Group urges Ekiti people to resist demolition of their houses

The Ekiti Justice Group (EJG) has urged residents of Ado-Ekiti, the

State capital to henceforth, resist any attempt by the State government to demolish their houses. The group said it was wicked and devilish for a government that has not done anything on the areas where houses and shops were demolished to be destroying houses in others areas. EJG said in a statement issued by its National Coordinator, Dr Tunji Oluwasanmi that it was more inhuman for peoples’ sources of livelihood to be destroyed by a government that is holding their resources in trust for them without provision for alternative settlement or compensation. “Our position is that; from now on, Ekiti people should begin to take their destiny in their hands by resisting any attempt to demolish their houses or shops. “The people must begin to ask questions as to what has happened to the areas where buildings were demolished? “They should ask Dr Kayode Fayemi’s demolition squad what benefits they stand to derive from the demolition? “Most importantly, they should ask them what happens to those whose sources of livelihood have been destroyed? “Therefore, we are calling on Ekiti people to bring back that spirit of resistance in them by driving away anyone that brings bulldozer to their houses away.”



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