Picture Update: Nanka N1.1Billion Gully Erosion Project

The New entrance into Isiakpuenu Gully Site in Amako

The Nanka Gully Erosion landslide of August 2008 which saw the loss of properties and livelihood appears to have finally received the approipriate attention. Work has finally begun at the site – Isiakpuenu Gully Erosion Site in Amako village. The Engineer on site [Hybron based in Port Hacourt] has begun to slowly mobilize to site. The Consultant – Isa Abdulahi – has yet to report to site. But the pictures below show the ongoing progress at the site as indicative of activity involvement by the contractor and the community.

The Gully Site according to an [NGO] Rural Community Development Outreach measures 64,000 linear feet in lenght by 9,000feet in width by 4.500ft in depft. It is expected that when the construction beginnings in full steam that a Tree Planting Campaign will be used to supplement the battle again the gully.

Nanka Students Union [NSU] in their effort has begun preparations for the launch of a 100,000 Tree Planting Campaign for the major gully erosions in Nanka. The Tree Campaign is slated for April 7, 2012.

To help the Tree Campaign call :- 0813 669 7979






  1. Interesting work, and the gully dimensions given are especially commendable. But please could you give those figures in meters or centimeters.

    Good job though!

  2. So, on the police, “send more catrihy cash”, but wait a minute. As if Tafa Balogun of Ila-Orangun did not happen. 2003 general elections and the Chief of Police that stole, everything under the noses of Ngozi and OBJ. On the whole, I am concerned about our 1 year term Superman Jonathan. Fine, he appears to be aware of many issues, however, he seems to be living in Cloud Cuckoo Land. He is as optimistic as every politician after a quick vote but service. People do care how we get there indeed. Just show us. We have huge challenges in Nigeria but the ready aim fire approach was in our father s time. Today, Fire Fire Fire is the only way forward as he continues to use baba-go-slow sails.


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