, Chief Arthur Eze and others. The understanding is considered a pledge of alliance for the 2019 presidential race.

However as the Adamawa politician [Atiku] turned his campaign and/or consultations to the northern part of the country, his political deck of cards reshuffled midway into the trip.

Atiku had moved up north to consult with the elders, political chieftains, Emirs and leaders. He wanted to inform them of his anticipated participation in the presidential race of 2019. According to our source, Atiku was well received by virtually all of the people he met. But some of the vocal ones expressed reservations on the perpetual candidacy of Atiku for President. One of the more powerful voices from the north east told Atiku that in terms of the finances and structure – he has the best set up – but in terms of integrity and likability, he is not the top choice.

Ibrahim Shekarau appearance at Hardtalk
Ibrahim Shekarau appearance at Hardtalk

Our source indicated that they pointed to Ibrahim Shekarau, the former two-term governor of Kano State and former federal minister of education as the cinderella choice for the northern elders and political elite – who view Atiku as somewhat desperate to be President. They see the former Kano State Governor as a pious Muslim who treated both Muslims and Christians with the fear of God. “His track record in Kano still speaks for itself“. The source indicated that the elders do not appreciate Atiku’s money politics – in believing the northern elites and leaders can be for sale. “He came here promising use money and access to money if we support him but he is spent force“.

247ureports.com gathered that the Atiku group have booked an appointment to meet with the Shekarau group to meet possibly tomorrow. Our source explained that Atiku was not settled with the boldness of the elders in telling him of their preferred choice. But it is not certain that Ibrahim Shekarau intends to participate in the 2019 presidential elections as a candidate.

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  1. Whatever was said about this man was an iceberg phenomenon, his true self was only known by his Lord, his creator ,Shekarau is a man that never a man to narrate his kindness,in term of relationship i saw no politician that treat both his oppositions and his party colleagues in thesame way, he is pious and God fearing a man who serve humanity no discreminating either a Muslim or Christian, Hausa or Other tribes, Sardauna serves with justice between the riches and unwealhty ones,between the traditional leaders and mases, between the able and disable only we the people of Kano can narrate some of his attitudes, he came while kano was made a mess a settled everything and made it habitable,Sardauna left no corner untouched as he made the ever most loving Governor of Kano State.

    • Mustapha you know I know very well that shekarau is not a man of his words and he doesn’t treat poor and rich equal but he has insight to human problems and feelings to their problems

  2. If Nigeria is destined to have a compassionate, kind, detrabalised, just, conscentious, dedicated, patriotic and generous leader then Shekarau would become its elected president.


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