Election Gift To Gov. Sullivan Chime. A Mean Man With No Human Heart. Oji River People Are Not Happy With You – By Emeka Igbo

Chime with wife's sister
Chime with wife’s sister

Before I send out the piece. Ask the chairman of Oji River Ikechukwu Jideofor Onyemaechi what he is doing with LG money. He has bastardized the LGA to a point of no return. Some stake holders are still supporting him, like Manfred Nzekwe because he gives him money. Ask the chairman what he did with the fertilizer that was sent to Oji this year. Ask him why he is not paying salary in Oji River. Ask him what he is doing with volunteers teachers in the village, collecting N15,000 from each of them just to payroll him/her as adhoc teacher. So if he gets 1000 adhoc volunteers, he has collected from poor people in the village the sum of 15Million. To give them temporary work. Shame on Governor Chime and what he has done to my people in Oji River. I can continue to go on and on. My people Oji River are in trouble. Sullivan you will pay and pay dearly for all these. Vitta Abba’s turn today to pay for his atrocities, whose turn tomorrow. your guess is as good as mine… You guys committed lots of unpardonable crimes against humanity in Enugu state especially for my people Oji River. Vitta Abba, Ifeoma Nwobod and Sullivan will never know peace because they have murdered peace in Oji River, by giving us a thief and criminal to handle our common resources. In the name of Ikechukwu Jideofor Onyemaechi.

The creation of Oji River LGA in 1976 was a hallmark achievement of our founding fathers in collective hardwork and was not made possible by one man affair. The likes of B.C. Okwu and Elias Nnaedozie and host of others jointly got Oji to called and referred as an LGA, even when its hard for them to achieve it given the numerical strength of Oji people from the former Awgu county council at that time. The politics of one man show started to rear its head in Oji River politics some years back but when Gov. Sullivan Chime came in he put a stop to that by allowing the stakeholders to meet and produce a candidate, this he did in 2007 and 2009 council election though selection and also in 2011, now the governor is leaving office, he is destroying the house he built by going back to the old dark era of Ike-out-onye syndrome. Where one powerful man in Oji River or elsewhere at a particular time appoints who governs Oji River.

The governor himself knows the damages it has caused our people and the consequences of politics of one man show. You will just appoint a candidate and because the crop of politicians we have now at our LGA’s levels are lilly livered and cowards, so anything goes even if the governor appoints an armed robber as the chairman, just like what happened in Oji River where a well known cultist and no character person is appointed to be the chairman, I don’t want to delve into the characters of the newly appointed chairman of Oji River LGA because my heart bleeds whenever I talk about it, as the people on the top are well aware of his character and paid deaf ears to it, until after the damages before they realize the consequences of their action. A person with his character and attitude should not near the political circle, more or less piloting the affairs of a local govt. OJI RIVER PEOPLE NDO NUOOO! For the two wasted years you will endure. It is goodluck for him because he will squander our money, but badluck for Oji River people because we are losers.

We have qualified candidates that ran for the election and you went ahead to collect huge amount of money from them and later appointed someone at will, why not conduct election for them. The likes of Roy Mbah, Joy Odike, Ugochukwu Madu and Sam Ugwa, who are desirous to move Oji River forward where all denied the right of a primary election, even the one I was meant to understand to be the front runner in that election was all denied the right for a primary election. However the present scenario and body language of the governor did not shock observers, as it is always the use and dump game. The governor is preparing to leave office and he is now returning to old order of appointing a chairman unilaterally without consulting the stake holders, only to call a few of them and gave them directive to go and deliver his stooge. This is absurd and primitive. There is no government in Enugu State. Here is where a governor wakes up one morning and does anything he wants in local government with impunity and nobody questions him. “coward dies many times before their death” our Enugu acclaimed politicians are dead, their funeral will be announced later.

The question that will continue to puzzle the minds of an average Oji River people is why will the governor while coming into office in 2007 discarded and uprooted all bandits and hoodlums in government house in the name of thuggery and chase them away, now makes a u-turn to fix them in the highest office of the local government. Posterity will judge you Sullivan Chime for inflicting pains and injury for an average Oji person. Even if the people are nothing for you, don’t you fear God? Watch him at Okpara square the day he was flagging off the LG campaign, exposing him impunity and justifying himself by saying he consulted widely and that the chairmanship candidates are unopposed. That is a governor without the fear of God, even if the people are riff-raffs for you, don’t you know God is watching.


Shame of you Sullivan Chime, shame on you Enugu State government. The governor mounted the podium at a rally in Oji River to tell white lies about how the new chairman emerged. In his words, Oji River stakeholders were consulted before they gave me this man as your candidate. Its either the governor is not with his senses, maybe he has started hallucinating like his wife, he and the chief of staff inflicted a life pain or he is deceiving himself and being economical with the truth. How on earth Oji River stake holders are only four persons. The governor called the incumbent chairman of Oji River Ozo Gab. Onuzulike who has looted Oji River treasury dry, for over four billion naira budget for four years he stayed in office he cannot account for anything. The people’s money is used by the chairman to build hotels in Abuja and shopping plaza in Lagos and numerous investments which are scattered all over Nigeria and abroad. The EFCC should take note of this and investigate the out gone chairman of Oji River because the future of our generation is cursed if the trend continues like this, because they come in and loot our money and go scot free. The governor knows all these and he lacks the moral right to summon the chairman and prevail on him to refund all those looted funds. No wonder when people accuse Sullivan Chime about the allocation he claims to be given completely to the LGA’s in Enugu state are just on the pages of newspaper and not on practice.

Yes, Oji River stakeholders never gave the governor their choice candidate, he called the incumbent chairman Ozo Gab Onuzulike, MD Tourism board Enugu State, Manfred Nzekwe, the house of assembly representative for Oji River, Hon Dons Uzogbado and the commissioner for works, Engr. Goddy Madueke. Sullivan called these persons I have mentioned and directed them to go and deliver his stooge in Oji River, these cowards echoed yes sir. Could it be these four persons you called that you consulted or gave you the candidate, are they the only people from Oji River in your government? What informed the governor’s decision to call only four persons and instruct them on a serious issue that concerns Oji people is a puzzle that will continue to agitate the mind of an average Oji person, unlike our tradition of allowing the stakeholders produce their candidate.

The governor must be mindful of what he says in public, that “the Oji River stakeholders produced the new chairman” if four persons produced the new chairman by governors instruction it can never be the wishes and aspiration of Oji people. The four person that meet with the governor did not meet the equal representation of Oji River. We have three component parts in Oji River, namely A,B and C. the four persons that meet the governor, three came from Zone A while one person came from Zone B, and none from zone C. the governor cannot afford to handle Oji River issues like he handles his scattered family issues. I have consolation in the constitution; soon he will leave office, lets see why you will not pay and pay heavily for all the atrocities you have committed in Enugu State. Sullivan life will be worse than that of Chimaroke after leaving office. I pray God to keep you alive like your predecessor to see all your evil deeds.



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