Who Paid Okah To Kill The President?


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Henry Okah was paid to kill me” alleged the President of the federal republic of Nigeria at the campaign outing of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] recently in Lagos where they officially launched the start of their presidential campaign February 14, 2015.

L-R VP Namadi Sambo, PDP Nat Chair Adamu Muazu, President  Goodluck Jonathan, Dame Patience Jonathan, Sen. Ike Ekweremadu, PDP  governorship flag bearer at the 2015 election campaign flag-off in  Enugu
L-R VP Namadi Sambo, PDP Nat Chair Adamu Muazu, President Goodluck Jonathan, Dame Patience Jonathan, Sen. Ike Ekweremadu, PDP governorship flag bearer at the 2015 election campaign flag-off in Enugu

The allegation opened the Pandora’s Box of the presidentialcampaign.

The fag off campaign saw the presidential flag bearer in an uncharacteristic mode firing on all cylinders against the unguarded utterances of the opposition – in a high-octane speech that had the resemblance of an activist’s speech in its content and delivery. He was not his characteristic self as he kicked sanity into the empty netted claims and allegations leveled by the presidential flag bearer of the All Progressive Congress [APC], General Mohammadu Buhari.

The President was unapologetic as he made his own glaring allegations that should have irreversibly shaken the campaigns – into the start of a possible criminal investigation – if the political clime was not so charged. He boldly pointed to the retired General and former head of state of Nigeria as having helped compromise the fight against the jihadist group, and to having helped in the weakening of the Nigerian army, and in rendering the military virtually toothless.

The President revealed that the military takeover orchestrated by Mohammadu Buhari and his gang of aggrieved military men – failed and/or refused to maintain the upkeep of the armed forces of the federal republic of Nigeria. General Buhari’s administration refused to purchase a single riffle for the Nigerian military while atop the realm of affairs in the early 1980s.

The President came short of labeling the former military head of state a hypocrite but his exposure of the facts on the former head of State clearly depicted him a sure hypocrite. The campaign mantra of the former head of state had been he will tackle the insecurity problem in a more effective manner than the President.

Through the many campaign stops of the APC presidential candidate, promises of strengthening the military and defeating the Islamic jihadists were made to his supporters – who appear to not know that the former head of state may have contributed in more significant ways to the current weakened state of the military. They are not aware that General Buhari may have depleted the military budget without arming the soldiers with military hardware. The defense budget may have been misappropriated by the said administration – leaving behind a military with outdated war equipment and limited training. It is also noteworthy that under calmer climes, an elaborate inquiry would have been launched by the appropriate agencies into usage of the Nigerian defense budget dating back to the Buhari regime to better decipher the root cause of the weakened and ridiculed Nigerian military power.

Adding gravitas to the already odorized situation is the recent endorsement of the MEND for the APC presidential candidate. It can be recalled MEND is the Niger Delta militant group led by the imprisoned Henry Okah who is currently serving a jail sentence in South Africa over arms smuggling and other related offenses. The endorsement came almost the same time as the President’s revelation that the supposed leader of the MEND had been offered money for his [President Jonathan] assassination. The President made the claim while standing on the podium of the PDP presidential campaign stop in Lagos.

The claim was bold, presidential and indicative of a clear and present danger. The President made bold that the October 1, 2010 bombing in Abuja was targeted at eliminating him – from ascending to the seat as the substantial president of Nigeria.  The State Security Service confirmed through Mr. Abdul Abubakar, an Assistant Director with the State Security Service and head of its Special Investigation Bureau that the leader of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, Mr. Henry Okah, masterminded the October 1, 2010 bomb blast because he wanted to register his annoyance with the Federal Government’s rejection of his proposals in the Amnesty program for Niger Delta militants. Abubakar made the statement at a Federal High Court in Abuja back in June 2012.

Understanding the weightiness of the allegation is paramount because the President pointed direct accusing fingers to his opponents through the open airwaves of National Television and other public airwaves. He made clear that his political opponents conscripted Henry Okah to assassinate him.  Although the President did not mention by name who the responsible culprit were, his insinuations were sufficient to make the necessary deductive extrapolations – as to why and/or whom may have wanted the President dead and possibly out of the presidential race in 2011. It begs the question as to the identity of the said political opponents. Who amongst them would have benefited from Jonathan’s disappearance in 2010? Could it have been the actors in the presidential race of 2011? Abubakar Atiku had contested bitterly for the PDP presidential ticket and lost to Goodluck Jonathan in January 2010 while both General Mohammadu Buhari under the Congress for Progressive Change [CPC] and Malam Nuhu Ribadu under the Action Congress of Nigeria [ACN] contested and lost to Goodluck Jonathan under the PDP in the presidential elections. The faceless Yar’Adua cabal had also contested bitterly to stop Jonathan from becoming the substantial President.

So it is behooving on the president to elaborate further on the identities of the persons who hired the services of Henry Okah – and on the security agencies to investigate further the revealing and weighty allegations of possible assassination plot on the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the federal republic of Nigeria. It requires no further elaboration by analysts for the charges to be understood to be treasonable. As the attempt to assassinate and/or sponsor an assassination attempt on the President of Nigeria remains a treason offense, the law enforcement Parastatals and prosecutorial outfits must sit up to the boldness and implications of the treasonable allegation. It is only patriotic.

Perhaps the affected security agencies may tally while assassins parade freely through the shadows of power possibly jostling for the highest office in the Nation – without the fear of the ramifications of attempting an assassination run on the President of the federal republic of Nigeria. Only time will tell.



  1. if I may ask, who paid okah to kill the president because if we don’t no then the aligation is uncomfirmatry, it lacks locus standi.

  2. This write is obviously as clueless as his principal on whose behalf he wrote.
    If Buhari did not buy a single rifle as Head of State, it was because Nigeria didn’t need more rifles because the armed forces was well equipped. Nigeria after Buhari intervened simultaneously both in Liberia and Sierra Leone and came out victorious. What rifle did they use? The army then was bold, strong, and courageous and not what this Creek crook has turned our army to. For the first time in our history, Jonathan budgeted and allocated over N920b for Defence and Security in a single year (2012) and yet, our soldiers still buy their uniforms, buy their boots, and have no rifles to face Boko Haram, yet, he blames somebody else. A more serious president would have ordered for a forensic audit to trace every kobo to what it was budgeted for. Not this creek crook. How can a private citizen, an ex-militant and a crude thief like Tompolo be allowed to buy gunships and sophisticated weapons while the Nigerian Armed Forces are unable to do same? The balkanisation of any nation starts with the leadership of a country arming ethnic militia like the way this criminal Jona is arming his Ijaw militia. By taking over the duties of the Nigerian Navy and handing it over to an known thief, Tompolo the balkanisation has started. God will punish this criminal for all the innocent blood spilled in Nigeria. Idiot.

  3. mr president as he rightly said earlier that he receive contradicting advise can evidently seen here that they ve told him to made such statement inorder to show pity for him, bt unfortunately he has failed.
    he shld resign or face d humiliation of bn d first incumbent president to ve lost.

  4. This is unsholarly write up which is full of misrepresentation and malice against the opposition
    . Jona is the architect of his govt failure by blaming someone when faced with challenging situations like insecurity, unemployment, corruption etc


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