Increment In The Prices Of Petroleum Products: A Treacherous Act!


With great shock, we wish to express our sadness over the decision of President Goodluck Jonathan-led Federal Government to hand over the future of the Country to IMF, World Bank and Western Imperialists through this evil New Year gift of unwarranted increment in the prices of petroleum products, goods and services in Nigeria in the name of ‘Fuel Subsidy removal’ through the unfortunate official announcement made today (1st January, 2012) by the so-called PPPRA.


The decision of President Jonathan to go on with this unpatriotic and unpopular policy meant to assist the Western Countries in reviving their distressed economy at the detriment of the ever suffering Nigerians and in the face of the current biting poverty, official corruption and overwhelming insecurity in the country is the greatest act of  treachery and betrayal by a President who owes his present position only to the struggle, sacrifices, blood and patience of the impoverished and violated Nigerians.


By this, the Jonathan-led PDP Government has decided to disconnect completely with the people through this anti-people’s policy and has thus  openly declared war on the citizenry thereby deciding to live on borrowed time as such disconnect shall expectedly lead to systemic pathology the result of which no one can predict.


In view of this disregard of the wise counsel of the civil society organizations, labour and the populace against such oppressive policy and the open invitation to people’s resistance/revolution by President Jonathan-led government, the Lawyers of Conscience hereby call on all comrades, civil society organizations and compatriots to join us as we mobilize the masses to the streets to employ the same means we used in bringing President Goodluck Jonathan to power to reclaim our future/destiny from him and the cabal he has chosen to do their bidding!


No doubt, Nigeria belongs to the Nigerian people without reservations! As we march and strike, may the blood of our departed Comrades and the martyred Generals of the Nigerian people’s struggle for liberation water the trees of liberty and justice until we rescue our country from the jugulars of the tiny elite-cabals that have held the country hostage for decades now! May the will of the Nigerian people prevail as we shout Freedom! Liberation! Prosperity! Aluta Continua!


Benedict Ezeagu, Esq.                                             Sadiq Mohammed, Esq.

National Coordinator                                                 P.R.O.



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