Niger Delta Youth Press Release: Redeploy River State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Mbu


Niger Delta Youth Network for Peace Calling for the immediate
re-deployment of the River State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Mbu
Joseph Mbu:

We commend the Federal house of representatives for their resolution
to take over the affairs of the River State house of assembly and we
also urge the senate to give their concordance to enable the house of
representative to fully assume the functions of the Rivers Assembly.

We want to also use this medium to call for the immediate
re-deployment and removal of the River state commissioner of police,
Cp Mbu Joseph Mbu for being partial in the discharge of his official
duties,  and using he office as the commissioner of police to aid and
protect the perpetrators of these violence.

My dear youths of River state, the Ogonis, Ikwere’s, Andoni’s,
Kalabari’s, Okrika’s, Etche, Ogba, and others.  Why have you allowed
sentiments, pride, hatred, political godfatherism and anger to eat
into you like a cancer?  i don’t need to remind you that the so called
politicians that are paying you to ferment trouble and kill innocent
souls does not have your interests at heart. Because if they do, they
would have sent their sons and younger brothers to join you in this
violent struggle.

Why have you turned yourselves into instruments of violence, political
thuggery, cultism?

Why must you allow yourselves to be used by political leaders who have
no good intentions for the state? Its not all about the money and fake
promises, Its about your future, My future and the future of our
unborn generation.


Lebari Young Nkpowa
Niger Delta Youth Network For Peace(NDYNP)



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