Information reaching from Kaduna Legislative chambers indcates that the seating speaker of the Kaduna State House of Assembly was impeached today [Tuesday] at minutes after 11am following a brief seating which started at about 10am.

The impeachment was carried out by 18 members of the Kaduna State Assembly out of the 34 members. The 18 members of the State Assembly who carried out the impeachment are said to be loyal to the seating Governor of the State, Malam Yero.

A new speaker was sworned in following the impeachment. The new speaker, Tahir Umar Shehu, is reported to be a ‘boy’ of the State Governor.

It is noteworthy that the required two-thirds [2/3] of the members of the Assembly to required carry out a constitutional impeachment was not met by the orchestrators of the impeachment. Only 18 members voted for the impeachment – which equates to little over 50%.

The governor of Kaduna state, Malam Yero – since his arrival to the seat of governor following the suspicious death of the former governor – has been engaged in a running battle with the Speaker of the State Assembly. The speaker was reported to be loyal to the former governor, Yakowa.

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