Ban On Hijab: Military Uniform Too Should Be Banned – JIBWIS Leader


A Muslim girl attends a Koranic school on Zanzibar island in Tanzania

 The leader of the popular sect Jama’atu Izalatul Bid’ah Wa’ikamatu
Sunna (JIBWIS), Alhaji Bala Lau has cautioned authorities in the
country over the purported move by some Nigerians influencing
government to ban the use of veil [Hijab] on muslim women.

Alhaji Lau, who dropped the challenge in Gusau, Zamfara state capital
to newsmen said, the use of hijab alone could not be seen as threat to
security considering multitude number of times that the military
uniform were being used to launch attacks by insurgents.

 According to him, the recent used of veil by some women suicide
bombers in the country should not taken as reason for authorities to
consider ban on veil as part of formidable solution to security
challenges, adding that, “It is on the record that suicide bombers
were found using police and military uniforms to launch attacks on
innocent communities, and no move was made to agitate for changing
neither police or army uniform”.

He noted that, the use of veil is quiet obligatory as that of daily
prayers, fasting, and hajj exercise to all Muslim women and a
fulfilment of one of the Islamic religious injunction which must not
be comprised for whatever reason, therefore, even if the ban would
apply, should also be on security uniforms”.

“We are absolutely educated by the holy Qur”an that, the insurgency is
terrorism, and terrorism is devil’s, while Islam was sent down on
earth to preach against actions led by Satan, for this and other
reasons, not only JIBWIS but all other true Islamic sects have in
totality condemned the ongoing insurgents in the country and
religiously consider it Un-Islamic”, Bala Lau stressed.

The sect national Chairman was in Zamfara state for national preaching
session of the JIBWIS scheduled to hold in Kaura Namoda local
government area, stressed that the national preaching session was
organised to re-awaking Muslim on the current security challenges as
well as the need for Muslim communities to intensify prayers for the
restoration of peace and unity across the nation.

On the 2015 general elections, Bala Lau has appealed to the
Independent National Electoral Commission [INEC] to ensure free and
fair elections being the only and heard way to save the country from
falling into the darkest shelves of the history



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