Re-Governor Peter Obi’s Media Attack Against Governor Rochas Okorocha



Press Release

The attention of the Imo State government has been drawn to the media attack credited to the Governor of Anambra State, Mr Peter Obi which was published by some national dailies on Tuesday, January 21, 2014.  Governor Obi had spoken through his Chief Press Secretary [CPS], Mr Mike Udeh.
In the media attack under scrutiny, Governor Obi’s Press Secretary described Governor Okorocha as Rabble – Rouser and an ingrate.
Governor Obi’s anger was that Governor Okorocha had, while addressing the South-East leaders of All Progressive congress, APC, said Anambra politicians have not been playing their politics to assist the Igbos to achieve their goals in the entity called Nigeria, a development he said, was encouraged by politics of cash and carry.
In reacting to that report credited to Governor Okorocha, one had expected Governor Obi to join that debate thrown up by governor Okorocha by saying whether what Governor Okorocha said was true or false.  He left such a healthy debate and resorted to insults and abuses.  Those who have what it takes to sustain a debate do not attack people over issues.  Again, truth is always bitter.
Governor Obi is an executive governor and an illustrious Igbo son, and I cannot follow the example of his Chief Press Secretary to insult him.  Insulting him would tell others that we do not respect our leaders.  But one fact remains obvious; Governor Obi needs a quite time to think aloud on Governor Okorocha’s claims.
It should also be stated that APGA was down until Governor Okorocha came.  Even APGA in Anambra could not breath well beside occupying the Government House, Awka until  Rochas Okorocha came and gave the party another governor, a senator, two House of representative members and majority of the members of the Imo state House of Assembly in a state APGA could not have a councillorship seat for years.
Governor Obi should rather be grateful to Governor Okorocha for bringing back APGA to life.  If Rochas didn’t come into APGA, the party would have continued to stagger, thinking about which leg to put forward first.
Governor Obi is serving out his second term of 8 years and Rochas is only less than 3 years in office as governor, he should look at the politics in Imo and Anambra, in the South-East and Nigeria in General and say between two of them who is “analogue” and who is “digital”.
Governor Okorocha had related and still relating well with most Igbo leaders than any other person in Igboland.  He was very close to Sam Mbakwe before he died.  He was also very close to Ikemba Ojukwu till his death.  Today, he might be the closest to Igbo leaders like Chief Mbazulike Amaechi and others.
And a man who has always identified with the less privileged in the society, the blind, the cripple, the poor, the widows, could not be said to be arrogant.  His vibrancy, doggedness and popularity were by governor Obi as arrogance.
Again, only those who have all it takes and see themselves qualified to run for the office of president nurse such ambition.  Lazy or analogue politicians do not nurse presidential ambitions.  That would mean taking more than they can chew.  One does not pursue or nurse ambition for a position he feels he does not qualify for.
Governor Okorocha had run for Mr presidency in the past and has continued with the ambition because he is qualified and the ambition is legitimate to the glory of God.  The presidency is not for “born-boys” or those always sucking political breast to survive.
In Imo State, the government has a culture.  The culture of not attacking people in the media.   Hence, for the two and half years of the Governor Rochas Okorocha’s administration, it has not abused or insulted anybody in the media.  Governor Okorocha has also been known for blessing those who attack him and his government in the media.  And Governor Obi’s case now won’t be different.  May God also bless Governor Obi for attacking Governor Okorocha over an innocent comment.
Governor Okorocha or his government does not join issues with anybody
It should also be stated clearly that those who knew what transpired in 2011 would acknowledge that Chief Victor Umeh never supported the emergence of Governor Okorocha as APGA candidate in Imo.  And governor Obi  never came to Imo, as a sitting governor of APGA to campaign for governor Okorocha also
showing that he didn’t want him as the candidate of APGA.  They knew all these, but  success attracts a lot of friends.
It is also laughable that Governor Obi had talked about Governor Okorocha riding on the back of Chief Martin Agbaso to become governor.  Chief Agbaso is an illustrious Imo son and he has no personal problem with Governor Okorocha.  But for the sake of this debate, Chief Agbaso had run elections with the APGA ticket for the governorship in Imo but could not make it.  Rochas came and broke the long existing jinx to the glory of God.
Finally, the Chief Press Secretary to governor Obi should know that the man he is working for is a governor and that demands that he should be careful in the  choice of words to avoid words meant for touts; especially when writing about certain levels of people.
May God continue to bless Governor Obi.  We congratulate him on his new office as the National Leader of APGA.
Sam onwuemeodo
SSA Media to the Governor


  1. Imo is PDP. The vote for Rochas against Ohakim was a protest vote . Ohakim was a disgrace to an educated Imo citizen. Only few of us knew Rochas so anybody who stood agaist Ohakim could have won.
    My advice to Rochas is to return to PDP. We in Imo have no relationship with APC. We dont want a Presidential or Vice – Presidential slot. We stand by Jonathan until after 2015. Definitely, Rochas is not ripe for a federal position. Prove yourself and present a monthly report on your performance. What you are doing now is “village administration”. Emulate Peter Obi. Humility is an index of maturity and leadership. You lack this!

  2. You know what? We in Imo voted for Rochas in protest against Ohakim. We expect Rochas to reciprocate by being focused, working with other governors from the east and developing our state. His public utterances are immature. We need a governor not a Vice Presidential candidate. Make no mistake, the east is PDP. APGA is second. APC is not for us.
    Rochas, please order your men to clean the gutters along Orlu Road in Owerri up to Akwakuma junction. It smells like hell. This road leads to Ogboko !


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