Kaduna Bombings: CHAIN slams Tambuwal


The Christian Awareness Initiative of Nigerian (CHAIN) based in Kaduna State has reacted over the Sunday suicide bombings in the state. While the organization does not support citizens who take the laws into their hands it strongly faults, in the strongest terms, the reaction of the Speaker of House of Representatives Hon. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal on June 17th on the bombings of churches in Kaduna and sees it an unhealthy approach and deviating from the reality. Boko Haram’s insurgency against Christians in the country is something every person abreast with issues in Nigeria is aware of and this has continued unabated. It added that while the House of Reps under the leadership of Tambuwal has failed to take any concrete steps to ensure the safe guard of lives and property of Christians who have been killed in thousands during worship service on Sundays, the Speaker’s statement seems to be more concerned about the reprisals attacks carried by some youths which is clearly the result of continuous and unabated bombings of peace abiding Christians than the factors that caused the reprisals. Meanwhile CHAIN makes a clarion call on government to work and bring to an end the attacks against Christians and their Churches in northern Nigeria.

CHAIN wishes to remind the Nigerian public and the Presidency that Tirkania, one of the areas a church was attacked, is said to be area where one suspected Boko Haram sponsor, who was arrested and released and the case has remained silent, lives. The understanding of CHAIN is that the Presidency needs to clean up its house as we cannot be sure enough has been done to counter this increasing threat to the rights of freedom of worship of Christians in northern Nigeria.

CHAIN calls on public office holders in the nation to desist from making partisan statements on issues of national security. We also have on good authority the propaganda been used to cover the issue of Sunday 17th June bombings as many, suspected to be Muslims, snap photos of dead and wounded Christians posting them as Muslim victims. This kind of action does not work for public good for a situation covered and the truth denied does not lead to any lasting solution.

We call on all peace loving people of Kaduna to comply with the government especially on the curfew for a return to total peace in Kaduna State and the nation.

Signed: Pastor Caleb Ma’aji, National Coordinator.


  1. when we say we are one nigeria and all this killing and bombin is hapening,what will b d future of dis nation,all dis pple dat has been kill did we knw what dey can bcom in dis nation in future.y are so ingnorant 2 dat extend 4 dose dat bhd all dis killing dere children lives abroad and here we are killing our selves.are xtian nt part of dis nation again,y mr prsdnt is quiet abt dis saga.i no God will judge,all dos dat has hand in dis saga God wil surely pay dere generation acoding 2 dere did.2 all xtian God is by our side.


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