National Emergency Management Agency: Update on Explosion in Lagos from Firework


The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has confirmed a powerful explosion that occurred this morning in Lagos from a building suspected to be loaded with ‘knockouts’  brands of fireworks that are usually used during festive periods.

The explosion which further triggered fire outbreaks within the neighboring environments occurred from a building suspected to be a warehouse for storage of electrical items at Jankara Market by Adeniji Adele in Lagos Island Local Government Council of Lagos State.

Although the Search and Rescue Officers had hectic time to reach the densely populated area due to heavy traffic and crowds, other response agencies and volunteers mobilized were able to control the fire incidents in area with supports from residents.

While security agencies would investigate and determine the real cause of the explosion and fire outbreaks, casualty figures are yet to be determined but some residents who were injured while attempting to assist in putting off the fire have been taken to hospital for treatment.

So far no death has been recorded.

Yushau  A. Shuaib

Head, Public Relations




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