Ondo: Criminal Police Extortion Ring Exposed, Police Commissioner Fingered

IGP, Mohammed Abubakar
IGP, Mohammed Abubakar

Police corruption in Nigeria may have found a new low. Information available to 247ureports.com indicates that the police stationed at Owo may have jettisoned the tenets governing the mantra of a Nigerian Police Officer – for the brute extortion of monies from innocent citizens – who they are to serve and protect. 

A group of 8 police officers listed below – according to the petition submitted to the Assistant Inspector General of Police at Zone 11, Oshogbo – have been involved in an organized mafia-style extortion via intimidation of  a young businessman [transporter] Adeniyi  Kehinde – under the protective cover of the Police Commissioner of Ondo State.

1  Tunji Disu (Attached to SARS, Oda Road, Akure)
2  Isa Abdullahi aka Piccolo (Attached to SARS, Oda Road, Akure)
3  Jerome Ojomo (Attached to “A” Division, Owo)
4  Lucky (Attached to “A” Division, Owo)
5  Friday (Attached to “A” Division, Owo)
6  Ayo (Attached to “A” Division, Owo)
7  Ologundudu Williams (Attached to “A” Division Owo)
8  Akingbade Sunday (Attached to Oshogbo, Zone XI) 

Between 2011 and late 2013, the above listed police officer would ‘at will’ move to the home of Kehinde at 69 Okelura street Iyere-Owo, Ondo to arrest him and to ransack him home for valuables. Following each visit, Kehinde would be harassed to provide them monies unless he would be arrested for a phantom crime or either armed robbery or murder. In some cases, the police officers would let Kehinde go free – if they had netted some valuable during their ransacking. In other cases, the officers would arrest Kehinde and detain him at the station for up till 5 days until be provides them with ‘bail’ money – which at times amounts to N50,000. In total an estimate sum of N900,000 was extorted from Kehinde.

The visits by the police officers were usually at 2am – and with each visit, the officers would forcefully break the entrance door open. [see picture of door below]

The door...
The door…


Following the habitual visits to Kehinde’s home – Kehinde sought for legal counsel. A petition was drafted against the police and submitted to the Police Commissioner. But the receiving clerk [also an officer] at the police commissioner’s office – who after having inspected the petition opted to ‘sit’ on the petition without acting on it. When Kehinde acted to find out the cause of the delay, the clerk told Kehinde that he must pay money for the filed to be moved to the next desk. He did. He paid N5,000 through First Bank of Nigeria – see bank teller receipt below. 

When it began obvious to the pack of 8 police officers that Kehinde had gone and sought legal counsel – and hand drafted a petition, the officers began sending threatening text messages to Kehinde. See text messages below. They also placed phone calls to him telling him he will be killed if he continues along the path he is heading. For this reason, Kehinde believes his life to not be safe. His petitions to the Assistant Inspector General of Police [IGP] citing the risks to his life – appears hanging or stuck on one of the officer’s table – without attention. Kehinde believes the police officers have far reaching tentacles to influence the petition out of the police department. 

See petition below   – Legal Counsel to Kehinde’s petition to AIG Zone 11, Oshogbo – Documents below –document 1

document 2

document 3

document 4 document 5

Text messages
Text messages

document 7

The deposit slip

Deposit slip
Deposit slip




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