Anti-Corruption Organization Exposes Forgery Of High Court Documents By “Senator” Margery Okadigbo, Wife Of Former Senate President Chuba Okadigbo. To Commence Criminal Prosecution against Her



On the 12th of November 2012, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) David Afolayan of the ‘D’ Department, State C.I.D. Awka, Anambra State Headquarters following the outcome of an indept investigation wrote and duly signed an interim report on forgery perpetrated by Margery Okadigbo (A serving Senator, Federal Republic of Nigeria) and others. Please refer to reference number SB: 5390/X/D8/VOL.T4/205- Interim Police Investigation Report. RE: CONSPIRACY TO FORGE, FORGERY, FRAUD, A RAPE ON JUDICIARY BY ONE MARGERY C. OKADIGBO AND OTHERS. (Photocopy Attached). This investigation was sequel to the petition of Sen. Dr Alphonsus Igbeke who alleged inter-alia that in January, 2011, he contested for and won the PDP primary election into the Senatorial seat of Anambra North Senatorial District but Mrs Margery Okadigbo in a desperate attempt, misled the court to nullify this election conspired with some persons, forged a total number of 183 Affidavits purportedly sworn to at the Otuocha High Court, Anambra State and tendered same before an Abuja High Court which were later discovered to be fake Affidavits. The documents so forged include:

a. The Court Stamp.

b. The Signature of the Acting Court Registrar/ Commissioner of Oaths.

c. The Court Assessment.

d. The Revenue Receipts, thereby defrauding the Court of revenue- (Attention the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC).

In this investigation, Police Detectives proceeded to Otuocha High Court Anambra State, where Margery Okadigbo claims to have obtained the said Affidavit. The Assistant Court Registrar/Commissioner for Oaths clearly specified in a statement made to the Police Detectives that the 183 questionable Affidavits could not have originated from any Court Registry since none of the Affidavits has Court/Government receipt number with which it may be identified as genuine. Again, Mr Obadeagwu Donatus, the then Assistant Court Registrar/Commissioner for Oaths Otuocha High Court of Justice but now the Assistant Court Registrar of Ajali Chief Magistrate Court, in a statement supported by a sworn Affidavit deposed to, at the Onitsha High Court; “He also stated that the 183 Affidavits were not deposed to, at the Otuocha High Court since he being the Commissioner for Oaths in Otuocha High Court within the period the purported Affidavits were deposed to. But that he is not aware of the Affidavits and that he did not swear anybody to any such Affidavit” (Photocopy Attached). Following the transfer of Mr Obadiegwu, Mrs Ezeanyika who replaced as Assistant Court Registra/ Commissioner for Oaths also affirmed in writing (photocopy attached) that the said 183 purported affidavits did not emanate from the High Court registry, Otuocha . Moreover, Mrs Margery Okadigbo, the principal suspect in this forgery, and the sole beneficiary of the outcome of this monumental forgery has also ignored and refused to honour the several civil invitations by the police for questioning and hearing her own version of the allegation. It becomes inevitably pertinent therefore to unravel the forgers and impersonators of the documents of the Judiciary- Documents of a federal high Court of Law. The prosecution of the sole beneficiary of this unprecedented forgery- Mrs Margery Okadigbo will help establish all unknown circumstances bordering on the said criminal case of forgery.

However, we recall that some time, Sen. Dr. Alphonsus Igbeke was alleged to have forged documents of PDP Anambra North Senatorial District primary. This made news headlines on national dailies and almost threw the Nation agog which was later discovered to be false but rather a primary conducted by a faction of the Anambra PDP.

The news all over the country has been that the position of the Anambra North Senatorial District was reserved as a compensation for the Late Senate President, Chuba Okadigbo. But one wonders how an elective office could be used for compensation even with all the abundant political appointments in the country. With the latest happenings on forgery and other unfolding events, one tends to believe it. Nigeria, best described as a nation where merit is sacrificed for mediocrity. A nation where all manna of heinous crimes are committed and culprits go scot free even to the extent of forging court documents. With all these antics playing out in the Nigerian situation, we then ask:

1. What kind of laws can a ’Senator’ enmeshed in a forgery of court documents possibly legislate for Nigerians?

2. Is the judiciary really the hope of the common man?

3. Is the much discussed war on corruption a mere lip service or real to be pursued with every degree of seriousness, vigour, determination and sense of purpose aimed at emancipating Nigerians from perpetual and cyclical poverty?

4. Has the Judiciary gone to roast even with Nigerian’s prisons congested with persons who have stolen vegetables, goats and mobile phones?

5. For how long will justice be truncated just to satisfy a hand full of political elites?

6. Why do a few persons commit crime and go scot free?

7. Is the State of Nigeria drifting to a banana republic?

8. Could we possibly say that Nigeria has deteriorated to an anarchy situation?

These unending questions are not rhetorical. Nigerians are yearning earnestly for genuine answers and solutions to these questions. Indeed, it has degenerated to a situation where other nations mock Nigerians even in the Diaspora and treat us with contempt because Nigeria is seen as a most unserious minded State where anything, just anything is possible.

As the entire world watch Lady Okadigbo unleash her swagger in this Macabre dance of evading Justice, the Global Centre for Conscious Living Against Corruption, determined to purge the ills in our nation will commence criminal prosecution of this unprecedented forgery of our time- the forgery of documents of a Federal Court of Law against Margery Okadigbo. Again the emergence of a critical circumstance to test our said war on corruption whether it is real or lips service for which Nigeria is believed to be known for. A test case it really is.

As Civil Societies, the Global Centre for Conscious Living Against Corruption (GLOCCOLAC) hereby reaffirms our resolute resolve to unearth injustice and ensure that perpetrators are brought to book as this will serve as a deterrent to future and intending perpetrators of crime. We hereby state clearly our determination and willingness to the adherence of global best practices, necessary to propel the Nigerian nation to a well ordered State where the rule of law is truly the predominance and supremacy of the law with all her citizens equal before the law of the federal republic of Nigeria.



Dr. Nwambu Gabiel,



  1. Na waa for Anambra North Senatorial Zone sef! Na so so forgery una sabi? Your people want the Anambra Gov zoned to you. How una to select a candidate without forgery and trouble which is in your character?


  3. Okadigbo vs Igbeke, ought rightly to be a no brainer, however, since that constituency has lost their sensibility, Igbeke has become a factor and the electorate is gone from grace to grass.


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