By Ahmed Mahmud Usman


The former chief Judge of Nigeria, Justice Dahiru Mustapha blamed the

Nigerian elites, including Emirs and politicians for the failure in

developing a domestic standard law in tandem with the citizens way of


Justice Mustapha stated this while delivering his paper at

the 3rd Anniversary of the Federal University Dutse (FUD), titled “Law



According to him, a lot of money is being spent and wasted by

government on issues that are less importance such as politics instead

of developing the nation’s educational system that can give Nigeria a

wide range of issues cut across all nationalities in the country.


He maintained that, for any law reform in the country it should

reflect the culture, religion, way of life and thinking aspiration of

its citizens.


“Therefore people should start thinking now in order to change their

way of life and attitudes”he said.


The former Chief Judge lamented that before the coming of British

colonial masters there was Islamic law in practice in the North which

was in lined with the Islamic injunction.


“But when they came, they set aside both the Islamic and the customary

laws and upgraded English law above all. So we have to forget about

the British way of thinking and develop our own”.


He also frowned at the rate at which cases or proceedings are being

delayed by Judges, especially at the Shariah courts and Magistrates.

“Shariah courts and Magistrates cannot be absolved of these blames”.

2 Comments to: Nigerian Elites, Emirs Are Responsible For Judicial Set Back – Former Chief Judge Mustapha

  1. B. Goodman

    May 22nd, 2014

    Justice Dahiru Mustapha is a very gutsy ideologist He understands and envisions a Nigeria without sacred cows. A nation of laws, and whoever violates the law, pays the price. That is what he is advocating – a nation of equality and respect for one another.

  2. B. Goodman

    May 22nd, 2014

    There has always been hope that Nigeria will overcome some of her challenges, but never has Nigeria been in such hopeless state as now. The current dispensation, with its managing generation has driven a major nail into Nigeria’s coffin with concerted effort for the destruction of rule of law and self serving promotion of corruption. Sadly, those that have destroyed the house cannot rebuild it.