Re: Fr. Mbaka Lied, His Excellency, Governor Okorocha Or Imo State Government Never Gave Archbishop Obinna N50 Million Dud Cheque


Government Of Imo State

Press Release


Rev. Fr Ejike Mbaka was quoted in the media to have claimed last Sunday during the thanksgiving service by the former governor of the state, His Excellency, Chief Ikedi Ohakim at the Christ the King Church Parish, Enugu that His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Okorocha gave the Archbishop of Owerri Archdiocese, Anthony Obinna N50m dud cheque.

Aside the publications in the newspapers to that effect, we have continued to be inundated with calls from editors of well known newspapers and magazines across the nation and online media outfits demanding for the confirmation of the allegation or otherwise of same.

Let us simply aver and solemnly too, that the claim is not only false, but spurious and curious in many respects.  There is no iota of truth in the wild allegation.  You can call it an “unholy blackmail” taking into account the person behind it.    We challenge Rev Fr Mbaka to go beyond his claim and provide the proofs since cheques are not invisible objects.

With this latest blackmail, Nigerians of goodwill would now begin to appreciate the orchestrated and politically motivated lies being unleashed against Governor Rochas Okorocha’s government by those vividly desperate to take over power from him in 2015.

Do not forget that Fr. Mbaka is not a priest in Imo State, talk more being a clergy in the Owerri Archdiocese of the Catholic Church where  highly respected and a very decent priest, Archbishop Obinna superintends.   You then ask yourself what is the interest of Rev. Fr Mbaka.

It is important to also state that since the false claim on the N50m dud cheque didn’t come from the Archbishop of Owerri archdiocese, Anthony Obinna, or from any of the priests in the Archdiocese; it becomes reasonable for us to make do with our candid denial.  But honestly it hurts and calls for a lot of concern when a priest, a well known one for that matter begins to feed innocent flocks with induced lies.

Rev Fr. Mbaka, honestly has both religious and moral duties at the moment.  He should do a follow up to his claim by providing the proof since Archbishop Obinna would not have told him what he said and again being a very decent priest who does not have the history of speaking from both sides of his mouth.  May God help his people and also help his church.

Imo is in the hand of God.


Sam Onwuemeodo

Senior special Assistant Media, to the Governor



  1. May be Rev. Mbata should tell Imo people how much Ohakim gave him from his loot that excited him to be talking from a deceitful tongue.

  2. So this Rochas writer is calling Fr. Mbaka a liar? Sam Onwuemeodo should first verify whether Fr. Mbaka laid that accusation. And if he actually did, I guarantee you that Rochas issued a dud cheque. Rochas is a thief even Obasanjo said it. Just for your information, Ohakim is also a thief. I campaigned online for Rochas to replace the thief Ohakim not knowing that he is a bigger thief himself.

  3. Chidi, if Ohakim is a thief and Rochas is a thief then why is the priest romancing with them and taking their money. Is the priest also a thief? It is a question for you to answer. A true priest should not be romancing with politicians and thieves.

  4. Why must ohakim go to mbaka’s church for thanksgiving,is there no more catholic church in the whole of IMO state.Cheap blackmail.

  5. Sam Onwuemeodo should watch how he talk and insult an oracle of God Almighty. Rev. Fr. Mbaka is not a priest to be insulted, well continue with your insults over a Child of God Almighty and when the repercussion will meet you, do not say you did not know what you have done.

  6. Ambrose, I agree with you; we need to see the check, failing which Bishop Obinna needs to come out and clear the air. If there was money given and the the intended reason for the gift remains un-addressed – as insinuated by Rev. Mbaka, someone has pocketed the money. If none was given, and Rev. Mbaka claimed otherwise, then Rochas has to come out and clarify the air.

    Either Mbaka is lying or telling the truth; but, either way, someone needs to step up, and since the Rochas people have challenged Mbaka to offer proof, the good Rev. needs to do so for his own credibility.

    This is not the 19th century, and Nigerians can find out the truth very quickly.

  7. News are easyly believed wit out verification, stop commenting and name calling on wat u are not sure of. D ? is: was 50000000 given and for wat. D giver and d reciever should clear d air.

  8. Mbaka is becomin more of a political preacher than a reverend father. He was d one that sang a song against ohakim claimin dat he flogged a reverend father nd as a result , ohakim lost out his 2nd election. Now he’s com to say dat d allegation is false, dat he questioned d rev father in question nd he said dat he was not flogged. Now ohakim is comin to his church for thanks giving nd now he is accusing rochas okorocha without confirmin if d allegation is true or not. He did d same durin d time of gov chimarole nnamani nd vowed he would neva com back 4 2nd tenure, but chimaroke later won d election. Now he’s attackin sullivan. I think he’s problem is dat these governors don’t com to worship him. Even d bible made it clear dat satan is d ruler of dis world, he should use all those time to pray for d government instead of turnin into a politician.

  9. anyawu chris and chidi are the most stupid comenters of this very post. please you guys should go and acquire knowledge u lack it to its totality. may God bless imo state and the people of imo state.

  10. I thought that I Ohakim is an Anglican. This thanksgiving in a Catholic church in far away Enugu appears fishy. Ikiri abia Kwa!

  11. Watch my word Fr Mbaka did nt speak to any of them bvc if he did it must be on CDs is just desperate politician from Imo is using dat to play dia cheap politics

  12. What I find curious here is that the Owerri Archdiocese has not denied that Rochas gave them a dud cheque. Their anger is that Fr. Mbaka is not their spokesman.
    I suspect that Rochas did give the dud cheque and may have gone for confession thereafter and settled some people. It is within his character to give dud cheques!


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