Nasarawa Crisis: APC replies PDP


Our attention has been drawn to a full page advertisement signed by
Chief Yunana Iliya, the Chairman PDP Nasarawa State in the Leadership
Newspaper edition of Monday 23th September 2013 captioned PDP
Nasarawa;Lai Mohammed, APC and the crisis in Nasarawa State.

Ordinarily, we, as a party would have considered the issues raised in
the paid advertisement as mere rantings of a frustrated factional
party leader and errand boy but we find ourselves compelled to respond
to some of the issues raised as a distorted version so as to put the
records straight and save both the people and government both of
Nasarawa State and the country from being fed with information that is
not only false but one that is capable of aggravating the present
crises into a more broader one that could consume the entire state and

For one, Yunana Iliya’s attempt to describe Lai Mohammed, National
Publicity Secretary of the APC,as out to absolve the APC government in
Nasarawa State of blame in the Ombatse violence has clearly exposed
him as one that is acting the script of his paymasters because in the
statement issued by Lai Mohammed, crucial and verifiable assertions
were put forward while relevant and timely questions were raised as to
the apparent show of no concern by the Minister of Information and
acting Defence Minister when Ombatse, (his Kinsmen) continued to carry
out unprovoked attacks on almost all its neighbours,killing innocent
persons and destroying property worth millions of naira.

Yunana Iliya’s claim that the state is only just experiencing such
crises under the Al-Makura administration of the APC is not only false
but mischievous because similar violent occurred in Nasarawa state
during PDP’s era such as:

1.      Igbira/Bassa ethnic crisis which claimed over 1000 lives in Toto
LGA and lasted between 1999 – 2000 during the PDP government.

2.      Tiv/Hausa/Alago/Fulani crises that engulfed Awe, Keana, Obi, Doma
and Lafia LGAs between 2001 – 2002 which claimed the life of a second
class traditional ruler, Sarkin Azara and over 1000 persons and
properties during the PDP Government.

3.      Tiv/Fulani crises in Doma, Awe and Keana LGAs from 2011 to date.
The crises started during the PDP regime and currently the Al-Makura
APC administration is jointly tackling the border crises with his
Benue state counterpart for the first time since it commenced.

4.      Afo/Fulani, Afo/Afo, Agatu/Agatu crises between 2008 – 2010 in
Nasarawa LGA during PDP government of Aliyu Akwe Doma. Almakura
inherited it and has already nipped it in the bud.

        These are facts and instead of coming out to condemn the perpetrators
of these unfortunate crises, Yunana Iliya and his PDP are apportioning
blame on a government that is working round the clock to contain a
crises that it either inherited or is being foisted on.

        It is appalling that the PDP through its chairman, Yunana Iliya would
throw caution to the winds and play politics with the lives of the
people who are being held hostage by an ethnic militia that spares no
party, religion, gender, ethnic group,adherent, group, or passerby
(except their kinsmen) in their murderous and callous mayhem.

Again, it became more evident that Yunana Iliya is only appending his
signature on a write-up that is presented to him by his masters or how
else can one describe his comment that Information Minister,Maku went
round Churches and Mosques in Nasarawa State as well as on Radio and
Television campaigning against the emergence of Ombatse.  We challenge
the PDP Chairman and his co-travelers to come up withmedia reports and
dates of such Radio and TV solicitations by Maku on the issue at
stake.  It is clearly on record that up till now, no Eggon has come
out openly to condemn the Ombatse mayhem for reasons best known to

No one, may be with the exception of Yunana Iliya, is aware of Maku’s
visit to Agyaragu and Assakio or indeed to any community that has been
attacked by his Ombatse Kinsmen since they started their murderous
campaign. Lies and misinformation cannot hold water in our present
situation, but of course, the PDP Chairman would rather get hold of
his contract sums and damn the consequences.  Afterall, it is no
longer business as usual because state funds in the APC administration
are used to provide quality service  to the people.

The recent mayhem/attack on Odobu, Obi and Assakio communities by the
Ombatse barely hours after Mr. President in his magnanimity assigned
him to cover the Defence Ministry before a substantive Minister is
appointed is a serious indictment on Labaran Maku especially when he
turned deaf ears to distress calls for security presence in the
affected areas, allowing his kinsmen to have a field day for two days
unhindered since security men under his watch weren’t deployed.

On these fateful days, children, men, women, houses, trees, cars and
all that are on ground were felled in these two gory days to announce
his arrival as a chief in his own right.

        We find it therefore, strange that at such period that all
stakeholders are expected to sympathize with communities, victims and
government over the dastardly acts by the proscribed gang, a leader of
a party that has ruled the state for 12 years would champion the cause
of violence by playing politics in the most spiteful manner.  It is
indeed a shame and be rest assured that the distorted issues and lies
that is being fed on the people would no longer hold water, ditto to
those being fed to authorities that have no clear picture of
happenings and issues surrounding the current Ombatse crisis.  It is a
clear case of calling a dog a bad name just to hang it.

Yunana Iliya should, as a matterr of concern get back to his masters
and advise then to own up to their irresponsibilities and make peace
with God through the people that they have woefully failed.

For the record, nobody seems to be blaming Maku for the crises or
        accusing him of being the mastermind behind Ombatse for that matter.

His glaring misuse of power as happened during the recent mayhem
with clear intention of ensuring the militia benefit as well as his
failure to act appropriately by informing the Federal Government and
Mr. President the true position of the crises makes him an accomplice
and an enemy both for the state and the country.

For Yunana Iliya, it is better he goes back home because he has lost
touch with societal life as his frustration will not let him think
rationally let along preside over a party that should be on its toes
and make remorse for superintending over the PDP lass of
the sate in 2011 and unite his party to contest along side the
formidable APC for honours come 2015.  The battle is lost, but he can
jolly well go back home and invest with his contract proceeds.

        Bottom line is: the evil that men do, live after them, we must all
learn to be our brothers keeper.

Musa Illu Mohammed
For: Action Peoples Congress,Nasarawa State



  1. Nasarawa problem is political, both PDP and APC are causes of violent in the state, are our leaders starting from gov Adamu till date. Stupid people. Federal govt should declear state of emergency to till further notice.


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